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Want to buy one of my designs but short a couple bucks? This is your luck ! My adopts are now OTA until this mention is removed.

-Offers in USD only. No other currencies, no trades.
-Offer directly in the comments of the adopt(s).
-If you are offering on several adopts, name the price per adopt, ie :
Yes : "I'm offering X$ for adopt A and X$ for adopt B."
No : "I want adopt A and B, I'm offering X$ for both."

-You don't have to offer round amounts ! 
(Ex : You can offer 7.34$)
-Be fair. Don't expect to get a 25$ adopt for 5$.
-I reserve the right to deny offers 
(the Ore resell is excluded from offers).
Click here to access to them : https://toyhou.se/HoshiBerry/characters/folder:480646 
You can also find them organized in batches here : http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/hoshiberry/

They are for sale only. No trades of any kind (unless I offer them myself).


Can I get https://toyhou.se/2490504.10- ?


I'm interested in this girl: https://toyhou.se/2486909.20-#8674483


NixPix PMing you !