Ship The Character Above You

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Ok this is just for fun. You will just ship the character above with one of yours and make an "imaginary relationship" (this should result in some funny crack ships if anything). The relationship doesn't need to romantic if anything


I ship your above character with my character [Blank}

Why? And what would there relationship be like? *PLEASE SAY IF IT IS A ROMANTIC SHIP OR NOT*

What character do I wanna see shipped: [Blank] (You can provide a couple choices for the person to pick from- please don't link to a whole folder)

*First person just needs to put who that charter they would want to be shipped*


-Please respect the characters sexual orientation and gender

-When answering, it must be fully thought out (at least 3 sentences) 

-When putting up a character to be shipped please make sure the character has a decent amount of info on it (doesn't need to be filled but the next person needs to have something to work with)

-When saying why a character would like someone and the kind of relationship they would have please keep it pg-13

-Please when you claim make sure to post at the very least after an hour (you will be skipped) 

New rule!

-Please @ the person you claimed so they know you posted for them!


Humm well since he is an angel. I imagine him as a sort of protective guardian to Raven ( like a father figure).

I think it would be interesting since both him and Raven have cold personality and I imagine them warming up to eachother. Like at first he doesn't want to "babysit" a young child but ends up warming up to her. Also Raven might be annoyed with him always being in her business but starts viewing him as a friend and father figure.


Ok lets see who Itzlie will be shipped with! lol


Itzlie is very pretty! I think her and Elsie could become very good friends. They both seem to have similar interests (including boys) so they'd have lots to talk about! They're both rather feminine, so I they could have fun little two people parties were they do each others nails and such.

Also, since he is a vampire as well, Ethan might be an interesting pick! Though she is too young for it to be romantic, he could become a sort of mentor as an experienced yet still young vampire. He could help her with all those vampiric urges and getting used to the whole thing. He doesn't really mind being a vampire, so I'm sure he'd be a great help to her self-esteem.

How about some Azriel?



eadie oh I love both of the picks! I think Elsie is a cute character too <3 Also that would be so nice to have Ethan help her.


I feel like maybe Azriel would be friends or allies with someone like Princess Vanille? They have very similar policies on ruling their kingdoms, even though an ice cream kingdom doesn't sound as powerful and important as a kingdom of angels ^^" They also have similar sort of double-sided personalities (Azriel being emotional under his stoicism, Vanille being sweet under her harshness) so they might find some kinship with each other. :> I can see them having tea together or something talking about each other's respective responsibilities.


Maybe someone with Barwyn?


Mochagatari Oh i think he would be a good fit for Aqua (if she already didn't have a crush on another character)- I think they would be a good fit. Although I am not sure how good he is around water. She is very kind, nurturing, and patient I imagine she would calm him down when he get nervous. She would love to hear him play piano.

She also has Treela who she is very protective over like a little sister (like how he is protective of his little sister)


Ok so who would like to be shipped with....Itzlie (again)

(New rule please @ the person who you claim)



Since she's a vampire, I'll offer up my oc


for a frustrated Older "sister" type relationship.

She's also one of the few ocs I actually filled out info

She loathes other vampires that are outside of her own family.

However there are some exceptions and a turned vampire, rather than a person born into it is easier for her to stomach.

As most didn't ask for it.

She often sees it as her responsibility to care for others, especially those young than herself and would try to mentor Itzlie so that she would be at the least amount of risk around other nonhumans. As well as fussing over her in general if they became close enough friends.

She would only have an issue with Itzlie did not listen and were to harm humans purposely.

So if Itzlie could tolerate an under-cover pureblood looking after her and generally trying to mother her while insisting vehemently that she was "no one's mother," they may get along like a house on fire lol.


Feel free to pick anyone from my




I feel like... Alice and Kal would be a good couple? They would play off on each other extremely well. Alice is pessimistic and doesn't have a lot of friends while Kal is optimistic and has accepted life is about living. It could also offer Kal some new experiences since Alice can live for an extremely long time (until she reaches 2000 years or something like that). I feel as if Kal can teach her to appreciate life a little bit more while Alice would be more than happy to watch some chick flicks with him.

For the person below, feel free to pick anyone! (Just stay out of the Dreamydale folder though, I kind of consider them being minors)


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I feel like these two could go together very well?? Like, I'm not getting big romance vibes, but rather partners-in-crime vibes. (I mean, they could be romantic if you wanted them to be lol) They could totally be memers together and make life difficult for everyone around them. Jimmy seems more >:3c and Kriegspiel is more ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) so if the two got together and combined their powers, it could be madness but the good kind that would burn down your house with fireworks while they t-pose on the roof as the house burns and firworks shoot off behind them, and it's bad but beautiful at the same time.

(I'm not quite sure how Jimmy would feel about t-posing, I'm just hoping he is pro t-posing, as it would be a beautiful scene)

@ the person below me, ship whoever u like! ♡


NihilisticTiger  - Kriegspiel & SiLk because of their mischievous nature. This be a nonromantic ship, unless Kriesgspiel is down to get freaky with SiLk. *insert ugly smile with eye brow up & down* This is ANOTHER partner in crime, but since that's done, maybe they can be besties in crimes. just because they two are similar but somewhat different. Both likes to harass and troll people. But Kriegspiel isn't into videogames or tech so it seems and SiLk is. He's more into technology and video games. So maybe SiLk always be teasing Kreigspeil in his lack of tech skills. And since Kriegspiel seems like the smarter of the two, he'll probably torment SiLk and just manipulate him around. It'll be like two besties going back and forth, pranking one another. One day SiLk does this, and the next day Kriegspiel does that, for payback. But they will come together on the weekends to go to a casino and gamble, but perhaps probably cheat or play mind games with people. Haha

@ below person, feel free to ship anyone! huehue - have at them

ninialex - how cute! they would just gush over their crushes together. so adorbs.


Marclyn I imagine Cassius and KC would make awesome like bros, not anything romantic. They both are romantic (although Cassius hides it ) so this would be interest. It would be a beautiful friendship.They can just gush to each other about there crushes and other things. Sharing poems and stuff about there crushes or loves. It would defintly be good for Cassius to talk to somebody about his one-sided crush.


Lets see who gets shipped with Nori !