The OC above is behind you...

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1: You must post as your OC

2: If you are only gonna scream, at least make it funny and not just screaming. Example: *screams in fanboye*

3: You may make your interactions as long as you like. This includes but is not limited to speech, actions and reactions

4: Keep it clean please, I don’t think I’d wanna do dirty things to someone who jump scares me from behind!

5: All characters are accepted!!!

6: Once you’re interaction is finished, you must type at the bottom “I’m behind you...” so that the next person may interact using their OC. To shorten your text, look for the symbol that has the T and an arrow pointing upwards and downwards.

7: Please wait at least 2-3 posts after your post or 24 hours after the most previous post.

8: The only exception to your OC interacting with another one of your OC’s is if it has been 24 hours since you posted and no one else has posted during that 24 hour period.

9: When shortening your text for the “it’s behind you” part, you may shorten it to size 8, 9 or 10. 

10: If you experience any problems reading the short text, message me and I’ll add you to a list that excludes you from shortening any text when posting.


Users exempt from shortening any text:

No one yet!


Me as Lux: I’m behind you...

User 1: Oh, hello there! You look so adorable and I love you so much! *rubbing his head* 

I’m behind you...

User 2: *Screams in Halo 3*

I’m behind you...

And so on...

Starting with Lux!

I’m behind you...

Milkfather Milkman

"A tiny little bugger, aren't ya?" He said, pretending his was scared as he slowly turned around. He let out an interesting, audible laughter, peering down at the small figure before him. With his hands in his pockets confidently, he smirked at Leo before he let his hand out and pat his small head as gently as he could. "You're a bit of a scratchy fella, well more like a thief. Did you plan to snatch my wallet or something, boy? Because sure, you can have it... after we play a little game! How about trying to get it out of my hands first of all? I ain't scared of someone like you, kiddie." He laughed again.


"I'm behind you..."

Zinkur UnknownIrken


Without even thinking, Zinkur turned around and smacked the man right across the face.


Zinkur continued to rant about how careless he was, for a good half-hour. But, after the annoyed flush disappeared from her face, she apologized for smacking him, gave and awkward good-bye, and walked off.



Aki Loki TroyOwO

Aki jumps a few inches off the ground before shooting around to see Zinkur. "WHOA! YOU SCARED US!" He grips his heart and laughs still surprised. "Anyway who you? Is there something we do for you... wait a moment are you some kind of alien?" He asked. "Wait a moment.. are you like from another world??" Aki asks with interest as he looked up at her.


"Look behind you"

Luenes celestiials

(note: i tried my best to make him IC; lemme know if I wrote something wrong)

Luenes turned right around and saw a small boy right behind her. She wasn't really frightened, just surprised. The boy seemed to be fairly energetic and happy; she also assumed he was quite a bit brave with how he said that right at her. Luenes couldn't help but crack a small smile at him. "Ah, I'm sorry if I was in your way." she said politely, and stepped aside. Aki seemed to take a bit of an interest in her, pointing out her wings and halo. "Oh these? It's... complicated," she said, hoping that her answer would suffice.

"Um, excuse me. I'm sorry."

Henry Helvete - Fire King FlyingHybrid

Henry grew stiff, jumping slightly as he had no idea somebody was behind him. He turns back to look down at her. "Oh, don't be sorry, I just didn't notice you." He tilts his head. "Is there something you need, ma'am?"


"Boo! I'm behind ya!"

Munin haiiroko

Munin quite literally screamed, oh boy were they scared. When they turned around though, they saw a... human..? He looked human at the least.

"S-SIR YOU SCARED ME. PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN." They didn't seem angry... just very very spooked. "I'm sorry for yelling... was I in your way?? eh???" They quickly moved out of the human(?)'s way and nervously laughed. That was... interesting..?


"O-oh excuse me, I'm behind you."

Shoko (Sho) bettaton LOLLBACKED

shoko jumped in fright and turned around to look at the stranger.

