Custom- Aesthetic Weirdos (CLOSE-min.$10)

Posted 4 months, 17 days ago (Edited 1 day, 21 hours ago) by Inuee

-Im just another Aesthetic weirdo just like you-

>>Random adopts thread<<              >>Art thread<<


No. customs DONE in this and this thread: 129
(i started school, so i will be slower, anyways, i will work in them little by little)

I will have all artistic freedom, so have that in mind before buy~

How this works: 

1.- Choose any pics you want from the image map (min.3)

2.-Fill the order form with all the information 

3.- Send me a PM or comment with the order form

4.- I will accept, and send you a wip after i finish

5.-If you like it, then i will send you my paypal

6.- After you pay, i will send you the full-size

7.- If you dont like it then i can do a new one (and sell the old here)



1.-spacecadet (100%) waiting payment

2.-Saltyspacegeek (50%)

3.-Wonderland (30%)







Order form -PM or comment me with: 
Pics: (which pics do you want and from which image map they are), Gender:, Offer:, Notes: (a thing you would love i add)



-To be added in the waitlist, send first the order information, if i accept i will reserve for you the slot.
-You have 3 days to reply and send the payment, after you ACCEPT the custom. (if need more time, ask for it)
-if you dont ask for more time, after 3 days i will sell it here, and after a week, add you to grey list.
-NO RETRACTIONS, if you dont like the adopt is ok, otherwise i wont tolerate it
-i will add nicks here to know how comissioned me
-As the title says, all will be Weirdos (maybe monsters, demons,etc. whatever i imagine)
-i dont know how much worth them,so offer as much as you want (min.$10)
-If you dont like it, you can Trade/Gift the custom or ask for a new one (the old custom will sell here)
-if you resell the custom you bought, need to be for the same or less you paid here. (unless have more art)
-I can only do minor changes (max. 1-3)
-You can choose as many pictures you want (Min. pictures 3 ), but, more pictures = better offer
-I have the right to accept or decline any offer
-in my thread i will use as examples the customs i did, i will use the original version (the one without changes) or sometimes the modified version
-The art style will vary (i dont use base), (Art gallery) (depends on my mood and the offer)






I think a lot of people are atill getting used to the new layout lol. 

I am considering getting another but i need to think of which aesthetics to pick lol


i guess you have reason, i feel like a big noob with this new layout too ; u ; //shoot

haha sure  :3, will be interesting see the aesthetics you will choose

I looked through your old thread and really liked what I saw! :> I don't have anything to ask for now, but would you be okay with doing Closed Species if we provide proof of owning a MYO? I totally underestand if not of course.


aww thank you, im glad you liked them n.n

and sure, is totally ok for me :3 would be really fun design a MYO of any closed specie.

Thanks for the quick response! I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this thread then for the future ^_^


aah no problem dear, and sure, i open new slots after finish each custom :3  so i will try keep this open more time.

Dolce i have two designs by inuee, you wont be disappointed! 

But yeah. I'm still exploring the new changes and i feel everyone else is too. As time passes this area will have mlre action o3ov


(thank you ; u ; )

you have reason, will be nice see see this place come alive :3

AHHthis is where you went ♡♡♡♡ im gonna have to get another one soon hhhhHH 

Ps your photo bucket links are broken! It's saying more bandwidth?? I suggest imgur, it's free and very easy to upload plus the layout is very fast loading!


> u < hehe i took a big break, (because school and family problems) but now im here :3

yeep, it want i pay $40 per month to use it ; a ; //shoot, the bad thing is i used imgur now, but i cant insert pics with imgur or,(maybe is a bug?) so...i dont know what to do .____. 

Inuee... make a hidden character to host your aesthetic board 

No issues with hosting


O: do i only need copy the link from the hidden chara pic and will work here like the links from imgur and such?

sounds good and easier use TH for upload pics and of course use this forum

Yeah ^^

I use that for my profile  layouts