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What types of adopts would you like to see?

2 Votes Anthro/Feral
4 Votes Humanoid
4 Votes Fantasy Themed
2 Votes Sci-fi Themed
0 Votes Other (tell me in the comments!)

What the title says! PWYW / OTA on all these guys! However, there are some rules...




1.Please do not offer anything less than 3 usd per adopt! I do tend to work hard on these.

2. Do not resell the adopts for higher than you bought them, unless they come with lore or additional art.

3. Please credit my art and my designing of the character, and link back to my account if you post this image elsewhere.

4. Forms of payment accepted in most to least likely: USD, flightrising gems, art (I may be picky), character trades, custom designs.

5. Paypal only for USD! I will not accept dA points.


- Current Adopts -




1. Hyacinth - pending

2. Dogwood - SOLD!

3. Brittlebush - available

4. Cymbidium - available

5. Monotropa - available




1. Flower Knight - available

2. Royalty - available

3. Survivor - SOLD!

4. Magma Marine - available


Thank you for taking a look at my designs, feel free to shoot me a PM or leave a comment below to claim!

These are all GREAT designs with a lot of personality, I just want to say. :o Dogwood, magma marine, and flower knight are especially lovely ksljdklsa.