What Animal Crossing personality is the OC above?

Posted 9 months, 16 days ago (Edited 9 months, 16 days ago) by jammyrolling

This game is based on the Animal Crossing personality types! 
Post IC and then you tell the person above you what type of Animal Crossing personality their OC matches. Maybe elaborate why in your answer too!
You base your choice on the above OCs personality, for example let's use Kell:

Person 1: "Kell is happy and excitable and she reminds me of a Peppy villager! What about Davie?"
Person 2: "Davie loves sports just like a Jock villager! Let's try Lentil!"

And so on and so forth. 

Note: You can pick any villager personality regardless of their gender, so you can totally give a smug type personality to a female OC ^^

That's that! First person gets a free turn :)

Slinky BreadDisposal

Reading over, it kind of gave me a smug vibe! I see him as a gentleman kind of character, due to the way he paints, and how he used to travel to luxurious cities. I would also think he’s very prideful in his work, always trying to find ways to inspire himself to make them better. That’s my take, at least!

Victoria Prisma

Reading Slinky he sounds to me like a cranky! >w< cranky villagers can be sweethearts 

Eiichi moritiramisu

Wow I adore Victoria already, reading over her profile gave me Snooty vibes! She also seems really proper and takes care of herself

Archer Zhu Huang Lonestarcelt

Just based on Eiichi's history of giving up on things and slacking off? Gonna go with lazy.

Cirr qrizzly

snooty, without a SINGLE doubt in my mind. prideful, always preening himself, cares a lot about his image... he just ticks all the boxes lol!

Cherry Woods MagicOfTheCosmos

I would say peppy, but I actually think normal, because he doesn't seem obnoxious enough to be peppy, lmao. 

Kit montromising

She seems very Snooty, or maybe even Uchi? If if could be a mix of both she would be

Alexandra grookey

she definitely looks like an uchi villager!

Gau Soul-Heart

I'd say normal? She seems very calm and kind from what I've seen so far.

Aurelie Nanamimo-Kun

I would say normal because he's friendly most of the time and isn't overly concerned with anything!