What Animal Crossing personality is the OC above?

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This game is based on the Animal Crossing personality types! 
Post IC and then you tell the person above you what type of Animal Crossing personality their OC matches. Maybe elaborate why in your answer too!
You base your choice on the above OCs personality, for example let's use Kell:

Person 1: "Kell is happy and excitable and she reminds me of a Peppy villager! What about Davie?"
Person 2: "Davie loves sports just like a Jock villager! Let's try Lentil!"

And so on and so forth. 

Note: You can pick any villager personality regardless of their gender, so you can totally give a smug type personality to a female OC ^^

That's that! First person gets a free turn :)

Harahel Judas-la-Carotte


Claim (:

Missile Phantomsurf

I'll say either Smug or Normal would fit for Harahel!

(For the person below, feel free to use any gender personality type, don't feel locked to female)

Nikki Fairburn 123penguin64

Missile seems like she'd fit the cranky type as she seems mature and she seemed to get irritated easily but opened up more over time ^^

Agnes Renigee

Nikki would maybe be a snooty villager as she's prioritizing beauty, organization, cleanliness, etc. 

Peter Jensen cyantrashcan

i'd say peppy since she seems content with her life so far, but she definitely was snooty in the past :^0

Jill hedgemaze

Aw, I love this game. :')

For Peter, I'm thinking lazy or maybe jock?

Sammy tastycakessnails

I would defiantly say peppy, with her being such a energetic and cheerful person :>

Isabelle Schmurtz Judas-la-Carotte

I want to say peppy but since it's a "female" personality... Maybe a mix between lazy and jock? 

Connor Hawk kittyee

judging by her icon my first thought was peppy but reading her bio she seems more like uchi! so I'd say she's uchi with a bit of peppy mixed in!

(next person- female or male personalities are ok it doesn't have to be male!)

xxx cicadas

After a lot of thought I decided Connor might best fit the Uchi personality! He has a lot of friends and the trait seemed especially fitting when he is described as very protective of his little siblings. Uchi is also the most tomboyish of the feminine personalities, since he doesn’t seem all that feminine and is quite tough!

 Lan Tu 123penguin64

I feel like they could be a smug type ^^ They have a romantic heart and they seem to want to be sociable just like the smug types

Sprixie FurryFoxy64

lazy perhaps? 

 Ater celestiials

@123penguin64 Lan to me, seems a bit like the Uchi personality since she's quite empathetic and compassionate, yet she's quite level-headed and she doesn't let her emotions get to her?

@/MiniatureCat Sprixie kind of reminds me of the Lazy personality, since you did state that all he does is relax haha; after reading his bio he seems to come across as super relaxed in general, at least most of the time!

Olivier Bernard Judas-la-Carotte

I think Ater would fit the Normal personality. Even if I have to admit I went through a process of elimination (Ater didn't really fit any of other ones), the fact that Normal villagers are kinda self-depreciative made me think of him. They are also known to be nice to everyone, which Ater also is. 

Helel necrolights

Perhaps smug? It was a bit of a process of eliminate but I feel like the smug villagers mix of multiple types and the "smart, but not as smart as people think" part of Oliviers personality.