(MODERATED) Write a Headcanon about the OC Above

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Basically this works like the original Write a Headcanon about the OC Above thread, buuut this thread's moderated, so there's an actual mod for the thread and there's rules.

Rules (Don't get intimidated by these, so far everything's been good! Basically the tl;dr is put in effort and you'll be fine)

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None, let's keep it that way.

First person gets a free headcanon I guess lmao
Baz balladeerbattles

When she is singing songs she has heard along the road, she slowly starts shifting to the accent that she had originally heard it in. Often times, listeners only get a twinge of this towards the end of songs; however, in longer ballads and road songs, listeners get to hear the subtle complexity of her voice as it almost effortlessly goes from a heavy Southern accent to a strange floaty amalgam. It is most obvious when she plays songs of Irish origin, as the two accents end up both clashing and meshing before one prevails.

Koi Mercenary_Ike

Baz' loyalty to Dante Inc comes from them actually treating him normally, especially since he's an imp. It makes him feel less likely to enslave them in the future when he turns the place into a gold mine

Florian bonnca

Koi has a bad habit of binge watching streams! If she finds a new streamer that she enjoys, you can bet that she'll spend the next week watching all their old streams, even if the vod is over 8 hours long

Amber LynxBound

Florian takes /such/ good care of his hair, in fact, that people touching it is a HUGE no-no. The grease! What could that possibly do to his rich blue locks? You best keep your hands AWAY from that head of hair unless you want an angry elf in your face. This links with his dislike of forests as well, with long hair like that he's bound to get it caught in something, and the last thing we need is sticks or leaves getting caught in there. The only thing allowed to touch his hair is a metal comb cleaned until it shines, his own hands (if they're, of course, clean), unless he has a stylist do it, but they have to be clean too, like, obviously.

Prince Nautilus Gadgetrocks

One of the reasons Amber hates driving is that, on a super rainy day, the car she was driving slid down a hill. Though she was fine, it freaked her out and due to Seattle being rainy and hilly all the time, she’d rather not drive.

The Prince Historia

When the advisor took Prince Nautilus for a walk, his advisor apparently brought something (Probably fish) that can cause him to fall asleep, and when his advisor asked Nau if he wants something to eat, he accepted his offer. However, after eating it, he fell asleep, and therefore, his advisor locked him away inside a crate, and sealed the cave in. His advisor would later on spread lies that he was dead, and therefore caused his kingdom to panic.

Koi Mercenary_Ike

The Prince has tried to take up puppetry in order to make himself feel less lonely but the attempts are often unsuccessful. He keeps trying to see if he can make something to fill the void

Brutus and Meadow Parasolhyena

Koi loves to make pillow forts and she goes all out!!! She adds fairy lights and blankets to give it an aesthetic dreamy look and just make it feel so welcoming and homey. She like to bring her laptop and SO in with her to cuddle and watch movies. 

(Los Angeles Dodgers) Brooklyn McARTney67

As the Demigoddess of luck and safety, Brutus protects Meadow from any danger approaching. This includes any life-threatening events such as cars. As Meadow is a nervous one, she almost can’t live without Brutus or else she would have a nervous breakdown. Meadow, being the fast one she is, sometimes is able to dodge these events and proudly shows her independence as she grows to be a more independent one. With the protection of Brutus, Meadow has little to worry about as she grows in character.