[NEW] 7 OPEN Chibi Adoptables

Posted 2 months, 12 days ago (Edited 1 day, 13 hours ago) by mienzhyre

Adding new children to this thread for convenience♥
All our newly made and currently unsold adopts!
Click on images for more information.


Selling for Avieri!

5157766_f7OshAqTyyZcJBC.png 5208809_dyDZ6Q8KeEkEZjz.png

BOTH available: $20 each


ALL BUT PINK available: $4 eachLEFT available: $15

Aaaa okay tbh i've had my eye on the cutie pinkie on the first sheet for a couple of days now//

I'd love to buy her if that's okay!! ♡

MortySmith !! sorry for the late reply (i passed out as soon as i got home from work;;), but sure thing!! she's my fave of the bunch im so glad you like her hhhh//// just PM me your paypal address after reading our TOS and i'll send you an invoice!


Discounted all of our babs! Please consider taking them home♥

Added a new child that Avieri made and wanted us to find a new home for!