The OC above is behind you...

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1: You must post as your OC

2: If you are only gonna scream, at least make it funny and not just screaming. Example: *screams in fanboye*

3: You may make your interactions as long as you like. This includes but is not limited to speech, actions and reactions

4: Keep it clean please, I don’t think I’d wanna do dirty things to someone who jump scares me from behind!

5: All characters are accepted!!!

6: Once you’re interaction is finished, you must type at the bottom “I’m behind you...” or another varient that gives out the same message so that the next person may interact using their OC. To shorten your text, look for the symbol that has the T and an arrow pointing upwards and downwards. Shortening the text is now optional.

7: Please wait at least 2-3 posts after your post or 24 hours after the most previous post.

8: The only exception to your OC interacting with another one of your OC’s is if it has been 24 hours since you posted and no one else has posted during that 24 hour period.

9: Art of your interactions is okay but I cannot allow NSFW that would be rated adult (e.g. sexually explicit) under any circumstances, this would ban you from this thread. Anything that would be rated mature (e.g. nudity, bulges for males or nipples for females) however should only be sent privately to the user you intend to draw art for, they must be 18+ to be sent mature artwork and you must have their permission before you can draw their character at a mature rating. Failure to ask permission beforehand would be a warning if the reciever is already over 18 or a ban from this thread if they are under 18.

10: Swearing is fine, just be careful on how you use your words, like, try not to offend anyone in real life, yeah?

11: If a comment has been deleted, keep calm and move on. Don’t worry, you’ll still get a reply!


Users banned from this thread:

Nobody yet, let’s keep it that way.


Me as Lux: I’m behind you...

User 1: Oh, hello there! You look so adorable and I love you so much! *rubbing his head* 

I’m behind you...

User 2: *Screams in Halo 3*

I’m behind you...

And so on...

Starting with Lux!

I’m behind you...

Smiley PicklePantry

"Why yes, I noticed. :)" Smiley hummed as he turned his head to look at the strange creature. "Curious, curious. :) Were you interested in me? :) Did you want to see what was under the mask? :) No, no. Those are bad thoughts to have. Focus on my mask's smile. :)" He stopped to turn and fully face them. "What a strange creature. :) How old are you? :) I can't tell what your personality is, either. Are you happy? :) My, my. I'll need proof. I'll need a large smile. :)" He broke off a branch from the nearest tree.
"That's why you followed me, right? :) To show me your smile? :)"

"I'm behind you. :)"

The Milkman Milkman

He jumped. That voice was all too familiar and he turned to find Smiley right behind him with that wretched paper bag of his. Clearly Matias wasn't happy when Smiley raised his hand to wave along with a "Hi" following afterwards. It wasn't infuriating, but it was enough to almost strike him across Richard across the head with a punch. Pierce never liked getting scared, especially from behind. It just progresses his more irritable attitude throughout the day.

"For god sakes, Richard I'm going to strangle you if you do that again! I don't care if you've been waiting for me all day to do that- I was about to hit you!" His voice was harsh, but not enough to try to offend Smiley with his anger. Instead his anger led to a more strict lecture as he set Smiley down at a bench in the park - pulling that dumb bag from his face. "And what did I tell you about seeing me in the middle of my work? You're clearly distracting me!"

He made an exasperated sigh as he tried to cool down. To help himself, he's leaned forward for a quick peck on the lips before shoving his face into the paper bag and walking away. He waved to Smiley as he was leaving me behind. "Don't follow me, I'm still working. Just go home or something... goodness."


“I’m behind you...”

Brian Damage bogonvogon

"Ah-HA! Yes, that smell is perfectly unmistakable - MILK! I do love me a glass of milk, yes, it helps wonderfully with the bones except for when they become too hard for me to discombobulate - surgery lingo ha ha. Us dinosaurs, lemme tell ya, we LOVE milk. Just couldn't live without that indescribable treat of a feeling when all the organs go slush-slush-slush inside a bath of that lovely, fatty, fluid. Mr. Milkman, you really should come over to the ol' island, watch over my procedures, that kinda thing. You and I are on the same wavelength - trust me, I've already run the brain scans!"

Nyeh heh heh... look behind you..

Amabelle Rorichi

"Ah hello there Mr. Dino!" The little girl happily greeted the strange dinosaur. I seemed she wasn't scared of the surgeon who suddenly appeared out of nowhere right behind her, instead she was curiously looking at him. "Mr. Dino, are you a real dinosaur? I've seen dinosaurs in colour books you know, and you look just like one~!" The girl's eyes were shining with excitement and she looked absolutely happy on the whole. "Hey, Mr, do you want to play with me? I know a lot of games that we can play together! So..Will you play with me?" 

