[IC] What would your oc do to the above oc?

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A mix of alot of interaction thread you see everyday on th. It's simple, what would your character do to the character above?. Maybe hang out with them? Catch them stealing? Make them your servant? Travel the multiverse to put the bee movie script on an undestructable floating banner in every single universe? Or just have a nice tea? Whatever your character would like to do, they do.

Still dont know how it's done? Here's some Examples:

User A posts first
[IC] Character A : "I, character A, am always first!

User B posts in response to above, B's character wants the oc above as it's doll
[IC] Character B :"Oh, arent you beautiful? It's sad how your ego is a bit too high for others to handle. Maybe, just maybe, you could be a rare doll to my collection~ maybe that way you can feel loved and not be hurt anymore~~"

User C posts in response to character B, C's Character doesn't want to do anything bcuz it's afraid
[IC] Character C : C stood still and looked at B in horror. Never in it's life has it ever seen a person so horrific as B. But it couldn't run because of it's paranoid thoughts

User D posts in response to Character C, D's character wants to slap oc C because it's angry of C

Next important part are the Rules!

  • Please read the above OC bio before responding. Referencing the oc above's bio is the main purpose of the game
  • This is a SFW game, so please keep your post SFW. Flirting and romance are alright as long as the user above is comfortable with it and not a mino-adult relationship
  • Sensitive themes such as violence are a ok as long as they are blacked out like this or spoilered
  • It is suggested to claim before posting to avoid being ninja'd

Now that's out of the way, the first person gets a free claim!

Amber LynxBound

Amber raises her brows as she regards Yotaro, tilting her head. "I'm sorry but-" she shakes her head, perplexed. Whether Amber was human or not was up to debate, technically, in all intents of the word, she was an immortal, but she was also a human who just happened to be immortal, it was all very confusing, and Amber had no intentions on trying to decipher it. She instead continues to regard Yotaro, who, by all intentions, was different, except Amber was used to different, considering her...choice in a romantic partner. But, the Refe, Amber noticed, had cigarettes! Which was a plus, since, outside of that, she had no other way to really think of bonding with this strange visitor she'd come across. She pulls out her own pack. "Nevermind, if you wanna smoke, I got a lighter," says the easily trusting fool, pulling out a plastic lighter as she speaks.

Discord ScarletGamerArtist

*There was a long moment of awkward silence between Discord and Amber. Finally, Discord spoke up in order to break the silence.*

"So If I am correct, you enjoy horror movies, video games and drawing?"

*Amber nodded*

"those are all terrible pass times so, do not expect anything 'fun' like that." Discord said.

"oh. Okay?" Amber replied not really sure how to feel.

"How about we just drink this tea here and read a few books? No talking allowed." Discord said as he poured tea into a couple dainty cups.

"sure... I guess." Amber took the tea, and she honestly couldn't wait for her encounter to end.


tsk tsk tsk! It's okay Beiter.  I know that being demoted was very difficult for you, but you deserved it for losing the paper work. Maybe you can watch my cat for a living. Your tiny little mind could probably handle that. *sips tea with pride*

Doctor Beiter UnknownIrken

s t a b y o u





I'd rather kill myself than watch your ugly dog. Keep it away from me, lest it be stabbed as well.