[IC] What would your oc do to the above oc?

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A mix of alot of interaction thread you see everyday on th. It's simple, what would your character do to the character above?. Maybe hang out with them? Catch them stealing? Make them your servant? Travel the multiverse to put the bee movie script on an undestructable floating banner in every single universe? Or just have a nice tea? Whatever your character would like to do, they do.

Still dont know how it's done? Here's some Examples:

User A posts first
[IC] Character A : "I, character A, am always first!

User B posts in response to above, B's character wants the oc above as it's doll
[IC] Character B :"Oh, arent you beautiful? It's sad how your ego is a bit too high for others to handle. Maybe, just maybe, you could be a rare doll to my collection~ maybe that way you can feel loved and not be hurt anymore~~"

User C posts in response to character B, C's Character doesn't want to do anything bcuz it's afraid
[IC] Character C : C stood still and looked at B in horror. Never in it's life has it ever seen a person so horrific as B. But it couldn't run because of it's paranoid thoughts

User D posts in response to Character C, D's character wants to slap oc C because it's angry of C

Next important part are the Rules!

  • Please read the above OC bio before responding. Referencing the oc above's bio is the main purpose of the game
  • This is a SFW game, so please keep your post SFW. Flirting and romance are alright as long as the user above is comfortable with it and not a mino-adult relationship
  • Sensitive themes such as violence are a ok as long as they are blacked out like this or spoilered
  • It is suggested to claim before posting to avoid being ninja'd

Now that's out of the way, the first person gets a free claim!

Aldrik iIIusional

Aldrik looked around and sat down by a tree, sighing in relief. He was finally able to find peace after being pursued by a hunter. As he leaned his head against the trunk, he felt a presence of another person. He quickly jerked his head forward upon realizing this and saw a young woman reading a book."Oh pardon me, I didn't see you there!" His eyes landed on the book she was reading and began to take interest, mainly because he still couldn't read. "...May I ask what you are reading?" He asked, slightly bashful. Perhaps he could persuade her to teach him how to read?

《☆Asmodeus☆》 rai-sin

Asmodeus cautiously approached the young man- he seemed skittish and Asmodeus didn't wish to frighten him further with his own strange appearance.

"Pardon me, young man- I do not wish to frighten you, nor do I wish to impose- but your upper ears look quite soft. If you wouldn't mind, may I touch them to confirm?" He seemed almost sheepish in his speech, as if this were an abnormal compulsion for him to experience.

Snidt ducclord

The Somnia waits. Like how they wait every night on their prey till their dreams come to visit. They float around Asmodeus's head, circling him.

Pools of colourful fog appears within minutes. Their colour of red and magenta seems to rise suspicions to the dream demon.

Huh, spicy dreams? Haven't seen them in a while, they thought to themselves.

They ate a corner of the fog, barely depleting much, and stumbled backwards. Their arms flail around. Daemonia seems to forget just how spicy lustful dreams can be.

Contral Katthekit

Half of him wants to run,  but he knows that would be useless.  Maybe he could examine it from afar.  

He waits,  pulling out a notebook and writing notes. 

Amabelle Rorichi

"Huh~?" Amabelle tilted her head, her eyes brimming with curiosity. "A turtle? Mr. Turtle what are you doing here? It's dangerous to wander in such a place all alone!" She approached Contral and extended her hand to him. "Let's go, Mr. Turtle! I'll show you the way out!" The girl grabbed the Lab worker's hand and started walking in the direction which was known to her only, but then she suddenly stopped, turned to Contral and asked. "Buuuut if you are not busy, Mr. Turtle, maybe you'd like to play with me~?" She looked at him with puppy eyes, a plea in her voice. It seemed the girl was prettz lonely, but there was something... just unsettling about her. Was it really okay to believe this strange girl?

Mendel firebuug

"I have heard you are interested in necromancy." Mendel stood over her completely still, holding in his arms a large book and a smaller notebook. He crouched down to her level and held out the book in front of her. "I am not one for encouraging others to partake in the art, but...if you ever need help or would like to...teach me as well, I am willing to listen." The huge book was an old, ornate book of Revival, from his father. It wasn't exactly necromancy, but it was close enough. The notebook on top was the one about necromancy, chock-full of notes and chicken scratch on Mendel's findings. "I am interested in your powers and would love to learn more from you. I myself am trying to get better at necromancy as well."

"...Also, I have a big "zombie" monster back at home if you two ever want to have a playdate."

Salvador Wapenburg fizzelston

"You know about plants, right?" Salvador said as he awkwardly shuffled into Mendel's flower shop. Of course, this person had to know 'something' about plants, as runs a successful flower shop, with living plants. Living plants. 

Salvador awkwardly set down a small potted plant on Mendel's counter. The poor thing had died. Telltale ink black spots, in the form of fingertips, rested on the sprout. Salvador awkwardly grinned. "Can you eh... Bring this one back..maybe? I eh. Didn't want to you know, " he dragged his golden finger over his throat in some 'subtle symbolic way'. "Haha... Ha. I just wanted to look what would happen if..." he shrugged "well it's dead now." 

Contral Katthekit

Contral would get intimidated way too quickly,  yet try to approach he human before him. "Why hello there!" Drips of sweat run down his face as he says this. "Would you be interested in.... Doing something for research? It's for the greater gooooodddddd!"

Maximilian issakidnamedFlo

He'd probably contemplate exactly what he'd do with Contral. To the little alien's benefit, Maximilian will actually take time to think about it rather than act immediately. He probably won't hurt the little guy... probably.

"Not a very useful little creature, hm. You appear to be one of the prizes from those arcade claw machines miraculously escaped... and got a voice. I could put you back."

Flynn Barker Foxofspades

Flynn's heart hammered in his chest the moment he laid eyes on the towering boulder of a man. Maximilian was mostly human, but there was just something off about him - the large fangs and that glint of restless violence he had in his eyes. Was the man a shadow that had managed to cross over into Oakwoods. Flynn didn't dare move, merely stared warily (from his hiding spot behind a dumpster) at the hulk of a man.

I need to tell Tobias about this. We can't have someone as dangerous as him roaming the streets... someone is bound to get hurt.

Non IC:

Basically, Flynn would assume Max is a shadow creature of sorts xD then report his appearance to the people in Sol / the rest of the defenders.

♡ Masami Aika Stjerneskud

Masami glanced at the tall figure in front of her. His appearance was quite different than hers, but she didn't mind, as his smile seemed warm and welcoming. 

"My, I think you'd be a perfect fit for one of my infamous tea parties. You don't have to be shy, it'll only be me, you, and a few of my stuffed animal friends." She took Flynn's hand and inspected it for a few seconds. "Your fingers might be a little to big for the fragile and petite tea cups though... But I'm sure we'll make it work!"