Free Adopts!

Posted 3 years, 2 months ago (Edited 1 year, 9 months ago) by aquapyrofan

Are you interested?

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Before getting anything from here, you must have an EvoCrit account.  These are EvoCrit ARPG projects. I'm working on a couple new projects, and they're going to be rather similar. 

CardTamers Remix (Semi-Open Universe) Available Here

A new twist on an old project, with different rules!  This is an independent AU, with a focus on Hybrids, breeding, and a comprehensive battle system!

Ombri Adopts (Semi-Open Universe) Available Here

A project where you can collect, breed, and raise a variety of colorful creatures.  You will be able to explore a rich world, battle with other creatures, and even breed creatures together for a chance to get combined ones!

Comment below with which one you want a creature from and an RPG element.  If you have not completed the above step, you will not get one.


CardTamers remix :0 and what do you mean by rpg element? 


 I'll need your EvoCrit username, and RPG element is just an elemental type, like fire, water, earth, light, dark, etc.




Ohh! Wow. Fast.

My user is cielicious and the element water


I'd like something from CardTamers Remix please!


chaosheart13 what element?


aquapyrofan  Glace please!