"um... can you not? also who the fuck are you?"

shoko turns around and continues walking


hey, I'm behind you

Cherval Lamoret kirayuin

Cherval jumped so high he used his wings to fly for once. He glared at Shoko,

"WHO ARE YOU? What are you even doing here?! This place is off-limits for commoners. Go before I call the guards oh wait i'm a guard too?? Hahaha I want to quit this job so bad "


Cherval flies down, not noticing there was someone ahead of him until it was too late "LOOK OUT!"

Summoner Erandia Erandia

Sorry this turned into a bit longer than expected hahahahah

"GwaH!" Erandia managed to squeak out as the man with wings fell on top of her unsuspecting back. The red-headed bodyguard muttered a quick stream of apologies as he tries to let the fallen summoner up. The other red-head glared at the perpetrator before being stunned at the sight of his wings.

"Another Laguz? What are you doing here-- hold up, did Tibarn set you up for this?" Sighing in irritation, the summoner scratched the back of her head before complaining at the confused tengu. "Really, you get assassinated one time and suddenly everyone is high-strung as heck. Never mind that I'm perfectly pseudo-immortal unless it's a douche from this Zenith."

"E-Excuse me?"

"Listen, I know you're just following orders from that Hawk King of yours but there has got to be a line drawn here somewhere! It's bad enough Reyson and Leanne have been stuck with me through out the week, now I got that big guy to worry about sending his followers to babysit me!" Erandia huffs in indignation as a wicked idea forms into her head.

"You know what? Sorry for being collateral but you're the perfect proof I need to make him stop this!"

"W-Wait a sec--"

"Alright, onwards to your king!" The girl happily skips forward while her other hand clutches onto Cherval in a death grip. The bodyguard followed along, mostly because he has no idea what's going on and possibly to get some answers out of this mess. The two of them stopped when a group of bird-like ("are they also Tengu?" Cherval whispers) beings laughing along. One of them seemed to have spotted the girl as he paused in confusion and smiled.

"Tibarnnnnn! I found one of your followers babysitting me again!"

A chorus of groans and laughter filled the area as the man known as Tibarn shushed them. Gold eyes pierced the Tengu's own blue ones as sweat started to crawl an his back, feeling as if he's being searched throughly.

'I should have tried to stop this girl harder...'

"Lady Erandia, you misunderstand." the hawk Laguz smiled wryly, seemingly apologizing but cautious towards the red-headed man. "He is not one of my own. In fact, I believe he's not even a Laguz."

"W-Wait, you aren't?" Erandia blinks at Cherval, a blush slowly forming at what seemed to be a misunderstanding. "W-Why didn't you say anything!?"

"I tried! You wouldn't listen!"

"O-Oh Naga above, I'm so sorry!"

The other Laguz seemed to laugh harder at the admission with Tibarn guffawing the loudest. Cherval dusted the grime off his clothes, trying to keep everything in order (or what he could keep in order anyway) Having had enough entertainment, Tibarn stepped forward and apologized firmly at what his summoner had done, offering the other man a drink or two.

"I need to get back, my task hasn't been completed yet." Cherval states before adding, "And for the record, I am a Tengu, not a Lagus or whatever."

"Ah, like folklore Tengu? Youkai?" Erandia's eyes lit up, remembering fondly the folktales of Earth she once loved.

"Are you strong?"

"Yes on both accounts."

"That settles it then." Tibarn nods before staring at the confused Tengu. "As apologies and gratitude for this incident, I would like to challenge you to a fight. Our Hawk Laguz against your Tengu."


"Hey now," Erandia starts off, a twinkle of mischief present in her brown eyes, "not accepting a formal invitation to a duel against the King of the Bird Clans himself is kinda insulting, you know?"

Cherval stares in disbelief before sighing in defeat.

He'll just have to make this (hopefully) quick.

"Owowowow-- pardon the landing!" Erandia mutters out, Escape Route activating as she warps behind the unsuspecting poor fellow.

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Maggie Helvete - Fire Queen FlyingHybrid

Maggie jumps up and whirls back to face her. She swings her arms out in front of her for protection before realizing she had already landed. "HOLY CRUD YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUTTA ME!" She yells "Yeesh, you okay??"