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Posted 1 year, 3 months ago (Edited 1 year, 1 month ago) by yuboremi

Repost from DA

He was supposed to be for a D&D campaign hhh and now I can't find another use for him ;; I still love him though so if I can fit him into a story I'll keep him


- money
- points
- art (picky)
- customs (picky)

money > points > art > customs

Please don't offer anything under $10/1000 points
Art only as an add-on!

- Please don't claim the adopt as your own
- No commercial use
- No holds
- Your account must be over a month old, otherwise you're not allowed to offer

- Send the payment within 48 hours
- I’ll send the unwatermarked version after I received the payment
- It’s okay to make small changes in the design
- You can come up with a name / backstory / etc.
- Please don’t trade or resell them without my permission
- Don't sell them for a higher price

- Please credit me for the design when uploding the picture somewhere
- Put a watermark on them when uploading the image (to avoid art theft)
- If put on toyhouse, credit me there! (yuboremi)
- It would be great if you could credit me when drawing them >.<