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OK, it doesn't have to be an actual dungeon-- but this thread is a spin on the classic text-based RPG (or at least the general idea)! You know the kind: games where you explore a space by typing.

In our version, you'll post IC as one of your characters and write a little bit about where they are and what they're doing. You should end your comment with the character switching the scene to a new location for the next person's character to explore. This can be a physical transition or otherwise, and can be a small or great "distance"!

Some examples of possible transitions:

opening a window (the next person can write about what their character is doing on the street)
turning on the TV (the next person's character could be on whatever show they're watching)
reading a book (the next person's character could be a character in the book)
getting arrested (the next person's character could also be in jail, or a cop at the station)
falling asleep and dreaming of ___
going to a restaurant
going to school
entering a cave
going to the beach
going to hell???
You get the idea-- use your imagination and try to think of a fun setting for the next person's character, but don't make your prompt so extremely specific that no one can use it.

  • If you want to, you can write your comment in the RPG >action format, but prose is fine. (Here are some examples of that format if you want to try it: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 )
  • It's fun if your character interacts with the previous one, but it's not required.
  • Unlike traditional RPGs, you do not need to write your post in the second person (third is fine).
  • Your reply should be more than a sentence, but does not need to be long unless you're feeling inspired.
  • Keep this clean and PG-13
  • Ping or message me if you have a question about or issue with anything in this game
  • Have fun!   

TL;DR: The minimum you have to do here is write a little scene about what your character is doing in the setting that the person above ended their post with, and end your scene with a new setting for the next person that logically follows from whatever your character was doing.

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The big guy will start this off:


ASTROBOT decides to cheer himself up by making a trip to his favorite mall.
Arsenic celestiials

(asdfghjkl sorry if this isn't good enough aaa)

Arsenic didn't know what she was doing at the mall; sure she was holding a shopping list and crossing off some of the items sporadically, but in general she was pretty much running around and going into random stores in the hopes of what they were selling was what she was looking for. Nice. She got to the second-to-last item... okay what did Persona need that item for??? She comes across a store and it seems to have what was on the list.

>Enter store

In the hopes of finding that item, she accidentally wandered into a clothing store and started rummaging through the items... and then she noticed ASTROBOT in the shop. She wasn't... even sure on how he was even able to even get into the mall, let alone the shop. 

>Don't do anything

She decided it was better to keep to herself but she was curious about the robot.


She ended up trying to eavesdrop and apparently he was furious at the cashier for... something. Maybe it was something involving the sale at the store? 

>Continue eavesdropping

She couldn't make out what the cashier replied with, but whatever it was, it infuriated ASTROBOT even more... and then before she was able to fully understand the situation, ASTROBOT started to laser and destroy everything in the store, insulting everyone and everything. 


Arsenic just decided to bolt and leave the scene as quickly as possible... she'll finish her shopping another day.

Arsenic... well, after that, she decides to calm down by walking around in a nearby garden.

Allyn CloudiiSkai

(Sorry about how long that took;; I'm a slow writer, which is part of the reason I don't tend participate in these sorts of things that often. I hope my writing's okay...)

Allyn was rather focused on his work, pulling weeds, planting flowers, and watering them, making sure not to water them too much, and that they were spaced out nicely. Everything he was used to doing as his pastime at home. The Elomimi had recently been asked to be the caretaker of this garden, in exchange for pay, and of course he had accepted the offer. It was never a bad idea to have extra money on hand, and especially now that it wasn't just him and his boyfriend anymore. Sure, Orion's brother was capable of living on his own, but the both of them were sure the Eliore wasn't about to let him do that. The younger Eliore the couple had more or less adopted, however... none of them were about to let him by himself for too long. Allyn watered a few last flowers, finishing the work in his current section.

>Move to a new section

He took one last look over the flowers before collecting his things to move on to the next section. He hummed a little tune as he walked.

>Look around

The Elomimi looked around the garden. There were a few people wandering about, though none of them were particularly interesting. He smiled at them as he walked past, though most didn't notice. Allyn set down his gardening supplies and started to work once again before noticing Arsenic walking nearby, stopping to look at some of the flowers.

>Tell her about the flowers

Allyn smiled at her. "Aren't they such pretty flowers? They're called bougainvilleas." He told her, and began sorting out his supplies. "The actual flowers are the small white ones inside those brightly colored leaves, which are called bracts." He started pulling the weeds around him. "They come in many different colors, those purple ones, pink, orange, yellow, white... Some are two-toned or variegated. There aren't blue ones though, that's a rather rare color of pigment..."

