(MODERATED) Write a Headcanon about the OC Above

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PLEASE PM MY MAIN ACCOUNT (celestiials) IF THERE ARE ANY ISSUES. I am trying my best to moderate this thread, but I may miss something; if I have, then please let me know.

Basically this works like the original Write a Headcanon about the OC Above thread, buuut this thread's moderated, so there's an actual mod for the thread and there's rules.

Rules (Don't get intimidated by these, so far everything's been good! Basically the tl;dr is put in effort and you'll be fine)

  • Don't write headcanons about X topic if the person above doesn't want them. If you break this rule intentionally you'll get a strike.
    • An example:
      Person (posting as Rezorin): *insert headcanon here* I don't want headcanons about him and clocks.
      If you write a headcanon about Rezorin and clocks, it's a breach of this rule.
  • Don't write headcanons that have NOTHING to do with the bio. Depending on severity, the punishment will be a strike or getting booted from the thread.
    • An example of this rule being broken:
      Person (posting as Arsenic) *insert headcanon here*
      Person 2: Arsenic hates humanity; she views them as below her due to her status as archangel. (I seriously hope nobody writes blatantly OOC headcanons but...)
  • Please stay serious about your headcanons unless the person above states they're ok with crack headcanons; if you want to write crack headcanons, there's a thread for that.
  • Please put effort; while in this thread post length =/= total amount of effort, please make an effort to read bios and such. You don’t have to write as much as the person above you if the above person wrote a lot but you should still put effort in.
  • Wait until 3 other people have posted or until 24 hours have passed; whichever comes first.
  • While this isn't a rule, please try to not post the same character over and over again.
  • This isn't a rule, but please try to post characters with some amount of info, it makes it easier; if you want to post a character with no bio, please be aware that all headcanons you get will be based on appearance only if your character lacks a bio.
  • Don't restate info already said in character bios! C'mon, that's just laziness right there.
  • You can claim a post, but please don't leave it unfilled for a long time.

Ban list. 3 strikes (i.e. 3 warnings) and you're out. Please PM my main about how to get off the banlist if you ever find yourself on it.

None, let's keep it that way.

First person gets a free headcanon I guess lmao
Florida McARTney67

Although Luna doesn't want to sleep, she secretly takes little siestas throughout the day and no one notices. She is easily awaken, which is why no one has seen her asleep. If Luna is ever caught, she'd be super embarrassed and confused and react in a conventional way like how someone is woken up by a loud noise. Luna's laziness often leads to this, and this lack of sleep causes her sluggish movements.

Angela KrystalStitches

Florida likes to mix alcoholic drinks, his favorite being the citrusy ones, like an orange creamsicle margarita. They're often strong, and sometimes you can even taste a hint of tequila. Many people like his drinks, and many have requested that he make them drinks whenever he stops by a club or a bar

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Dr. Nicolai Ivanovich Kozlov RaykayRa

Because Angela loves gems and marbles I thought she would collect them and organize them in tiny boxes for each color. 

She is really proud of her collection and searches for more difficult to find colors.