What Animal Crossing personality is the OC above?

Posted 3 months, 15 days ago (Edited 3 months, 15 days ago) by jammyrolling

This game is based on the Animal Crossing personality types! 
Post IC and then you tell the person above you what type of Animal Crossing personality their OC matches. Maybe elaborate why in your answer too!
You base your choice on the above OCs personality, for example let's use Kell:

Person 1: "Kell is happy and excitable and she reminds me of a Peppy villager! What about Davie?"
Person 2: "Davie loves sports just like a Jock villager! Let's try Lentil!"

And so on and so forth. 

Note: You can pick any villager personality regardless of their gender, so you can totally give a smug type personality to a female OC ^^

That's that! First person gets a free turn :)

Kevvan SublimeLuxuria

I'd definitely say uchi, because she's caring, but still may come off as rude at times. Also, uchi villagers giving the player tips on fighting made me think of Lily!

Dragu Erin pechhi

Oh, i'd say he might be smug! He seems like the type of guy to have a smug personality. 

peaches Joey-D-yvern

perhaps peppy?

those colors just seem so bright, happy and quite a few of his pictures show him smiling. He doesn't even want to hurt anyone.

Bastion Debello CordycepsChowder

With Peach's blunt borderline rude personality traits, she'd fit in with uchi pretty well :D

idris . lovebug

i'd say cranky because he seems rude & intimidating, but he is probably a sweetheart deep down.

Rowan SkywardtheDragon

Smug when he was younger, Cranky now.

"Cara" Lemonburgers

Appears to be Smug primarily through the sgage persona (but with a hint of Cranky due to his focus on trivial things)

 Shiloh Suckerpunch

im getting cranky/snooty vibes!

Andrew Pankuu

Sarcastic, bossy, and blunt? Sounds like a cranky dude. But he also likes basketball so he could be a jock too. So cranky/jock.

Saturn Skweekii

I'd say Andrew is smug more than anything. Just because he is such a gentleman of a character, always being polite and like a "Prince Charming" sort of character.

Fabian Blackwall Lonestarcelt

Honestly peppy seems like the best and most accurate choice for Saturn