>Wait for her to respond

He waited for a response from Arsenic, and the two had a small conversation while the Elomimi gardened. In seemingly no time, the area was complete for the day.

>Continue to next area

Collecting his supplies once more, Allyn stood up. "It was nice speaking with you, Miss, but I have to start working elsewhere." He smiled before walking off to another section of the garden.

Allyn realized he had run out of a few different types of seeds, so he decided to go to a friend's flower stand in the nearby town to pick up some more.



Just a thread mod note that you don't have to write in the RPG >action format if you don't want to, but I love the replies!

I think that might be intimidating people from replying (and I need to clarify the OP), so to clarify, the minimum you have to do here is write a little scene about what your character is doing in the setting that the person above ended their post with, and end your scene with a new setting for the next person that logically follows from whatever your character was doing.

It's fun if your character interacts with the previous one, but not necessary.

This can be written in RPG format if you want to, but prose is fine and your reply should be more than a sentence, but does not need to be long unless you're feeling inspired.

The person who replies after me should write something about what their OC is doing at the flower stand.

Cheryl Saltminer

CHERYL was observing some EARTH FLOWERS, a species that was HARMFUL to herself but apparently LOOKED NICE. It was a a FLOWER STAND that held these plants. The only reason she was near these toxic life forms was because ANGIE LIKED THEM, and CHERYL LIKED ANGIE, so she was willing to suffer if that meant she could possibly WOO her HUMAN FRIEND.

What will she do?

>look flowers

The blooms are BRIGHT and PUNGENT, making Cheryl THANKFUL that she CANT SMELL. But apparently, these traits are DESIRABLE to HUMANS.

>take flowers

Cheryl grabs a metric handful of the flowers, than gets YELLED AT by the STAND OWNER. A nearby observer, what looked to be a CAT-PERSON with GREEN FUR, stared in distress and confusion. Cheryl shamefully puts the flowers back, realizing that MONEY can be traded for GOODS AND SERVICES.

>give money for flowers

Cheryl LEGALLY PURCHASES the METRIC HANDFUL of flowers she grabbed.



What will she do?

>wonder about what other things Angie likes

Since Cheryl is attempting to SEDUCE ANGIE, she must obtain other things that humans LIKE. Cheryl read in her HUMAN HANDBOOK that a desired item was a confectioned treat made of CACAO and EXCESSIVE AMOUNTS OF SUGAR.

>go buy chocolate 

The nearest place selling this CHOCOLATE is a quick-stop shop known as a CONVENIENCE STORE.

(V great characterization for Cheryl!! You nailed it <3)

Fen circlejourney

// gonna try answering in prose just to see what a response like that would look like!

There hasn't been a customer in the store for twenty minutes, and Fen decides it's time for a drink break.

Of course, as he is uncapping his bottle, a red blur barrels through the door in a jangle of bells and throws itself at the counter, and he starts back with a yelp, water sloshing onto his shirt. "Sir!" exclaims the red alien. "Do you sell the unhealthy cacao confections!"

Tending the unfortunate spillage will have to wait. "We do, we do!" Red beings with horns aren't something Fen sees every day (or every decade for that matter) but even two weeks into this new job, he knows to give his best no matter the customer. Putting on his hospitality smile, he leans over and gestures at the racks of chocolates beneath the countertop. "Take your pick."

She swoops down, and there is a great rustling of of wrappers. When she rises again, she does so with a dozen bright red chocolate bars cradled in her arms, dumping them in a pile on the countertop. The red lady beams disconcertingly at him as he counts them by hand (eighteen) and then picks one up and scans its barcode the same number of times. Eighteen beeps later, she slaps twenty dollars onto the counter and sweeps the chocolate bars back up in her arms like newly-adopted children. "Keep the change!"

When the customer has left, Fen finally steps out from behind the counter and inspects the aftermath of his moment's startlement. The spilled water has soaked into a considerable portion of his shirt.

Shuffling out of the store with a grimace, he stop at the edge of the sidewalk and pulls on the hem of his shirt to catch the sunlight, hoping it dries out enough before the next client. Farther up the road, by the traffic light, he sees...

Robi Tribal RobbieOfHyrule

A huge traffic jam in the middle of the intersection. Cars were honking wildly like a herd of angered elephants. People were yelling and cursing at each other for their somewhat stupidity that had caused this in the first place. However, amongst the carnage of horns, a loud engine roar signified the approach of a motorcycle and, before the astounded shop clerk's eyes, the two-wheeler launches itself over the pile up and screamed past him, in a blur of purple and gold.

