[OPEN] DAVG's Adopts- Revamped!

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago (Edited 1 year, 2 months ago) by DragonsAndVideoGames

We've completely redone the way we handle adoptables, it seems preferrable so far so, time to expand out again c:


Pre-Made - 30 dA points each


Base by BasedFera

1. "Diamond" - ON HOLD

2. "Sunset" - ON HOLD

3. "Blues" - OPEN

4. "Splotches" - OPEN

5. "Alien" - ON HOLD

We also have these wolf adopts available, but the base owner doesn't permit sales outside dA, so you'll need to ask there for them c:




Base by Cybambie

We've also got a brand new gacha machine available!


  Blue- 30pts, completely random roll

  Purple- 40pts, can choose one of the categories below

  Red- 50pts, can choose two of the categories below

  Orange- 60pts, all three categories included


Species: Can choose one of these bases.

Color: Can choose a color palette.

Moodboard: Can give a moodboard (or just a small collection of images if you don't have a specific moodboard handy) to base the adopt off of.


- Orange for SkellyArt47 on dA - Complete!

- Orange for EdenMewMew on dA - Pending

- Red for Nicosetsu on dA - Complete!

- Purple for Multi-Dimension on dA - Complete!

- Purple for Maplesplashdraws152 on dA - Complete!

- 3 Purples for Aya-The-Dragon-Fox77 on dA - Incomplete