"Hey~ I'm right behind you~!"

Sedma Ouzo Thanaturgist

Sedma jumped as Amabelle spoke up behind him, caught off guard. With a half-stifled gasp, the assassin turned around, pausing a moment to regain his composure. The little girl didn't seem too intimidating, getting a glance at her, but he still wasn't particularly a fan of how she had managed to sneak up on him. She clearly wasn't human, but she didn't seem dangerous at least. Sedma relaxed, if at only slightly. "...What do you want, kid? Didn't anyone tell you not to talk to strangers?"


"...Behind you."

Pacify Saltminer

Pacify turned at the whisper, instinctively whipping out a bow-staff to counter him with. The tip grazed his Adam’s apple. Upon seeing the stranger her face twisted (under her mask, of course) in recognition. “I know an assassin when I see one.” She eyed his blades, staff still pointed at his throat, now touching just beneath his chin. “Most of them don’t normally make themselves known before they do the killing. I’m not sure how you wanted this to go,” Pacify drew her body closer to him. “But I’m not sure you want to tangle with me right now. So you can either turn around and leave... or tell me why you’re being so sneaky.”

“Psst. Behind you.”

Fossil Polymorphus

"Ah! Haha!" Fossil jumped with a mix of surprise and excitement, "So you are! I'm glad you said something, I might have bumped into you. What can I help you with today?" 


"Hello! I'm behind you..."

Michio bananabred

"AAah...oh my you startled me, What are you doing around these parts?" I lean in to take a closer look "what a fascinating fellow you are, would you like to come in for a tea? id very much so like to examine you closer"


“Look behind you.”

Roswell Butcher fizzelston

Roswell shrieked, backed up a few paced with one arm lifted in the air, his head tucked between his shoulder in some lively pose. "Yer gave me de spuk fella!"
He frowned, he hadn't heard the 'fella' approach at all. Was Roswell getting sloppy? Old even? No.. That couldn't be, Roswell was as sharp as daggers, with reflexes of a cat...Right?
The only logical explanation would be that Michio was a ghost.. It had to be.
 "Yer.. not from raun 'ere, ain't yer?" he said, leaning a bit closer. Tapping Michio's mask carefully, "Oi'm don't nu waaat yer are, but yer gie me de creeps. Sneakin' on me loike dat..."
"Oi! over 'ere!"

Angela Zhu Akeya

Angela let out a scream at the voice yelling for her attention. Already scared, she tried her best to not look behind her. What if someone was gonna mug her? What if she was gonna get kidnapped? She should've just stayed home, why did she want to go out today?! But like every other human, she was curious. And curiosity kills the cat most of the time. She turned around to see Roswell's face up close to hers with a grin. He looked friendly, but the sudden sight of his face made her even more frightened and on top of that, confused. Not athletic to run, too scared to pull out her phone, she did what she could only do. She shrieked in his face, causing a sudden change from a grin to an expression of terror to appear on the one-eyed man. She probably ruptured one of his eardrums. 

"Ah! I'm sorry! Y-You scared me! D-Do you need a doctor?"


"I... I'm behind you..." 

Yeli M. S. PicklePantry

At first Yeli didn't even hear her, it was only after the pensive tap on his shoulder that he stopped and turned around. "Hmm?" He gazed at what she offered to him: a wallet. He pat his pockets to feel them empty and let out a noise between a sigh and a laugh. "I must have left my wallet at the counter. Thank you for bringing it to me," he said as he gratefully took it back and slid it into his pocket. Once he was assured it was safe and sound, he looked back at Angela and offered her a warm smile. "Thank you again. You're just as sweet as your grandmother." His expression grew warm with a hint of an unknown emotion, he set a hand over her head and lightly pat her. "It's good to have such a wonderful family, even if it's only your grandmother. Sometimes that's the only family you need. Thank you again." He turned around and resumed walking.

"Pardon me, right behind you."

Tortekyu Mashter-Potato

In the shock of Peony being so close to back of the 'tree', let alone right up to the face of whoever or whatever was driving this fake Torterra, a loud roar goes off and the shelled vehicle starts to drive off rapidly, hoping to god that there wasn't any damage to the back of this prized creation of theirs, unaware that Peony was likely either hanging on for dear life or fell off already.

You feel something bump the back of your leg (Or whatever is high enough to get tapped?)

🐉 DRAGU ERIN🐉 pechhi

"oh??? what could this tiney thing is so funky!! i will pick it up. * shakes it around * he he he. it is green and cute. reminds me of a pokemon though! o//o"

- dragu bumps into you! what do you do?! -