Ship The Character Above You

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Ok this is just for fun. You will just ship the character above with one of yours and make an "imaginary relationship" (this should result in some funny crack ships if anything). The relationship doesn't need to romantic if anything


I ship your above character with my character [Blank}

Why? And what would there relationship be like? *PLEASE SAY IF IT IS A ROMANTIC SHIP OR NOT*

What character do I wanna see shipped: [Blank] (You can provide a couple choices for the person to pick from- please don't link to a whole folder)

*First person just needs to put who that charter they would want to be shipped*


-Please respect the characters sexual orientation and gender

-When answering, it must be fully thought out (at least 3 sentences) 

-When putting up a character to be shipped please make sure the character has a decent amount of info on it (doesn't need to be filled but the next person needs to have something to work with)

-When saying why a character would like someone and the kind of relationship they would have please keep it pg-13

-Please when you claim make sure to post at the very least after an hour (you will be skipped) 

New rule!

-Please @ the person you claimed so they know you posted for them!


@Aristerna please complete the whole requirment (instead of just one line along with linking your character). Also please add the character you would like to be shipped







(Sorry if this doesn't ping you oof)

OK SO I feel like Williamand Ai would be the cutest thing ever! Like, when William unknowingly downloads Love's Sunshine, just wanting to play the game and have a good time, a while into the game he somehow makes it to Ai's ending and when Ai goes to hack William and wipe him clean, Ai realizes William is also a computer AI? And instead the two live happily together in Cyberspace?? And it would be adorable omg cyberloveeeee

Also, it would be really cute if when Ai would go to wipe someone's phone clean, William is all like "No, wait, they have a Windows phone, they're okay don't hurt them" and turns around and helps Ai out when they're an iOS user because Apple. William hates Apple with a passion. Not only did they break hearts, but they supported the devil brand.

Let's ship my baseball boyo Ruby!


I, to be honest, ship Ruby with Clayton. He's not got a bio down yet, but I think the duo would be pretty amusing to see. It wouldn't necessarily be a romantic relationship, though Clayton would certainly be down for the idea. They both are polar opposites in personality, and you know what they say, opposites attract. Clayton would probably be the more dominant, protective of the two, as he is with everyone he is either 'involved' with romantically, or platonically.

I'd love for my character Casper to be shipped!

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Oh boy, I feel like Casper and Blue Spirit ( would be the best drinking buddies. Blue is also a huge asshole (even worse when he's drunk. He thinks he's the smartest person in the world and will fight), and maybe some romance here and there if they can tolerate each other's assholeness.

Ship my boy Kalayo ( with someone please!




It wouldn't be romantic, but I'd see an interesting dynamic between Kalayo and Father Priest. Listen, he loves cats more than anything, so he'd be amused with Kalayo's presence. The wings and fiery touch would be enough for him to screech that Kalayo's a demon, but he'd be conflicted because, well, he's still a cat! Father Priest would keep his distance but I could see him leaving some food and milk nearby for Kalayo to have, and I'm sure after some time he'd  warm up to him enough to at least try to pet him.

Would anyone have any idea for this cold-hearted assassin, Frederick?



uh excuse me yes you how about Grandfather is obvious that they're meant to be

In all serious though I'm thinking Frederick and Ken! I think they're opposing personalities could clash at the same time, compliment. Frederick is a really cold does his work well, but Vermilion easily sympathizes with his victims and often has struggled with his job. Maybe they can help eachother? Not to mention, how about a story between Frederick between Vermilion where two assassins are fighting each other just to get the target first! Fucking bet that they're classmates in high school and Vermilion was probably either his friend or picking at Freddy for being so SHORT. Idk man I tried lol


Anyone has a thing for the white rabbit Kon? He's a very lonely boy


My character, Sayori isn't detailed at all, So I apologize but I think their aesthetics look good together. It could be romantic or just friends.  They would work either way. She's suppose to be a cheerful girl and he seems like a happy boi so, they be happy babies together!

My girl Shri???



Definitely my gal Imori! Imori's a necromancer and she herself has a bit of an deal with the devil (or inter-dimensional monster in Imori's case) with my character Rufus. The two could do dark magic together :'3 ALSO their color schemes are like A+ work together flldmfld Purple and red dark magic ship! 

It'd be romantic unless Shri here isn't into ladies. In which case Imori would definitely definitely have a crush on this lovely lady and be a very flirty friend.


Uhhhh how about either my boys Nomen or Rook

(their exact stories aren't listed but personalities are so if you wanna take a swipe at some nuts AUs go head??)