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Posted 5 months, 15 days ago (Edited 2 months, 3 days ago) by Lufuu

Hi, so I decided to make a fresh thread for the adopts I make now and then! Here at the top I'll have premade, and below I'll have info on a gacha-type custom thing I've been wanting to play with.

General ToS: You may trade or gift your purchased design as you please, and may use it as you wish so long as I am credited for the original design. You may NOT resell for more than you paid me, unless you have commissioned art included with the design to add further value. 

OTA Sketchy Designs

I will take Paypal, DA points, art, or trades for these, in that order of preference.

Currently up for offer: N/A

OTA Adopts

I will take Paypal, DA points, art, or trades for these. Minimum money/point offer is $5/500pts unless you're including art/trades (please no lower than $3/300pts though). I won't accept an offer immediately, I like to wait at least one day for any other offers. If I am not interested, however, I will let you know.


Gacha Semi-Customs

Alright, so for this you can have different levels of control over your custom based on how much you want to put in. The style will be like my adoptable chibis to help speed up the process, and my standard add-on rates for the chibis will apply if you like the design enough. Please note that there are no refunds, this is random and drawn to order. On that note, please allow up to a week for the design to be completed, I will let you know if there are any unexpected delays. 

These are humanoids only!

Basic Ball- $2.50 - Gender, Color Palette
Better Ball - $4.50 - Gender, Color Palette, Species (human, vampire, kemonomimi, etc.)
Best Ball - $6.50 - Gender, Color Palette, Species, 3 Keywords/Descriptors (ex. Punk, Fishnet, Smoke OR Three Eyes, Leather, Flowers)
Extra Glitter - + $0.50 - You may add one Keyword/Descriptor per dash of glitter, up to three times. Extra glitter can be added to any ball.

After Reveal Add-ons:
+$5/500pts - colored headshot of the character (sample)
+$10/1000pts - Painted headshot of the character (sample)
(please note that the additional art will take 1-3 days per piece to draw, you may dictate the general emotion)