Hug, Hang out, Hit the characters above you [IC]

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THREAD REMAKE BECAUSE I MESSED UP THE RULES plus maybe it's better if I follow the original game's rule shfhdsgsh


Is it time for another forum game? Yes it is.

To simplify, this is the SFW and all-age version of the Fuck/Marry/Kill game. You see the three IC above your claim? That's how your character choose any three of them to...

  • Hug: Self-explanatory. This is a 1000% friendly and platonic type of hug, btw.
  • Hang out: Be friends with and have a good time with them.
  • Hit: NOT THE FLIRT KIND OF HIT!!! But rather, a character that your character would fight and well, hit with maybe a frying pan or baseball bat. However you like, as long as it's meant to be mostly comedic.

(Can be shortened to Hu/Ha/Hi if you want. Also I'm not linking the original game because...well, it's 18+ only.)

Fun fact: The choices are not even the official SFW alternative to FMK (afaik), I just mixed ones that I can find and ended up going with the HHH rhyme-)


  • Like the original FMK game, you post IC and choose from three characters above your comment to either Hug, Hang out, or Hit!
  • You might want to change your IC once every often to make things less repetitive.
  • Wait until five posts to participate again. (Unless the last post was left for over 12 hours)
  • This is a SFW game meant for everyone to join so make sure to...
    • Avoid any form of romantic implications/interactions, unless any of the above user is okay with it (and there aren't any minor characters/users above you). Your safest bet is to just avoid any flirting or any implied romance altogether.
    • Don't be rude or passive aggressive either (flexible if it's for IC accuracy reason, but harassing or insulting type of comments are highly discouraged), this especially goes for your "Hit" response. Please don't just hit a character because you personally dislike them.
  • Try to at least include the reasons why your IC choose to Hug, Hang out or Hit the characters that they choose in each choices.
  • OPTIONAL BUT HIGHLY ADVISED RULE: To avoid any misinterpretation based off solely design or a really short response, you should read the bio of each characters above you, if they have one. 
  • Any problems, please contact my main at @Kogami. 

In case anyone's still confused over the rules, here's an example:

*Post as Character D, three IC above them is Character A, Character B, and Character C (in order)*

- Hug: (Character B) - "You look like a someone who needs a little I would give a hug."
- Hang out: (Character C) - "You look cute and super friendly, let's be friends"
- Hit: (Character A) - "With a book. I'm bad with obnoxious people, I'm sorry."

...then Character E does the same but with B, C, D instead.

The first three posts won't have to do anything (since there's not enough characters, haha) The fourth IC will be the one that'll start the game!

Cleo spheal

HUG - Lucy "man i dunno you seem like you could use one nd all" it just sorta? gives you a pat on the shoulder
HANG OUT - Marcy "yo !!!!! im digging your style kid ! we could go like, idk beat up some shitty dads"
HIT - Max "eh no hard feelings man ! ran outta options" she playfully jabs you with her formed elbow

Pippin SoulLugia11

Hug: Marcy - “Oh my gosh, you’re in a band!? That’s super cool, I love music! I’m so excited I just wanna hug you right now, so that’s what I’m going to do!...If you don’t mind, that is, I don’t wanna drive you away or anything. You seem like a cool person nonetheless!”

Hang out: Max - “Wow, you like music too? That’s great! Maybe we could hang out and listen to music sometime, I’m cool with anything! Oh, and don’t worry, I don’t mind hanging out with a demon; my adoptive parents are monsters - well, more specifically, flamingo shifters - and besides, I don’t think your species matters as much as your personality and stuff like that. You don’t gotta worry about any judgement from me, pal!”

Hit: Cleo - “Ah, I’m super sorry, I ran out of options... how about I just poke you? Maybe gently? I really don’t wanna hurt you, I mean, you love sweets like I do... though, you seem to really like fighting people a lot... anyways, after this poke, I’ll leave if you want me to. Or you could hit me back, I’ll let you do that if you feel that’s fair; all you gotta do is make sure you don’t kill me or anything like that. Otherwise, I don’t mind either way! I hope you can forgive me for poking you, and I’ll forgive you if you hit me back, definitely!”

