Ship The Character Above You

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Ok this is just for fun. You will just ship the character above with one of yours and make an "imaginary relationship" (this should result in some funny crack ships if anything). The relationship doesn't need to romantic if anything


I ship your above character with my character [Blank}

Why? And what would there relationship be like? *PLEASE SAY IF IT IS A ROMANTIC SHIP OR NOT*

What character do I wanna see shipped: [Blank] (You can provide a couple choices for the person to pick from- please don't link to a whole folder)

*First person just needs to put who that charter they would want to be shipped*


-Please respect the characters sexual orientation and gender

-When answering, it must be fully thought out (at least 3 sentences) 

-When putting up a character to be shipped please make sure the character has a decent amount of info on it (doesn't need to be filled but the next person needs to have something to work with)

-When saying why a character would like someone and the kind of relationship they would have please keep it pg-13

-Please when you claim make sure to post at the very least after an hour (you will be skipped) 

New rule!

-Please @ the person you claimed so they know you posted for them!

-Also to keep from annoying people only able to bump once a day if nobody answers


character id like to be shipped


I think your character would have an interesting teacher/student relationship with Ruby (If she remembered her powers)- or Ruby could help her remember her Demon side

They are both types of Demons and also the fact that she has these powers while Ruby is still basically a young demon. Like I can imagine XXXI using her powers and Ruby being super impressed asking how she did it and XXXI just shrugging.


The character I would like shipped would be as I think it would be interesting to see what the next person comes up with



Ken might make a good match for her. I can't tell what age she is, but she seems to be young, at least around Ken's age, and I don't want to accidentally set her up with my middle-aged men lol.
They could be in rival bands, and Ken's explosive attitude would definitely cause hijinks with Maria's cold personality. But I'm sure they could go through a funny scenario like a joint concert where they're forced to spend time together; Ken could teach her to dance and that could start up some angst for a cute lil romance

KEK let's see who wants to ship with Jackson (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)


You know as much as Ben having a wife and kids, I would still ship Jackson with any of my dads... especially Viktor. Imagine a day where Viktor has been vacationing to his hometown in Russia and finds himself a thief in his own drinking his hefty collection of alcohol being raided by him? Not only Viktor would punish him but he'd probably just keep him handcuffed to the bed until he's not lonely anymore. [': Vik would drink himself drunk enough until he starts to mutter shit about his terrible past at him ['''''''''''':


Now n o w now who wants to ship with [Grandfather]



Yeah she is like around high school age. Oh my gosh I love the idea..actully makes me want to draw this crack ship lol)


I think Azriel would be a good fit for Grandfather(not in a romantic way though, because they appear younger than him). He seems to be the person Azriel would respect and look up to, since Grandfather's attitude is similar to theirs and they'd strive to be more like him, especially since they are both some type of demon. Another aspect would be that Azriel's personality could be seen as rebellious and daring. I think they'd have an interesting dynamic, because while Azriel would look up to Grandfather, they would also dislike the fact that he works as a CEO, since they're the kind of person who dislikes people in positions like that (being the rebellious person he is).


Soo, what about Liev Grayal ?


I know he is gay, but if we do a friendship thing or genderbend her I think it could work. Nicky is a necromancer though not a very good one. She's pretty smart and has a magical flower shop. They have a lot of the same likes, reading, adventuring and researching. She also likes to teach though in her case it's more like just ranting about what she loves. I think they could be pretty good as a research team, traveling the world and writing papers. I don't know what your world is like, but Nicky would totally be down for being a university professor which I feel Liev would also be into. Maybe they could work at the same school.

How about a ship for Benny?


I didn't see Benny's sexuality anywhere so I can't really think of a romantic ship. ' o' But why not him and Aeon hanging out and chilling? Both are calm and levelheaded people that prefer an easy day of tea and a nice breeze rather than the absolute cacophonous chaos and discord of a busy day. Considering Benny's a teacher and Aeon is a record keeper, they could both learn and bounce off of each other quite well. c:

Why not a ship for Mii? o:


Motherbeast please make sure to edit your claim or you will be skipped


You know? I think she would look cute with Ethan! Mii's very sweet and trusting, and Ethan's optimistic and kind, so I think they would mesh together well! I could see her coming into the store while he's working and she accidentally knocks down a display he's been working on for hours (either because of clumsiness or his bad luck getting to her), and in a squabble of incoherent apologies she offers to make it up to him with dinner. He accepts and they have a nice lil dinner while walking around town. More bad luck happens and Ethan explains why it happens, so Mii scares him by giving him some of her blood which actually nullifies the bad luck! He's shocked and happy, and she's happy he's happy, and they enjoy the rest of their date!
Of course it's only temporary so the bad luck is bound to return, but I think by that time Mii's optimism will help her push through all the misfortune that happens. And she can be Ethan's very own good luck charm uwu

Speaking of Ethan! Anyone have another cute ship idea for him?


Tsk tsk lonely Pickle smh. Anyways course you know who I'm gonna go with :) The Big Man Himself :) Idk I think it'll be p cute, yeah? Ethan is just a little unlucky sweetheart and just the thought of having someone a little similar to him would be a nice pair, not to mention I'm a sucker for height differences so that's a big good right there. But having this tiny unfortunate baby getting into all sorts of trouble then having his big jock gf swoop in to help him out the best that he can or return him home safely, literally his savior, his guardian angel right there. I can definitely imagine the two spending a lot of time together, doesn't seem like the baby boy isn't opposed to going out beside worrying about his luck and of course yeah that's an issue but Ro doesn't care, he wants Ethan to have a nice day and if his bad luck kicks in then Ro'll be his good luck charm and try to make up for whatever happened; date at a restaurant not go so well? No biggie they'll have a romantic dinner at home! Both are just so optimistic and kindhearted I believe they'd have a very chill and happy relationship -u-

Idk who to pick so here's Daddy


I ship Daddy with Narita because a) she's the only adult character I have XD, b) Narita is a free, nice spirit who just loves having fun. I feel like Daddy would be the kind of guy to see past Narita's status, which is what she desperately wants. I feel like Narita would be the fun girl who would be able to open up Daddy's heart. Narita would be the girl who'd calm him down and make him feel good. They'd probably have a pretty long relationship. I think that Daddy's brash, impatient nature would mix well with the stubborn but compassionate Narita. 

Please ship someone with !


Bump please ship someone with my character!


I'm not sure how old exactly Shori is and I wouldn't want to accidentally ship her with someone way older, but judging from that high school bit I'm going to assume she'd be close to Nicolas's age?

He's very into anything Japanese, that includes racers. Even if she isn't famous yet I'm sure he'd recognize her and be star shocked. He'd be enthusiastic about hanging out with her and nervous about the ideas of dates, but they'd definitely have a cute relationship.

Anyone interested in Taka?


Can I ship him w/ me bc heart eyes    Hmm, out of all my characters I would say that I'd ship him with my gal Cheix (sorry I don't have her bio up yet but she's pretty much a rogue/socialite).

I would honestly see their relationship to be more of a rivalry? I'd like to imagine Cheix often visiting his front restaurants to stir up some gossipy trouble for the hell of it. Think "flirting with danger"-esque moments. 

How about somebody for Halvard?