[CS] Drabun DTA Event - Ends 28th!

Posted 2 months, 16 days ago (Edited 1 month, 10 days ago) by Rapirisu


Welcome to the first ever Drabun DTA Event!

Hello, everyone, thanks for checking in!

Drabuns are a new, closed species. They are considered casual and managed by one person (me!)

After last year's raffle, I figured it's time for another free Drabun event!
This is the first DTA (Draw To Adopt) event I'm holding (ever!), so excuse if something is out of the ordinary.
Also, if this is the wrong subforum for this, please let me know and as this is my first event like this, general feedback is welcome!

Anyway, I hope you'll be joining this and/or future events!~

Rules & Information:

Event ends on February 28th, 6pm GMT+2 (Countdown)

How to enter:

✦ Draw this character
✦ Link your entry in the character profile's comments

Rules & Information:

Accepted art forms: traditional art, digital art, 3D art
✦ Literature will be accepted additionally to visual art

✦ The entry must be your own work; no AI programs, tracing, or using bases
✦ Pose referencing is ok if who you're referencing from allows it

✦ Entries will not be judged by quality or quantity, but by creativity
✦ Allow for the winner announcement to take up to a week after the event is over

The Prize:

Drabun 009: Glow-In-The-Dark | Very unusual || ★★★★★ (5)



Hey! Quick question, but what do you mean by linking the entry to the character profile's comments? :0 this is my first time entering a draw to adopt event like this (*´ω`*)



Hey no problem! :D

It's my first time hosting one so it might not be the norm to do it this way hdjkagds but what I mean by that is upload the image somewhere (toyhouse, deviantart, twitter or something) and link the entry in the profile here so I can take a look at all the entries to make sure I don't miss one!
I figured the character's profile would be the best spot, so comments on this post here could be for questions like yours and no entry gets buried or lost!