Hug, Hang out, Hit the characters above you [IC]

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THREAD REMAKE BECAUSE I MESSED UP THE RULES plus maybe it's better if I follow the original game's rule shfhdsgsh


Is it time for another forum game? Yes it is.

To simplify, this is the SFW and all-age version of the Fuck/Marry/Kill game. You see the three IC above your claim? That's how your character choose any three of them to...

  • Hug: Self-explanatory. This is a 1000% friendly and platonic type of hug, btw.
  • Hang out: Be friends with and have a good time with them.
  • Hit: NOT THE FLIRT KIND OF HIT!!! But rather, a character that your character would fight and well, hit with maybe a frying pan or baseball bat. However you like, as long as it's meant to be mostly comedic.

(Can be shortened to Hu/Ha/Hi if you want. Also I'm not linking the original game because...well, it's 18+ only.)

Fun fact: The choices are not even the official SFW alternative to FMK (afaik), I just mixed ones that I can find and ended up going with the HHH rhyme-)


  • Like the original FMK game, you post IC and choose from three characters above your comment to either Hug, Hang out, or Hit!
  • You might want to change your IC once every often to make things less repetitive.
  • Wait until five posts to participate again. (Unless the last post was left for over 12 hours)
  • This is a SFW game meant for everyone to join so make sure to...
    • Avoid any form of romantic implications/interactions, unless any of the above user is okay with it (and there aren't any minor characters/users above you). Your safest bet is to just avoid any flirting or any implied romance altogether.
    • Don't be rude or passive aggressive either (flexible if it's for IC accuracy reason, but harassing or insulting type of comments are highly discouraged), this especially goes for your "Hit" response. Please don't just hit a character because you personally dislike them.
  • Try to at least include the reasons why your IC choose to Hug, Hang out or Hit the characters that they choose in each choices.
  • OPTIONAL BUT HIGHLY ADVISED RULE: To avoid any misinterpretation based off solely design or a really short response, you should read the bio of each characters above you, if they have one. 
  • Any problems, please contact my main at @Kogami. 

In case anyone's still confused over the rules, here's an example:

*Post as Character D, three IC above them is Character A, Character B, and Character C (in order)*

- Hug: (Character B) - "You look like a someone who needs a little I would give a hug."
- Hang out: (Character C) - "You look cute and super friendly, let's be friends"
- Hit: (Character A) - "With a book. I'm bad with obnoxious people, I'm sorry."

...then Character E does the same but with B, C, D instead.

The first three posts won't have to do anything (since there's not enough characters, haha) The fourth IC will be the one that'll start the game!

Daegan Beckett Affieereal

Hug: Chrome "Miss, you do seem really nice, and you're the only normal human here so I'll hug you. But, really quickly okay?"

Hang out: Gabriel "You have powers..? That's something... Either way, you seem like a good person and I would enjoy hanging out with you."

Hit: Buddy "I'm sorry, you might be a good person at heart but... I don't trust demons one bit. However kind or laid-back you appear, I can't trust you. I wouldn't be able to properly hit you, however, so just... don't come near me again."

Adrianus SoulLugia11

Hug: Chrome - "Hi! You seem like a kind human; I don't see those every day. I'm grateful that there's kind people like you in the world, you know, my sister would've loved to meet you. If you want a hug, I'd be happy to give you one!"

Hang out: Gabriel - "Wow, I didn't know a human could have powers! That's awesome! I'd be up for hanging out with you for sure, as long as you don't mind hanging around with a monster... I hope I'll be able to pay attention to everything you're saying, I usually find it easier to listen to conversations than lectures anyway."

Hit: Daegan - "How about I, um, flick you in the shoulder or something? Last time I punched someone, it didn't end so well in the long term, and I don't wanna hit someone in general at all, but, the pessimist thing reminds me of my insecurity, and well, insecurity is kind of a self-explanatory thing, plus it doesn't seem as though I really have a choice... wait, why am I saying all this? Maybe it's just my way of saying sorry, so... I-I'm sorry, I've made things awkward, haven't I? I'll be on my way now, sorry again!"

Aerist owlprince


Kyle Rosakura

Hug: Adrianus "You seem like you could use a hug! I'm kind-of a monster too! Well, not really, but we're kinda similar in being not-human! And I'll try and fight anyone who picks on you!"

Hang Out: Aerist "You seem sooo cool! Maybe we can play video games together sometime?! I don't know much about aliens, but you seem pretty cool!"

Hit: Daegan "You seem scary! I don't really like people who don't display their emotions, and you seem a little boring."

Mila SiannieG36

Hug: Adrianus - I'd def hugs you , No real reason , I'm random like that and hey you seem nice , just looks at that friendly SMILE. 

Hang-out: Kyle- OMG OMG OMG YES we can def's hang out , you work with ice cream and i LOVE IT OMG and your a were wolf that is soooo cool , I wish I could turn into an animal :O I'd be a unicorn I'm sure... Can you choose? well if you can I am a unicorn !

Hit: Aerist- Oh no I am super sorry about this I don't like violence and well your only 14 that's just wrong of me to hit a child.... I am so sorry my friend but we just don't have anything in common :(

Echo Snowpuff

Hang out - 


         " U-uhm, you seem like a g-good friend to have, no? And... Maybe we could hang out on a coffee that I know... They have some pretty cupcakes there, I think y-you would like some."

Hug - 


       " Y-you seem to have a pretty... Sad past. Lose your b-best friend, and everything... I m-mean, probably you have already passed over it, but still... Ah, sorry. I just feel like you should receive a hug more than my other options. If this makes sense... "

Hit - 


       " N-nothing personal against you, I promise! I just... Don't think that we could be friends, your interests are pretty different f-from mines... So that's why... M-maybe just a small, weak hit with a pillow? Sorry for that... "

Luna Swissy

//owlprince reminder to fill your claim! o/

Hug: Echo
"You look like a hugable girl despite being a crybaby..oh uh, sorry for being rude there. I.. also think you need someone to hug you, maybe? why did i say that And your hair looks fluffy as hell! I'd uh like to hug you if that makes you comfortable"

Hang Out: Kyle
"Such an embarrasmentI MEAN.. You seem like the bouncy and troublemaker type of guy but you also look like a fun person to hangout with. We can play video games with eachother. And ooh, researching other species! Now that seems fun"

Hit: Mila
"...Not to be blunt but... I dont think we'll get along well. You're just too cheerful and outgoing for a skunk like me. And you uhh love parties. Something i really hate and despise. You seem hitab-, AOUHH- N-No hard feelings alright?? You're a cool person but that aura you have is just too vibrant for me..."