The OC above is behind you...

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1: You must post as your OC

2: If you are only gonna scream, at least make it funny and not just screaming. Example: *screams in fanboye*

3: You may make your interactions as long as you like. This includes but is not limited to speech, actions and reactions

4: Keep it clean please, I don’t think I’d wanna do dirty things to someone who jump scares me from behind!

5: All characters are accepted!!!

6: Once you’re interaction is finished, you must type at the bottom “I’m behind you...” or another varient that gives out the same message so that the next person may interact using their OC. To shorten your text, look for the symbol that has the T and an arrow pointing upwards and downwards.

7: Please wait at least 2-3 posts after your post or 24 hours after the most previous post.

8: The only exception to your OC interacting with another one of your OC’s is if it has been 24 hours since you posted and no one else has posted during that 24 hour period.

9: When shortening your text for the “it’s behind you” part, you may shorten it to size 8, 9 or 10. 

10: If you experience any problems reading the short text, message me and I’ll add you to a list that excludes you from shortening any text when posting. Don’t worry, you’re not in trouble if you are on that list. It means that the other users know why your text won’t be shortened like the others.

11: Art of your interactions is okay but I cannot allow NSFW that would be rated adult (e.g. vaginal, anal or oral sex) under any circumstances, this would ban you from this thread. Anything that would be rated mature (e.g. nudity, bulges for males or nipples for females) however should only be sent privately to the user you intend to draw art for, they must be 18+ to be sent mature artwork and you must have their permission before you can draw their character at a mature rating. Failure to ask permission beforehand would be a warning if the reciever is already over 18 or a ban from this thread if they are under 18.

12: Swearing is fine, just be careful on how you use your words


Users exempt from shortening any text:

No one at the moment!

Users banned from this thread:

Nobody yet, let’s keep it that way.


Me as Lux: I’m behind you...

User 1: Oh, hello there! You look so adorable and I love you so much! *rubbing his head* 

I’m behind you...

User 2: *Screams in Halo 3*

I’m behind you...

And so on...

Starting with Lux!

I’m behind you...

Jake Hill clownpillz

Jake whipped his head around and jumped, letting out a girly scream. He slapped his hand over his mouth and blushed. Clearing his throat and coughing, he looked at the girl with a nervous smile. "Y-you scared me there...." He mumbled and chuckled softly. "Is there anything I can help you with?" He asked and fidgeted with his hands


"Uh, excuse me! I'm behind you!"

Olva balladeerbattles

Olva had just come out of the gardening shop carrying 8 bags of fertilizer and an arm full of new tools. The rustling of the bags and the clanking of the tools had prevented her from hearing Jake until he was right behind her, startling her and causing her to drop everything she was carrying. She turned her head back, initially annoyed, until she saw that it was the blue-haired boy from the florist shop. She sighed and with a slight smile gestured him over as she started to pick everything she dropped; hopefully, he would catch the message to help her pick up the mess


You only hear solid footsteps and the slight scraping of shale and dirt behind you