Mass Scammer: catherinedrawzzz + MANY MORE

Posted 7 months, 1 day ago (Edited 3 months, 12 days ago) by Puppydoe

Update: I am personally stepping out of this due to time, and mental health, but if others have information please continue to share it in the thread here! I will continue to update the account list however and information provided by others! 

Scammer's Usernames:
Scammer has multiple accounts now I'm aware of and are actively scamming and stealing characters across them:

Here is a master list of their accounts across all platforms there are so many that this thread cannot possibly contain them all:

All DA accounts appear to have been banned via an IP ban………… - not positive but likely them based off comments/behavior

Situation Summary: 

- Claimed other art as theirs.

- Tried to commission other people's OC's claiming they were theirs.

- Scammed with others adoptables they did not make and stole.

- Scammed and tried to scam with commissions (Mainly art).

- Scammed with ToyHouse Codes.

- Paying for adopts/commissions with PayPal and after asking for a charge back after getting the adopts/art.

"they're probably a kid who thinks this is just a game and doesn't get what she/he is doing is wrong" THIS IS WHAT I THOUGHT, but they've already stated that they scam because "no one likes them IRL" and they have scammed people for amounts of +$100 SO THEY KNOW THIS IS WRONG. And they don't care. 
Admission to scamming and master list of who, and what they've scammed from them can be found here:

Personal account:
So this took place over the course of 2 days, I was seeking a toyhouse code and posted in the toyhouse code chat that I was offering a headshot in exchange for one. This user, Creativecat (account now closed) advertised 40 codes in the thread and said they'd do the trade. I completed their headshot and gave it to them, and waited to be sent my code. I was sent empty messages before finally receiving a message this morning with an account THEY MADE and the password, instead of giving me a code.

When I try to message them, I'm informed they've closed their account. I Tried to log into the account the "gave" me and it was "banned for being associated with a permanently banned user"
I've been scammed out of time and art with nothing in exchange.
This user isn't only scamming me however, they are currently on DA, charging inflated prices for codes they don't have.
Their DA username is: blazestarwarriorcats and is still active.

Here are the screenshots of the exchange in order:

Initial AgreementwK2jKat.jpg9L4SjBO.jpgPI1fkMX.jpgGiving them the headhsot9FUIO1y.jpgFirst attempt trying to get my code.
QyyC4Av.jpgSecond attempt trying to get my code.Kc9S8EA.jpgHere they are on DA replying to me, with the art as their icon.ihPz13W.jpgThis is what I receivedFGlOSax.jpgThem asking me not to change the email! And my response. After this interaction they closed their account and I could not contact them further.
b8aHzbj.jpgThem Advertising they have 40 codes on TH8BmIH2k.jpgHere they are charging inflated prices on DA for codes and scamming users there as well. I wasn't aware of this until after our encounter.5jVOrA1.jpgHere is another user saying that they've been scammed! Surprise surprise.

The conclusion of this is, I'm new to posting art on the internet and using Toyhouse, and DA. I don't know how to report users on DA, and this has taken a huge hit to my artistic trust of people. I feel ripped off, disappointed, and grossed out that some scammer is out there using my artwork against my will.
I'm hoping some of you can help me get this sorted and handled, I don't want to see other innocent people being scammed like this by this person!
How do I report a DA user? If you know how and would like to help please contact me.
I hate that I have to do this :<

Update: another user has been scammed and made a post, to see this interaction and more proof of this scam please see this post:

Update 2: over 10 people have came out that they were scammed by this person. They are still scamming people and DA admins are not handling the issue, please help me report this scammer by taking some time to report them to the admins so we can finally end this scammer. They also have a new scam going around so watch your backs!

Update 3: they're going by a new name on toyhouse and still scamming people.
Beware Heads up everyone this scammer is
firespirit2018 - account has been banned 4/24

Update 4: Theyre going by another name here on DA and playing coy: Catherinedrawzzz
Attenmpted to go under a new name on toyhouse: Spiritstar - has been banned.
Toyhouse has perma banned their IP and will be banning all accounts made with it.

Update 5: They have yet another new account, no suspicious activity on it yet but keeping an eye on it.

Update 6: They are now going by stripetail101 on here, they have been reported. - account closed. 

Update 7: they are using a new name and pulling the same old tricks. They are now also stealing characters so beware.

All updates will now be posted at the top of the page to keep the most recent information the most readily available.


Yo, random watcher of this situation here. But uh, DA is known to be unresponsive (or something of the sort) with customer support, if I'm right (please tell me if I'm wrong. Please) But here:

I'm unsure if there's a number but there's this. It's the best they got to my knowledge.


PIKMANZ unfortunately I heard the same thing. I know a lot of tickets have been submitted about them by people but unfortunately DA isn't doing anything. I was hoping with a phone number, maybe verbally talking to someone might change something, but this is probably just hopeful thinking


Yeah...DA is pretty unresponsive or unhelpful with tickets. I remember asking them a question ages ago only to get a copy-pasted reply that didn't even answer the question. Took three times telling them their answer didn't answer my question before they answered my actual question.


I was lucky enough the other day with my ticket


RIght now I also think they are "shadewillow12" on DA. Since they posted on my journal (they have activities disabled) and they wanted to "help me keep an eye on the other accounts". I answered "No, you just joined this week and I saw you also commenting in other posts. I'll keep an eye on you." (I'm not going to be hiding this) and they blocked me lmao. So I think this is another of Catherine's accounts.


Posi I'll add it to the list just in case and put a disclaimer were not sure but it seems likely. 


You can add them, they have used their "base" to steal an oc (and other unkown ocs) from PoweradeRat. (You can see the custom ON PoweradeRat's journal as their own custom example) They are also using MY FURSONA as pfp on ArtFight ( and posting other OCS. I have reported them already. EDIT: They also created the account "lightningdawn15" on DA.


I'm not sure if this is related but judging by this theirs love of warrior cats and seeking toyhouse codes, just like Catharine, I have a feeling this person may be the very same that this journal is mentioning


The deactivated account we think is a friend of Catherine and not herself, but lighting is her. I updated the journal with all the newer accounts, even the one she made today.


After speaking to a friend who is a lawyer I learned this information:

"The actual penalties for Internet scams may differ based on the amount of money involved. However, it’s important to understand three things:

Most Internet scams are prosecuted under federal law because they cross state lines, which means penalties are usually more severe.

Most Internet scams actually fall under two other classifications of fraud: wire fraud (fraud using electronic communication) and computer fraud (fraud using a computer). Each of these crimes carries a penalty of huge fines and/or up to 20 years in prison per count, and it’s possible to have multiple charges levied per incident.

No actual exchange of money or property has to take place for you to be charged with fraud. The government only needs to be convinced that you attempted to do so.

Suffice it to say that if you’re accused of scamming someone using the Internet, or even trying to do it, you may be facing serious fines and jail time if convicted."

Basically, according to them, Catherine is now facing a federal level of crime. 


wow thats harsh


They've been reported again with new accounts on instagram (@risingsun2004, @puppydrawz, and @cat_drawz -- only the last one is still active). They recently scammed a number of people across instagram, deviantart, and potentially by selling two closed species adopts to multiple people at the same time. For one of them, I have confirmed with the admin that Catherine legitimately got the adoptable, so it seems that she is currently trying to scam people through resales instead of flat out stealing.


All of her DA accounts have been banned, but she is still stealing art and scamming people on Instagram.