[EvoCrit] Faelyt - ARPG/Breedable Freebies!

Posted 3 years, 3 months ago (Edited 2 years, 5 months ago) by aquapyrofan


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I'm working on a species known as Faelyt, and in order to figure out how exactly the project is going to work, I'm going to release some freebies.  As this is a breedable species, these will come with two adopts: one you pick the colors and traits of, and one randomized.  In order to get one of these, you need an EvoCrit account, and the adopts will be added to there once everything is set up.  To request your free Faelyt, please comment with the below form.  Faelyt are similar to felines, so keep that in mind when requesting.

Adopt Name:
Color Palette:
Ear Type:
Tail Type:
Elemental Affinity:
Wing Type:
EvoCrit Username:



Please do not ping me, I am already subscribed.

Adopt Name: Silky
Gender: Male
Color Palette: Brown/gold
Ear Type: Round/bear
Tail Type: any kind of short tail (not picky!)
Elemental Affinity: Water
Wing Type: Dragonfly
EvoCrit Username: PaisleyPerson

Adopt Name: Rumayasa

Gender: Female

Color Palette:


Ear Type: Pointed

Tail Type: Any long tail (not picky!)

Elemental Affinity: Dark (or air, if that isn't available!)

Wing Type: Feathered

EvoCrit Username: the-weasel