Shortly after, loud blaring sirens signified the presence of an intense police car chase as several cruisers squeezed around the blockage, in a bid to catch the crook, and continued the pursuit. The one on the motorcycle was a goggled-lad with a bright red scarf wagging in the breeze.

"Gotta shake off those cops if I want to make it back with the swag." The rogue pondered.

> Checks his inventory.

Thankfully, he had some spare molotovs in the saddlebags, in case the Job went south.

> Drop Molotov.

In his wake, glass bottles of lit petrol land in the road between him and the police cruisers. The blazing inferno was enough to force the law enforcement to swerve and dance until their recklessness got the better of them and Robi could catch a glimpse in his mirror of every black and white cruiser causing a pileup.

"Phew, not a moment too soon." He sighed before making it to the safehouse.

But he spots someone nearby..

Pacify Saltminer

Pacify blinked, watching the criminal drop a Molotov cocktail right in front of her, just outside. She sighed in disbelief. The tip-off was right, and she arrived at the safe house just in time.

>apprehend criminal; because it’s her job

With some amount of struggle, Pacify was able to bring the crook to the authorities. It was her best guess to as if he would stay there— criminals always seemed to find their way out of jail somehow. It was unbelievable.

It had been another long, hard day. It was time to locate her other clones and merge for the night. She took to the skies, rocket boots firing up.

> check inventory

In her storage compartment on her back, she carried a pack of gum, a coupon at a nearby boba place, and two dollars.

> sigh in disappointment at meager earnings

She does just that.

>treat self

You know what? Yeah! Let’s treat ourselves! Pacify pulls out the coupon for the boba place. She just happened to be flying overhead said place! What a coincidence!


Pacify lands, and enters the boba shop. She gets some odd looks because of the robot suit, but it’s fine. She orders one green tea boba with strawberry and mango pearls, and sits down to wait for her drink.

As she waits; she sees...

(Yo I just wanna day I love kim’s Response to seeing Pacify!! So sweet and wholesome I love her character, and I also wanna day Pacify would totally say yes to that selfie!! She may be tired but she never turns down a pic from anybody <3 Yuna_Animatus)

Kim 'Kimiko' Madison Yuna_Animatus

A bubbly pinkette, in the midst of enjoying her own bubble tea! She just seems to be minding her own business, happily musing over her phone before her gaze turns up. After blinking for just a moment at the blue suited figure, she removes her straw from her lips.

>Smile at the cool blue cosplayer!

Kimiko does just that! She figures there was some sort of event going on in town today. What other reason would there be for dressing up, right?

>Approach and ask for a selfie!

Briskly and excitedly, Kimiko skips over and asks the figure if she can take a picture with them! Unfortunately, the cosplayer declines, but it seems like she’s friendly enough! Maintaining proper etiquette is important anyway, so Kimiko decides to just respect their wish and just be on her way!

>Return phone to handbag!

In it goes! Amongst all the other essentials littered inside!

>Head to the video game store!

Of course! That new game is out today! Kimiko makes her way to the game store, which just so happens to be around the corner from the boba place!

Heading inside, she sees…

Araa Shawcross EternallyScreaming

An Axofae, energetically browsing the games!

>Picks up Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Araa has finally found the game she wanted. It would be primed for playing with any visitors! Yess.

>Grab extra controllers and pay

Araa pays for the game after grabbing some extra Joycons.

>Stroll along, through forest, to home.

Ah, yes, beautiful rainy Somewhere. The coziest yet coldest place around. However, looking toward the mansion,  they see...

Kiichi ducclord

...a lurantis facing the mansion's wall! What is he- Oh, he's playing hide and seek with his little sister! Now where could she be hiding?

> Head to the garden

Kiichi heads to the garden found himself the hedge maze. He enters and finds a fork, Kiichi...

> Take the left

follows the left road that leads to a dead end. But wait! There's a gap between the tall hedge!

> Go through the gap

Kiichi goes through the gap and finds himself upon a lake outside of the mansion's ground.

> Walk towards the lake

He walks closer to the body of water but when he's so close to the water, someone pushed him!

> Pull the stranger along

Splash! Kiichi and the stranger fell into the lake. But that's no stranger he pulled along, that was his little sister! Looks like Kiichi won this game of hide and seek! Now then, who's that just across the lake? Oh, it looks like it's...