The OC above is behind you...

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1: You must post as your OC

2: If you are only gonna scream, at least make it funny and not just screaming. Example: *screams in fanboye*

3: You may make your interactions as long as you like. This includes but is not limited to speech, actions and reactions

4: Keep it clean please, I don’t think I’d wanna do dirty things to someone who jump scares me from behind!

5: All characters are accepted!!!

6: Once you’re interaction is finished, you must type at the bottom “I’m behind you...” or another varient that gives out the same message so that the next person may interact using their OC. To shorten your text, look for the symbol that has the T and an arrow pointing upwards and downwards. Shortening the text is now optional.

7: Please wait at least 2-3 posts after your post or 24 hours after the most previous post.

8: The only exception to your OC interacting with another one of your OC’s is if it has been 24 hours since you posted and no one else has posted during that 24 hour period.

9: Art of your interactions is okay but I cannot allow NSFW that would be rated adult (e.g. sexually explicit) under any circumstances, this would ban you from this thread. Anything that would be rated mature (e.g. nudity, bulges for males or nipples for females) however should only be sent privately to the user you intend to draw art for, they must be 18+ to be sent mature artwork and you must have their permission before you can draw their character at a mature rating. Failure to ask permission beforehand would be a warning if the reciever is already over 18 or a ban from this thread if they are under 18.

10: Swearing is fine, just be careful on how you use your words, like, try not to offend anyone in real life, yeah?

11: If a comment has been deleted, keep calm and move on. Don’t worry, you’ll still get a reply!


Users banned from this thread:

Nobody yet, let’s keep it that way.


Me as Lux: I’m behind you...

User 1: Oh, hello there! You look so adorable and I love you so much! *rubbing his head* 

I’m behind you...

User 2: *Screams in Halo 3*

I’m behind you...

And so on...

Starting with Lux!

I’m behind you...

♥ Jester MajikkanBeingsUnite

*The little black "cat" who was lying across the path looked up at the polite voice, then rolled over onto their back in the hopes of scritches and tummy rubs. They mewed at the friendly knight. While Jester could tell that she was in a hurry, being basically a cat, they really wanted attention.* 

*a smol floof is sneaking up behind you... *

Later Sveligius Paser LeoLeonis

Later jumps in the spot, holds a squirrel that is resting on his shoulders closer to himself (probably to prevent it from jumping off scratching him to blood more than out of the wish to protect it), growls showing his canines as a warning sign and then faces Aergos, lowering a bit to be ready to flee if it's going to be necessary. He relaxes his lips a little when he sees them better, since they don't seem to be particularly menacing, but he still doesn't feel like trusting the stranger: they smell weird, and it really was not a normal way of walking... Plus, he doesn't feel like talking with someone he doesn't know.

"My day? I want it to be home, where my food and my friend are!"

He let go of the squirrel, takes a step back and, since he's already had to speak, he adds:

"...And if you see an albino person about your height and also with sunglasses walking around here, don't pop up next to them like that if you don't want a cane being thrown in your face. Now, do you need anything or can I go?"


Later runs through the snowy street chasing a squirrel, that's apparently stolen one of his bracelets for whatever reason; while he's following the little animal, he suddenly notices you, and how the rodent is going in your direction:

"Hey! Careful! Don't step on her or let her jump on you!!"

Kaeo kaimeya

Kaeo breaks his focused and calm look when he hears someone behind him shout. Suddenly, a small animal is jumping towards him. He catches it with inhuman ease, and inspects the squirming creature in his hands (that's very much making an obvious show of just how much it doesn't want to be in the God's hands.) Just another weird thing on earth, he thinks. "Oh my, I'm sorry. Is this creature yours? I hope I'm not offending by holding it." The animal continues to claw and writhe in his hands, but Kaeo is unfazed. He lifts the squirrel into the air with his telekinesis, and flashes Later a polite smile. "If it's yours, feel free to grab it now. If not, it should fall safely to the ground within a minute or so. Farewell," using the Kai Kai to teleport, he seems to disappear into thin air.


"Terribly sorry," The voice behind you is gentle but just off enough to carry a vibe of creepiness, which is fitting considering you hadn't noticed anyone behind you until now, like they appeared out of thin air. "But would you mind moving?"

Aaron Valentine MagicOfTheCosmos

Aaron jumped at the sudden, strangely unnerving voice. "Oh! um, yes, sorry..." Aaron responded. It was a bit dark inside the game room, so it was no shock that someone could sneak up on him like that. Aaron turned around to look at the owner of the mysterious voice and was even more perplexed by his appearance. He had very lovely white hair and large pointy ears. Aaron tried his best to hide his surprise, but had a feeling he was failing. Then the thought occurred to him: just how did this person get here? The door to the game room was closed, and he was quite certain nobody opened it. Maybe... no, teleportation isn't possible, is it? In any case, if he really did teleport, then what on earth did he need Aaron to move for?!


"um, excuse me, please don't scream, but i am right behind you..."