[IC] What would your oc do to the above oc?

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A mix of alot of interaction thread you see everyday on th. It's simple, what would your character do to the character above?. Maybe hang out with them? Catch them stealing? Make them your servant? Travel the multiverse to put the bee movie script on an undestructable floating banner in every single universe? Or just have a nice tea? Whatever your character would like to do, they do.

Still dont know how it's done? Here's some Examples:

User A posts first
[IC] Character A : "I, character A, am always first!

User B posts in response to above, B's character wants the oc above as it's doll
[IC] Character B :"Oh, arent you beautiful? It's sad how your ego is a bit too high for others to handle. Maybe, just maybe, you could be a rare doll to my collection~ maybe that way you can feel loved and not be hurt anymore~~"

User C posts in response to character B, C's Character doesn't want to do anything bcuz it's afraid
[IC] Character C : C stood still and looked at B in horror. Never in it's life has it ever seen a person so horrific as B. But it couldn't run because of it's paranoid thoughts

User D posts in response to Character C, D's character wants to slap oc C because it's angry of C

Next important part are the Rules!

  • Please read the above OC bio before responding. Referencing the oc above's bio is the main purpose of the game
  • This is a SFW game, so please keep your post SFW. Flirting and romance are alright as long as the user above is comfortable with it and not a mino-adult relationship
  • Sensitive themes such as violence are a ok as long as they are blacked out like this or spoilered
  • It is suggested to claim before posting to avoid being ninja'd

Now that's out of the way, the first person gets a free claim!

Circus BreadDisposal

I’ll be the first >=)

Phoebe Swissy

"A-a deer!" Phoebe exclaimed to herself. Indeed, there was a white tailed deer infront of her, but what is that piercing his stomach? Is it dead? "Oh no! That must've hurt mr deer. I, i'll get some bandages and flowers to heal you!" And she did. She then wrapped the bandages around to what seems to be a pole and yellow daffodils to Circus. "There, hopefully you feel better" She said without realizing that the deer's dead

Salvador Wapenburg fizzelston

"Hey, kid!! Check this out!" Salvador said while holding up a pack of cards. He was able to do one (1) card trick, and by the Void he was going to show it off. This strange but precious looking child with her spectacular hair, will definitely like it.. Right? This trick was cool enough to be loved by the hip looking youngster... Salvador was sure of it! 


Salvador's eyes went big. He clamped himself on Variant's arm, as a baby koala would do to its mom. He was at the loss for words. Tears stung in his eyes, but he was too weak to wipe them away.

"Thanks for not givin' me a pony, " he finally squeaked.

(Bless ur heart!! You made my day sgdg v) 

Smiley PicklePantry

"What to do, what to do, what to do. :)" Smiley mumbled while tilting his head from side-to-side as he gazed at Variant. He was a behemoth of a man, so large! And even bigger was that smile! "I usually want to help people smile, but yours is already so big and wide! :) It's so full of happiness, it's so wonderful! :)" He tilted his head to the side again, tapping the part of his paper bag where his chin would be behind. "Maybe we can go to 7/11 then? :) The slushies there are always very delicious, especially on days like this. :)"
Smiley turned around to walk off, but stopped after a few steps, turning his head to look at Variant over his shoulder. "You said you're a genie, right? :) Maybe you can help me make more people smile, then. :)"

ミTroy Everford♡ TroyOwO

"Your creepy I'll say that. But your mask is sillyyy??? Cuutee??? buutt creepy????" Confused panic. "Despite the creep factor and we are very different to be honest you seem like a lot of fun, so..." Troy chimes  "We wanna help you make people smile!" He smiles confidently and throws his fist in the air.

Aries Jutta

“Ya seem sweet, ya like making people smile eh? How ‘bout making me smile and turning over the contents of your pockets. Nice and easy there bud, don’t worry, your stuffs making my day, ah ha ha”

Yeah this no-good pirate would rob the little guy, sorry Troy !

Sweats BreadDisposal

The little kitten seemed really fascinated with her roller skates. “Woah!! Those are so cool!!” She exclaimed happily. “What’s your name? Zelda? Oh my goodness!! I love that game! You should play a game from that franchise.” She said, then started rambling on about video games. She also asks if Zelda wants to play a multiplayer game sometime.

Colette ChickieDee

A...cat? Colette had to admit that while the girl's bright colors and even brighter, excitable personality threw her off a little, Sweats did seem like a good person. "I do not quite know what we could do together...? It would seem that our interests do not really overlap. However...perhaps we could watch some of this 'a-ni-me'...? I have heard of it before, but I do not really know what it is. Maybe we could watch together since you seem to know a lot about it...?"

Cameron West PicklePantry

"Wow! You don't show any emotion, do you?" Cameron beamed over at Colette. He glanced over at her legs, spying the stitchmarks. He raised an eyebrow. Was she human? An experiment? Or was she immortal? The gears started turning in the cop's head, and he had to put a hand up to his face to hide the smile and the dirty blush that accompanied it.
"Say! Why don't you and I hang out, huh?" he suggested with the smile still vocal. "Yeah! We'll go to karaoke! You ever tried that? My friend Freddy loves it, but don't tell him I told you. I think you'd like him. He doesn't show any emotions either! C'mon, I want to see what faces you make when you're having fun."
Who knows if she'd be able to make karaoke...?

Ventera Swissy

"..." Thoughts, paranoid thoughts. The weak winged android could only stand and investigate the eerie man masked with a friendly demeanor. What would he do to a man who wouldn't hesitate to not only murder mortal, but immortal? god? Knowing himself, Vent is easy to shut down despite him being a fixable android. Encountering Cameron would be a fatal mistake. Racing liquid streams inside his body. "I-i don't have a mail for you... And, and i think we shouldn't really meet with eachother. But m-maybe we can..." Oh god, did i say something wrong?

Jumbo the Klown GoingBatty

Jumbo grinned, the tesla coil at the end of his tail sparking excitedly. He leaned forward slightly, making a beckoning motion with his claw, the talons of his other hand wrapped around a ray gun held behind his back, claw ready to press the trigger. After a few moments he paused. That was... odd.. He didn't notice before but this human had wings. Not only that but it's body was.. segmented? This wasn't really a human was it?.. Such a disappointment. An android was it? Metal would be hard to puncture with a straw.. Straightening up, he brushed himself off, tying a balloon into the shape of a dog and tossing it towards the android playfully. If he's not getting a meal out of him he might as well try to be nice.

Roswell Butcher fizzelston

"Critters loike ya give us, artists, a bad name," Roswell huffed. Totally forgetting that he wasn't a circus artist anymore. "Yer smell loike rot fish? What was yer last meal? Some shoes ya found in a dumpster!?" Roswell pinched his nose and made a waving gesture with his other hand. "I'll give ya a bath, a good one. With a lot of perfum, silly mutt."