(MODERATED) Write a Headcanon about the OC Above

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PLEASE PM MY MAIN ACCOUNT (celestiials) IF THERE ARE ANY ISSUES. I am trying my best to moderate this thread, but I may miss something; if I have, then please let me know.

Basically this works like the original Write a Headcanon about the OC Above thread, buuut this thread's moderated, so there's an actual mod for the thread and there's rules.

Rules (Don't get intimidated by these, so far everything's been good! Basically the tl;dr is put in effort and you'll be fine)

  • Don't write headcanons about X topic if the person above doesn't want them. If you break this rule intentionally you'll get a strike.
  • Don't write headcanons that have NOTHING to do with the bio. Depending on severity, the punishment will be a strike or getting booted from the thread.
  • Please stay serious about your headcanons unless the person above states they're ok with crack headcanons; if you want to write crack headcanons, there's a thread for that.
  • Please put effort; while in this thread post length =/= total amount of effort, please make an effort to read bios and such. You don’t have to write as much as the person above you if the above person wrote a lot but you should still put effort in.
  • Wait until 3 other people have posted or until 24 hours have passed; whichever comes first. Give others a chance to play the game, please!
  • While this isn't a rule, please try to not post the same character over and over again.
  • This isn't a rule, but please try to post characters with some amount of info, it makes it easier; if you want to post a character with no bio, please be aware that all headcanons you get will be based on appearance only if your character lacks a bio.
  • Don't restate info already said in character bios! C'mon, that's just laziness right there.
  • You can claim a post, but please don't leave it unfilled for a long time.

Ban list. 3 strikes (i.e. 3 warnings) and you're out. Please PM my main about how to get off the banlist if you ever find yourself on it.

None, let's keep it that way.

First person gets a free headcanon I guess lmao
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Anselm von Werther Judas-la-Carotte

Oh yes! Finally c: However, I was the last poster on the previous thread. Not sure what to do here. :/ (Since this is basically a replacement, not a variant?)

Thank you so much! I love it ♥


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Judas-la-Carotte: Heck I'm not sure- since this is a replacement I think you'd basically count as first poster?

Kogami: Sorry that this came out of the blue but since Judas was the last poster on the last thread, he should count as the first poster


(I'll delete my post then! Didn't realize this was meant to replace it whoops) 

Edit: Also you might wanna end the last headcanon thread with a link to this thread so people won't post anymore in the unmodded one?

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Olivia KittyKnight

Can I also say that I appreciate the moderated headcanon thread as well and thank you for running it!

Although he doesn't mind writing, he especially hates doing so in public. Since he's left handed, he is forced to write with his right hand. While he has gotten used to it, Anselm still finds it unnatural and a little painful, meaning that he will refuse to write in public if someone wants him to.
If you want me to figure out something else, just lemme know~

Ooo! Yeah, that definitely fits, thank you!!

Raphael Motherbeast

Olivia tries her hardest to blend in as a squid, and that includes speaking squid lingo! However sometimes she messes up due to her Octarian heritage, and often times she'll end up accidentally speaking bilingual and then immediately covering her tracks. Such an instance could be in the middle of a fight when she'll be taking on the sides and she'll shout "VEEMO", but thankfully with no one around to catch her saying it.

// I had claimed via mobile and was logging on my laptop;;; Please be a little more patient next time? :c 

☆Charlotte☆ serenbun

Raphael enjoys the Spring months because he prefers warm weather and the Spring brings a new warmth to the climate when it arrives. In fact, he celebrates the arrival of spring by eating his favorite food and going out to smell the freshly bloomed flowers.


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serenbun Reminder to fill your claim, as Motherbeast already filled out hers plus put her character down

(Just a note, please try to be more patient when it comes to claims; I'd say drop a reminder when the post becomes around an hour old or so)

Cloak Rav3n

Charlotte has a lot of quirks including fidgeting to stay still. She owns a white unicorn plushie with a rainbow mane and she really loves 'him'. 

When Charlotte is in her room she spents time with them. She'll give them food (like her favorite ones, Macarons) and then pretend she is having dinner/dessert/breakfest/criteria with them. Charlotte might be a bit awkward when it comes to new people but it goes away as she gets to know them and become friends with them. 

(Can I suggest a rule? Like put a rule where you should try not to just put only one sentence when someone above them has a headcanon where is like a paragraph and low effort headcanons and regarding characters that don't have a bio.)

Virgil Malacoda Lucabyte

She looks like she'd be the type to buy new accessories and clothing on a whim, yet always manage to coordinate their looks!

Galaxis Cosmos Bit-Bit

He doesn't like tall people due to the fact when he was younger he was teased about being 'too short' by someone tall, that and he's a bit jealous

Marigold Almondlover

Being so passionate, Galaxis is prone to starting arguments about petty, small details. Did your shirt's stripes have a stripe that didn't line up with the one across from it on the seam? Galaxis will very vocally let you know, and take it too far. He's gotten in one too many fights over these kind of things, but he denies him being in the wrong every time.

Olivier Bernard Judas-la-Carotte

Marigold feels nostalgic over the flowers of her homeland. When everything was burning, she saw them crumbling to ashes, she felt immense loss; it's a vision she will never forget. Nowadays, when she comes across flowers, especially marigold, she takes care of them, watering them if they need to.

cashmere tape

Sometimes when Olivier is feeling particularly depressed or upset about something, he'll remember what Jean told him about drinking instead of going to a bar. He'll instead find something to paint and calm down; the painting doesn't have to be good or a masterpiece, oftentimes a total mess, but it helps him with his feelings and acts as a relaxing outlet for hard times.

Jamie Rav3n

Cashmere doesn't care about a situation or person if things are going her way if they are not she pretends to care. She steals money behind her family's back to spend it on makeup, especially lip gloss and money for college.

She doesn't have much morals except for a few. Cashmere feels little remorse for what she does to other people (like stealing their stuff). 

If you cross the line, she'll beat your ass.