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Basically this works like the original Write a Headcanon about the OC Above thread, buuut this thread's moderated, so there's an actual mod for the thread and there's rules.

Rules (Don't get intimidated by these, so far everything's been good! Basically the tl;dr is put in effort and you'll be fine)

  • Don't write headcanons about X topic if the person above doesn't want them. If you break this rule intentionally you'll get a strike.
  • Don't write headcanons that have NOTHING to do with the bio. Depending on severity, the punishment will be a strike or getting booted from the thread.
  • Please stay serious about your headcanons unless the person above states they're ok with crack headcanons; if you want to write crack headcanons, there's a thread for that.
  • Please put effort; while in this thread post length =/= total amount of effort, please make an effort to read bios and such. You don’t have to write as much as the person above you if the above person wrote a lot but you should still put effort in.
  • Wait until 3 other people have posted or until 24 hours have passed; whichever comes first. Give others a chance to play the game, please!
  • While this isn't a rule, please try to not post the same character over and over again.
  • This isn't a rule, but please try to post characters with some amount of info, it makes it easier; if you want to post a character with no bio, please be aware that all headcanons you get will be based on appearance only if your character lacks a bio.
  • Don't restate info already said in character bios! C'mon, that's just laziness right there.
  • You can claim a post, but please don't leave it unfilled for a long time.

Ban list. 3 strikes (i.e. 3 warnings) and you're out.

@Mercenary_Ike - Repeatedly made low effort headcanons.

First person gets a free headcanon I guess lmao
Colin JadeWizard

(TW, suicide mentioned and victim blaming. Not to offend anyone with those tendencies, I support you fellas. <3)

Once a long time ago someone entered Maria forest to end their life by the hands of her as they were too afraid to do it themselves. Maria quickly found them and regarded them with interest and bemusement. They were scared of her yes but they were more afraid of dying, even though they wanted to.  Maria had a problem, she did not know what to do with them. She didn't want to let them go but she was too curious to kill them yet. In the end she took them home and locked them in a room until she decided their fate will be.

Though at first she could careless, she listened to them vent about their life, about a past that was all too familiar sounding to her and eventually she softened up a little, just a little and they became like family to her. They had full range of her home and her forest as long as they did not leave the border.

However that was not to last as one day Maria found them dead in the garden. It was unknown if they were murdered or if they did it themselves. She thought they killed themselves. Maria was really angry about it and blamed them. After all she's done for them they go and do this! She burned their body and buried the bones in a unmarked grave hoping to just forget about them.

Today if you bring this up with her she will vehemently deny their existence, secretly still angry and in grief about it.

Haimati SapphireBatWings

More than 24 hours has passed. 

When Colin was still in his obedient fox form his peers would often try to see how far they could go with their commands. This led to Colin doing some humiliating things and on occasions things that had gotten him injured.  For some, this was a source of humor and they would mock him for it. He still remembers much of it and this has a hand in his knack for rebellion and his time as a bully. 

Douglas Decker slushrushed

Part of Haimati's interest in demonology and exorcisms stems from a desire to get back at her hated mother. Even if she cannot provide a direct challenge or threat to Achi, her job as an exorcist allows Haimati to spit in the face of all she does, ridding people and places of the sort of darkness her mother enjoys spreading. It may also partially tie into why she is so reckless and brave, as I can imagine despite her issues with depression and her own personal insecurities, at times, sheer spite alone can temporarily provide enough motivation for her to keep moving forward, if most all else fails.

And an additional headcanon, in case that one is a little obvious or not the best: Haimati's talent in painting stems from a cathartic fascination with it that she may use to vent her emotions when feeling particularly angry or impulsive. I can see her using quick, heavy, frantic strokes with a sort of furious fervor, it may not always be in line with what is considered "proper" technique, but every piece produced in this state is something loud and clearly originating from the heart, a profound expression of passion, whether it's an abstract burst of color, or something with a more clearly defined subject and idea behind it.

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Camellia callilux


Since retiring, Decker has flirted with the idea of doing humanitarian work for various organisations (or hell just sponsoring them), but has become so cynical and distrustful that he second-guesses the nature of all of them and ultimately contributes nothing. It's another thing to hate himself about.