Free Whirbets! (ARPG CS)

Posted 4 years, 28 days ago (Edited 3 years, 10 months ago) by aquapyrofan


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I have some things I need to work on for EvoCrit and I need some adopts to test with, so I'm going to release some free Whirbets.  To get one of these, simply fill out the form.  You must have an EvoCrit account.  This will come with some Minibet Tokens, used in the ARPG to obtain your own Minibet, as well as some ARPG items and the Whirbet you request.


Body Element:
Nose Element:
Tail Element:
Bow/Ear Element:
EvoCrit Username:

Species Information:


Red - Fire
Dark Green - Plant
Dark Blue - Water
Yellow - Light
Purple - Dark
White - Ice
Light Blue - Electricity
Light Green - Air
Black - Shadow
Brown - Earth

Please do not ping me, I am already subscribed.


This looks so cool! 

Name: aquarius
Body Element: Ice
Nose Element: Water
Tail Element: Water
Bow/Ear Element: Ice
EvoCrit Username: Clover-Deer

Name: Kiki
Body Element: Ice
Nose Element: Air
Tail Element: Light
Bow/Ear Element: Water
EvoCrit Username: Kitathewarrior

Thanks and i hope it is ok


Name:  Sanda

Body Element: light Blue - lightning

Nose Element: dark blue - water

Tail Element: light blue - lightning

Bow/Ear Element: light blue - lightning

EvoCrit Username: -Kazan-