Anthro Beastie Bears ! | open

Posted 3 months, 24 days ago (Edited 1 month, 10 days ago) by Noctyrne


1" Punky "
$5 or 500 points
This little hard rocker goes all night every night, then crashes for a couple days to recharge. 

2" Fancy Free "
$5 or 500 points

A lovely socialite, easily recognizable from all the philanthropic events she attends! A lot of them seem to get robbed, though...

3 " Too Cute "

$5 or 500 points
What a cutiepie, sweet as candy and just as rotten.

  • Do not trace / claim design as your own.
  • Please credit me. 
  • You will receive the full sized, unwatermarked version of your purchase after payment is received. 
  • Feel free to edit the design and characteristics of the adopt once you've purchased them.
  • If the design is resold, please inform me of their new owner so I know a sale was made. 
  • Unless resold with additional artwork, do not resell for more than you paid. 
  • No commercial uses. 
  • PayPal only.
  • Comment or PM me which adopt you are interested in and I will PM you my PayPal email. 

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