Dnd adopts ~ OTA ~ [OPEN]

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Tiefling rogue: Pending ~ brittkneeze
~ Watch out when they come your way, you might lose your coin... or much much more. They to stay neutral more then evil because they have seen what other Tieflings and even demons have done and they don't want to be like them. They are still very self serving but they probably won't just murder an innocent. [Chaotic neutral]

Orc bard:  Open ~ 
~ With his hand made violin he plays the most haunting melody's, he's parents weren't too happy with their son being a bard but they can around to the idea because they loved him.  [+100 to making people cry with his music]

Gnome fighter: Pending ~ brittkneeze
~ "What, you saying I can't use a human broadsword, well just watch me" She doesn't get to mad about her size but she can get made if you try to give her a weapon "more her size." She is proficient in: swords way too big for her. [+ 10 to fuck you I can use big swords]

Dragonborn spellcaster:  Open ~ 
~ They found a ancient book with the power to conjure storms and lightning, this did however cause a -5 to sanity though.
Sometimes they can be seen whispering to something friendly but invisible, it's unsure if it's real but when lightning flashes sometimes a faint shadow can be spotted [Sanity 95 + 5 forbidden lore]


offer anything.
Love: points, Couple art, writing, money / paypal
Like: couple art, art, writing, points, money / paypal, designs

Only rules:

~ Feel free to change anything about them

~They can be featured in any kind of art, they are you're characters you do you.

~ No refunds after purchase: You can sell the adopt though.


i'd like to offer a piece of fullbody couple art for the dragonborn spellcaster! examples of my art can be found here