7 Adopts for Sell [$12 to $25]

Posted 2 months, 19 days ago by xcress

;u; Please give them a home. 

I'll accept paypal or art. I'm a bit picky with art. So offer away if you want to buy one of them with art.

Every one of them have a link to the dA counterpart. 

3509767_dZZaCnHi67vH34x.pngPastel Rabbit Kemonomimi [12 USD]


Female Cheetah Kemonomimi [20 USD]


Male Cheetah Kemonomimi [15 USD]

sea_bunny_kemonomimi_adopts__open__by_x_Sea Bunny Based Kemonomimis [15 USD | 12 USD | 18 USD]


Multi-tailed Fox Kemonomimi [Base Price: 25 USD]