Kiss or Diss [IC][Anthro Edition]

Posted 9 months, 10 days ago (Edited 9 months, 6 days ago) by Milaisy Ressy

Please! When posting/replying only post characters over 18+! 

This is a Kiss/Diss thread only for Anthro Characters!


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I would like users to please specify in their replies ooc if they are comfortable with ferals responding or not!

Those with ferals, please specify ooc if your character has a anthro form!

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Please do not post characters under 18!

Human/Humanoid Edition                      Feral Edition

If I'm missing anything, please let me know!

I'll be starting off with Milaisy! uvu

Braxus Awoochie

"ha well how could I refuse such a cute face, a bit young for me though-" Braxus gives him a quick kiss


Aden Eis EXxiilED

Aden's eyes flicker to the Stag. "My, aren't you a beefy one." He chuckles softly, resting his hand on his chin. "You garden too? What a perfect hobby. Sure, big guy, c'mere."


Marcel Ressy

Marcel was nervous to be standing before this handsome fellow. He adverted his eyes, trying to seem tough as he stood there. "M-Maybe one." He said softly. "Only if you are okay with it and is willing to let me kiss you." He added, seemingly rubbing his arm in anticipation.


Roxanne LynxBound

"Unfortunately for you, bud, I'm not exactly....interested in men, but..." Roxie chuckles, twisting a curl of hair on one of her fingers. "You're still a cutie, you can get a kiss on the cheek at the very least."

(Kinda both? He still got a kiss though!)

#3: Edison "Eddy" Jigo MoonGeister

"Even if I was interested, you're not into men anyways. Whatever."