Pride Adopts $12 [5/6 Open] + Customs

Posted 1 month, 6 days ago (Edited 2 days, 12 hours ago) by ★ Koyo Sourdoe

dd9patm-c0245d2c-ef59-4ef3-8f59-8a9b323dShow your pride this month with one of these adorable pride adopts!Each adopt features a white heart on their chest to symbolize our love, support, and solidarity!
Customs are available for $20 for the rest of pride month too, if you don't see your flag, or someone beat you to it, no worries! Simply custom order one, they have a quick turn around, but limited slots may be available depending on how many I receive. (I'm moving in a couple weeks and have to save up!)

Gay pride -Open

Trans Pride - Sold

Pansexual pride - Open

Lesbian pride - Open

Bisexual pride - Open

Asexual pride - Open

Custom - $15- Possibly limited slots depending on demand

1. Do not remove credit, or credit me somewhere in the description as well as the maker of the base Oncha.
2. You may edit, change, or alter the design after purchase. (Name, colors, markings, etc. Its yours now. I don't have a restrictive TOS, have fun, in fact if you make changes I'd love to see your creativity so feel free to share!)
3. Do not resell the character for more then what you purchased it for unless it has gained additional artwork and increased its value.
4. I honestly just want you guys to have fun and enjoy these. So please have fun with them!
5. (optional) I love seeing the artwork people make or commission for the designs they buy from me, feel free to share them with me via PM.