TailMonsters - Free ARPG Adopts!

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by aquapyrofan

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I'm working on adding my TailMonster species to my EvoCrit site, and as such, I'm releasing some freebies to test things.  All you have to do to request one is fill out the form below.  They require an EvoCrit account, and all the rules about them can be found in the TOS above.

Adopt Name:
Special ability:
Strange Object:
EvoCrit Username:

Diet should be something like: meat, plants, etc.
Special ability should be something like levitation, healing, etc.
Strange object can either be Strange Crystal or Strange Liquid.


Adopt Name: Eldiné

Gender: Male

Diet: Fruits and nuts (plants)

Special ability: Camouflage

Strange Object: Strange Liquid

Palette: Light Blue, Black, Light Gray, Light Green

EvoCrit Username: Fiikaiyo


Adopt Name: Aedinon

Gender: Male

Diet: Meat

Special ability: Stretching?

Strange Object: Strange liquid

Palette: Dark red, red, Light blue, Teal, White

EvoCrit Username: MonochromeMetro


Adopt Name: Bas

Gender: Male

Diet: Carnivore

Special ability: Puppetry of living things

Strange Object: Liquid

Palette: https://sta.sh/0jb62q23643

EvoCrit Username: chaosheart13


Adopt Name: Osha

Gender: Female

Diet: Carnivore

Special ability: imitate voices(???)

Strange Object: Strange Liquid

Palette: pastel yellow, pastel purple, navy blue, teal

EvoCrit Username: shibeboi