How does your OC feel about the one above...before knowing much at all about them?


C1: Ohh no, you look like a stick in the mud...

C2: Hey, you seem like the kind of person who likes to party!


I actually recommend that you don’t read the bio of the character above you before posting! This is meant to be on the more relaxed side and provide a place for people who prefer less involved posts. It’s totally okay if you’re familiar with the character in question though—just note that your OC isn’t actually obligated to make correct assumptions.

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Fitzgerald (Human) kafkaesque

Although the creature in front of Fitzgerald seemed vastly unfamiliar to him, the man had a genuine smile on his face as he scanned him. The colors meshed together quite nicely, better than many outfits on humans that he had seen, and the feathers added a subtle touch of softness that he couldn't help but admire. In a way, the dinosaur reminded him of Mikhin, except... Stronger. It made him wince a bit, knowing that what he had could've been wasted potential, but...

He sighed, knowing that it was probably best if he didn't consign himself to longing for things he couldn't get... Well, at least for now. There was always the chance that the green lizard could grow into something stronger over time, but for now, she seemed a bit... Petite compared to the cream raptor.

"You honestly seem like quite the interesting fellow," he remarked after giving a quick surveying glance to make sure that nobody was looking, "I actually wouldn't mind if you traveled with me sometime. You seem like the type of creature who can hold their own in the face of tough situations, and I have the feeling that you have potential that has yet to be achieved..." A smile, genuine for once, appeared on his face as Fitzgerald continued admiring the creature's features - from the sharp white teeth to the feathers... "I could help you reach that potential."

Sure, it was admittedly a bit ambiguous as to whether he actually wanted to bond with him, or just regard him as a status symbol, but... No sign of contempt or disdain was in his mind for once, and it felt odd, but refreshing. Very refreshing, in fact.

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Terry Lovejoy PicklePantry

"Huh. I don't typically judge people based off their looks. Uh, well you're young, there's that," Terry sniffed while scratching his chin. "You've got... fashionable clothes?" his tone raised into a questioning one towards the end. He'll be honest, he clearly didn't care for fashion and had no way of knowing what the latest trends were, but the guy seemed to be wearing this with a purpose and that's what people into trends usually do, right?
"You've got this, uh, air of confidence about you, too. It's almost cocky. Mmm. You remind me of a chihuahua. Small and always trying to get attention," he coughed.

Hope (Hopeless) Milkman

"Clearly sitting there slouching on your chair, tiresome with any lack of respect of your own body. Huffing and sighing your way through the day while you're near exhausted and children climbing on your back as if you're a jungle gym yourself. The clothes that you wear everyday: boring, dirty, and disgusting. You have no shame in your looks, I'll give you that. But of course, you rarely care about your looks, your health, and your job."

Hope stood high and mighty right in front of Terry, sitting on his chair sipping on a Double Gulp that laid on his lap the whole time. He leaned forward with glowing red eyes that dazzled under his dark, grim face.

"I thought of you as a man with no ambition. With no dreams while the world around you feel as if time stopped. But you're still growing older every second. I always though the way you teach was a mess, just like the clothes you wear to class everyday. You are the kind of man that lets the world run by you and leave you behind."

He was about to leave, but turned around to take the "Teacher of the Year" Mug off his desk and took it with him. Obviously Hope was sour about this still

"I also think you stink. Your breath reeks of pickles."

He slams the door.

Lodovico Donati RancidFootmilk

Walking around town after 40+ years of not moving out of one place was fun for Lodovico. Seeing how much things have changed is amazing, types of people included as the decades move forward. Whilst walking among a sidewalk he noticed a strange figure standing just across from him, and judging one based off of their looks never came across Lodovico's mind. Especially in the state that hes currently in. But something about Hope made him feel very uneasy and he didn't like it, though he couldn't help but stare.

Lodo scanned his body up and down. The horns and black eye whites sent shivers down his spine as he gulped, realizing that it was probably very impolite to be staring at someone so much as he was. "Agh.. I'm sorry sir! I didn't m-mean to stare.." He quieted down on the last few words as Hope's red pupils looked down on him. "S-Sorry for bothering." he stuttered once more.

Hope would make a coward like Lodovico very uncomfortable. But he piqued his curiosity quiet a bit, what's his story? Why did he look like he was gonna kill someone? Who even is he?