Spooky Babes [2/2 OPEN]

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I dont know how to use this site but I'm trying to expand ;^)

If you would like one they are a set price of $15

Design Rules:
⭐ No reselling for more than you bought, unless you have commissioned art!
⭐ You CAN change color/ design if you want
⭐ You CAN trade/gift

Payment Info:
⭐ All $ payment should be sent as USD
⭐ You CAN hold, but please pay within (3) days
⭐ DONT pay my Paypal Fees!!

1. Owned by
2. Owned by

***Also comes with second file with just the line art so you can make color changes.

You can message me/comment here or on my dA

C L I C K 

The image won't really load for me ^^;

kirakiraprince Should be fixed now! 

What cuties!!!!

kirakiraprince aAAAA Thank you!!! 

No problem! ^^