Lufuu's Adopts (New Adopt Posted)

Posted 2 months, 28 days ago (Edited 2 days, 6 hours ago) by Lufuu

Hiya! I've turned this thread into my general adopts hub! All adopts posted here will be both on TH and on DA, I will go between both sites to inform bidders when they are outbid off platform. Acceptable offers will be listed above each batch!

My ToS: Once adopted, the character is yours to do with as you please so long as I'm credited for the original design. You can trade and gift them as you see fit, but please do not resell for more than the price you bought them for unless you have purchased additional art to add value.


Starting offers for Nagas A-D are $3 since they're the most basic. The rest are starting offers of $5. I'm willing to take art or character trades on them at this point as well. You can get a closer look at each available naga here.  I will wait 24hrs after initial monetary offers to wait for any others, if no better offers are made in that time, paypal payment wins.

Customs are available by request, ranging from $5-10 depending on complexity, message me for details.


Current Offers:

Naga G - On Hold - Art Offer

Claimed Nagas:

Naga A - Sold
Naga B - Sold
Naga C - Sold
Naga D - Sold
Naga E - Sold
Naga H - Sold
Naga L - Sold

DnD Inspired Chibis

Both chibis are currently paypal only. After the initial bid, the auction will last 24hrs for that character. The winner will receive an unwatermarked, transparent png of the design. If you like the style but want something different, message me and we can work out a custom. Posted to DA as well, will update bidders between platforms.

SB: $5
MI: $1
AB: $15
+$5 to winning bid - colored headshot of the character, will take 1-3 days to complete, life events pending.


Current Status:

Chibi A - Open
Chibi B - Sold 

Sketchy Adopt

A new sketchy adopt! This'll be a really cheap auction just because I did her for fun and there's not a lot for polish or anything. Here's the DA listing if you'd rather bid there, also accepting points on DA.

SB: $1
MI: $0.50
AB: $10



Would you consider holding A until Wednesday night? I would love to gift it to my sister but my check comes in then and I'm all out right now. XD


SleepingThunder Sure! I'll mark them as pending~


Thank you so much! Could you PM me your paypal email so I can pay you as soon as it comes in? <3


Starting bid has been placed on Chibi B on DA!


I’d like to offer two full body drawings for the sketchy prince!


Pandakii Thank you! I'll keep you offer in mind! >w<


Pandakii I've decided to accept your offer~ Please pick any two of my OCs to draw, and I'll send the prince over!


New Adopt posted~!