What Animal Crossing personality is the OC above?

Posted 5 months, 19 days ago (Edited 5 months, 19 days ago) by jammyrolling

This game is based on the Animal Crossing personality types! 
Post IC and then you tell the person above you what type of Animal Crossing personality their OC matches. Maybe elaborate why in your answer too!
You base your choice on the above OCs personality, for example let's use Kell:

Person 1: "Kell is happy and excitable and she reminds me of a Peppy villager! What about Davie?"
Person 2: "Davie loves sports just like a Jock villager! Let's try Lentil!"

And so on and so forth. 

Note: You can pick any villager personality regardless of their gender, so you can totally give a smug type personality to a female OC ^^

That's that! First person gets a free turn :)

Katai SkywardtheDragon

He seems like a Peppy type of guy!

Archie Domínguez gordelict

she sounds closest to snooty to me! :^o

 Galina Petrovna Volkova Kudryavka

He definitely gives me the vibe of a lazy one.

Ukii Aro Bunniiboy

I would think of her as peppy or normal ^^

Mal LNU (Last-Name-Unknown) Lonestarcelt

I think Uchi 

 Serotonin paranormal-thingum

i would say...normal, i think, or maybe kind of like the new leaf version of snooty (i specify new leaf because that personalitys a little different in the earlier games to my knowledge)