Ship The Character Above You

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Ok this is just for fun. You will just ship the character above with one of yours and make an "imaginary relationship" (this should result in some funny crack ships if anything). The relationship doesn't need to romantic if anything


I ship your above character with my character [Blank}

Why? And what would there relationship be like? *PLEASE SAY IF IT IS A ROMANTIC SHIP OR NOT*

What character do I wanna see shipped: [Blank] (You can provide a couple choices for the person to pick from- please don't link to a whole folder)

*First person just needs to put who that charter they would want to be shipped*


-Please respect the characters sexual orientation and gender

-When answering, it must be fully thought out (at least 3 sentences) 

-When putting up a character to be shipped please make sure the character has a decent amount of info on it (doesn't need to be filled but the next person needs to have something to work with)

-When saying why a character would like someone and the kind of relationship they would have please keep it pg-13

-Please when you claim make sure to post at the very least after an hour (you will be skipped) 

New rule!

-Please @ the person you claimed so they know you posted for them!

-Also to keep from annoying people only able to bump once a day if nobody answers

Andrew Rosakura

I'm thinking her and Andrew would be either friends or friendly rivals!Andrew only eats sweets, so I feel like the two would bond over their love for sweets and such, and he knows how to bake many desserts and such. Although I do feel like the two would fight often with their conflicting personalities, and I can imagine her breaking off Andrew's horns for a treat. Andrew isn't really one to play pranks, but he would if they were pretty harmless, or were against a evil/mean person.


How 'bout someone for Dean? Romantic or platonic is fine, but platonic is preferred.

Riley Storm_Clouds


I think him and Riley would get along as friends! Riley would appreciate Dean forming a group to take down criminals that evade the law, seeing it as, well, an alternate sort of justice. Riley might even join in for a little while! Though, I feel like Dean being a demon would get in the way of some things, with Rileys' very black and white way of thinking about the world and the stereotypical """bad""" of demons, but that can always be worked around.


Now, this lonely angel boyo needs someone! Either romantic or platonic is ok!

Kali Noebelle


Kali is still being re-written, but what better match for an angel than a demon (lol gotta love those cliches.) I could see them having adversarial interactions, especially with both possessing a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, but with it eventually growing into some kind of rapport.


I'd like to see how someone might match Sorzan!

 Taiyang Gong Milkman


Rather than similar personalities, I think a rival ship would be a great opportunity with him! With different cultures, I think two deities with contrasting personalities towards humans would bring a fantastic development so Taiyang Gong could be a possible one lol.

Taiyang cares more about cooperativeness and rather has an affinity towards mortals - nothing about him screams that he's better than his peers nor humans. Which seems the complete opposite of Sorzan with his way of treating mortals as his plaything? It'd definitely piss Gong off and they'd occasionally fight for whoever is rightfully so, but even then I don't think Sorzan would care about that LOL. Yet Taiyang would be into his passion for anything shiny and golden. And knowing that he'd flee from someone that isn't a mortal being, my mystic boy would chase him down and pester him - trying to persuade him that humans aren't just toys and that humans are as strong as them.


What do you think about Azrael? What could work well with an italian boy? lol

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