[EvoCrit] Witches ARPG Freebies!

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I am working on my Witches ARPG project and adding it to my EvoCrit site, and as such, I'm releasing freebies so I can figure out the art style and test some things.  All you have to do to request one is make sure you have an EvoCrit account, then fill out the form.  These will be bound by the EvoCrit TOS.

Adopt Name:
EvoCrit Username:

Element should be: fire, water, earth, or air.
Affinity should be a specialty within the element.

Please do not ping me, I am subscribed.


--this post will have examples when they're available--


AT LAST. I don't know if I understand this whole affinity thing but let's see!

Adopt Name: Emeline
Gender: Female
Element: Air
Affinity: Flight
EvoCrit: Eulerian


Adopt Name: Aslen

Gender: Female

Element: Fire

Affinity: Combustion/Explosions

This sounds super fun :D


WhisperingThief I forgot to put it in the form, but what's your EvoCrit username?  I need it to give the adopt.



It's WhisperingThief! Just like here!


Adopt Name: Love

Gender: Male

Element: Water

Affinity: Bubbles

EvoCrit Username: Mikailgirl


Adopt Name: Aevyn

Gender: Female

Element: Air

Affinity: Storm

EvoCrit Username: the-weasel


Adopt Name: mikhail

Gender: male

Element: earth

Affinity: plants

EvoCrit Username: sirenmarrow


Adopt Name: Mizu

Gender: Male (female I don't mind)

Element: Water

Affinity: Waves

EvoCrit Username: -Kazan-


Adopt Name: Stoan
Gender: Male
Element: Earth
Affinity: Minerals
EvoCrit Username: chaosheart13


Adopt Name: Evie
Gender: Female
Element: Water
Affinity: Ice 
EvoCrit Username: EnglishPhoenix 


EnglishPhoenix Affinity is basically a concentration within the element.  So for fire, it could be anything related to fire.


omg i haven't done in ARPG in a while but i loooove them, i've been looking to pick up something to spend time on lately so this is perfect

Adopt Name: Aaron or Erin

Gender: Male (but not a strong preference, would be happy with female too)

Element: Fire

Affinity: Smoke

EvoCrit Username: Timeless