Various Adopts!

Posted 6 months, 4 days ago (Edited 1 day, 21 hours ago) by Rockwell-Light

Planning a wedding next year! So to help save up for rings and outfits I'm selling some stuff I've got (as well as lots of commissions). Some of these are old OCs I don't use anymore, and others are just designs I had sitting around. The prices listed are the minimum amount I'm asking. I AM willing to do bonus art/adopt bundled commissions if more is offered though-- with values equal to my normal commission prices for your initial purchase:

Commissions bought AFTER your adoption that feature my designs will be at a 10% discount FOREVER. 

Adopter may: 
Choose name
Choose gender
Add accessories
Make anthro/chibi/other forms
Change features
Use for projects! It's yours!

Just credit me at least once for the initial design/species!
ddf699l-4548c8f0-c943-4acf-b03a-2911a12fDragon - min $15 but I am as always willing to do additional art at a discount with this purchase <3


Oculus and Aurora have both been sold offsite and removed from my trade/adopt folder <3 thank you!


Subnautic has been purchased offsite and removed <3!


Piebald has been purchased, thank you!


Mint Chocolate chip has been purchased, thank you!