Rhyme Tezuka Yuna_Animatus

Hug (Max): "I don't really know much about you! But! You seem pretty cool! I can't really say for sure but hey, I like music and flowers are pretty cool too! The ones in your hair are really pretty! I'd like to know more about you before we end up hanging out, but a hug will do for now I think!"

Hang Out (Pippin): "Hey! I think we're pretty alike! You kinda remind me of my brother too, in a way. He's good at cooking too so i'd love to see what kind of stuff you could make! We could maybe go for a run too! Getting the rust out of those joints is real fun!"

Hit (Cleo): "Ehhh, sorry! I don't like fighting at all and if you're gonna be starting fights this way and that then we're gonna have a problem! Someone could get hurt! That'd be super bad! And that's not good. I really don't like to judge people so quickly but... this time I think I have to!"

Alexander Rose RustHeart

Hug (Rhyme) Alex looks at the robot with curiosity.  He doesn't say anything for a few moments, appearing to be thinking something over.  He somewhat hesitantly comes over to them.  He fidgets somewhat, pulling his scarf up a bit more as he did. "Hey, what are you up to?" He asks, he sounds very guarded but hey, at least he's actually speaking to them.
(Can't give a reason to why he would be okay with them because of story stuff and spoilers and shit)

Hangout (Pippin) Alex smiles somewhat at the younger boy, although you wouldn't be able to tell since the bottom half of his face is covered by his scarf. "You know, where I come from people call me a monster," he laughs somewhat awkwardly. "Glad to know that the human race isn't that far gone."

Hit (Cleo) "Yeah um.... hell no?" Alex backs away from them with his hands out somewhat in a defensive posture. He glances around for a moment for anything he can use to defend himself. "What the hell even are you?"

Osore Kami haiiroko

Hug: Pippin

"O-oh hello!! Wow, you seem really nice, I... like your hair..?? Haha, that sounded really weird I'm sorry... but I'll hug you! I-if you want of course... haha..." Osore continues to ramble for a good few minutes.

Hang out: Rhyme Tezuka

"Woah... are you a robot?? I've never met a robot before! Wow, you seem really really nice! Can we be friends?? I hope we can be friends! You seem cool! Wait... are you a kid? I don't know if robots even have an age haha..." wow. He's rambling again.

Hit: Alexander Rose

"Aw man I really hate hitting people :( but I guess I have to..." He lightly pokes Alex's shoulder. "I'm sorry!" He then proceeds to, you guessed it, ramble.

Shui suckerlouv

Hug(Osore Kami): "..." Shui remains silent for a few seconds, unintentionally keeping a straight face. "You look like you need it...A hug, I mean." He sounded like he was just being mean, but he was actually having trouble expressing himself. It was kinda hard to believe that he actually was too shy to say anything like "You look cool!" or something along the lines, but he certainly was just too awkward even though it didn't show on his face.

Hang out(Alexander): Shui takes his time to think over the things he wants to say, and quietly clears his throat. "You look interesting." That's it, that's all he said. He really took all the time in the world just to pronounce three words.That short sentece summarizes everything he had on his mind at the moment though, Alexander did look quite interesting to Shui.

Hit(Rhyme): "Ah, don't worry. I don't want to start a fight, I just ran out of options and thought you would be less likely to get hurt, since you are a robot." He proceeds to puch Rhyme on the head as weak as possible, it doesn't even look like a punch, It looks like he was just patting them or something. What was even the thing he said if he was just going to pat them lol.

Skylerr Thompson Bucket

Hug : Osore - "God of fear, huh? Well, it's a good thing my brother wasn't the one meeting you." Sky sighs, then lifts his head up with a beaming grin and arms spread, ready for a hug. "Bring it in!"

Hang Out : Alexander - "Look, I know you don't seem to like talking to people, but uh.. Could we hang out? You're like.. hella cool," he said, a breeze carrying a leaf by. "We both have powers, too. Though, being able to help people who're hurt sounds like a way better power that air control. Even if you don't use it a lot.."

Hit : Shui - Skylerr peers at Shui, doing a quick pace around him. A brief, inquiring breeze flows around him, almost like it was following the freckled boy. As soon as he stopped, the strange wind died out. "Look, you seem like you need a good friend or something, but first you need someone to knock some hecking sense into you! You kill people.. for mONey!?" Sky hardly hesitates, and the wind picks up again. (Doesn't know what his own brother has done, oof)