PSA Concerning Lynn (TH) / Lynniee (DA)

Posted 1 year, 7 months ago (Edited 5 months, 4 days ago) by Vespisia

Hello. Due to the unrelenting nature of the person in question, I have decided to submit this PSA to inform the community of her behavior and actions to protect ourselves. I did not want to, but as she has continued attempting to harm people, I am submitting this to warn people to be cautious when dealing with her.


The issue at hand is that Lynniee (DA) / Lynn (TH) has attempted multiple times to profit in unscrupulous manners off of her characters. In fact, it appears in the past month, she has tried it several times, with one unfortunate success and two fortunate failures. Listed below are three cases with evidence compiled. The evidence is compiled in a fairly accurate manner from earliest to latest occurrence in these situations.


Case 1:
Lynn owns an adopt by Piku-chan21 named Shinkiro that she has tentatively put up for trade on occasion. During those times, she would throw out descriptions that it was worth around $500-600, but as people and I would eventually realize, that is not its true value. Recently, she attempted to sell Shinkiro for $1000. When people expressed their concerns that this was an inaccurate number, Lynn edited her post to ask for $500-600 instead. This was still concerning, as she would not give an actual statement as to the adopt’s true value. A day later, I was noted by an user concerned that her friend (who was discussing with Lynn via PM over Shinkiro) could possibly be getting scammed. After receiving information from her, this appeared to be the case, Lynn was trying to sell Shinkiro for $600 and sweetening the deal by offering a secondary character with him. A friend of mine investigated and we have estimated that Shinkiro’s true value is actually around $336 and it is unlikely that the second adopt would be anywhere near $200+ to make it up to $600. As such, it seems to be the case that Lynn was trying to scam the user, but thankfully it fell through and Lynn has at present time, decided to keep Shinkiro. Also of note is Piku's rule of reselling for half or less. Whether that means $336 or around $218 (half of $255 + price of comms) or lower, it is still nowhere near $400, let alone $1000.

Associated Evidence:

Edit 4/22/16: Due to new information, I included a sub-folder with evidence of Lynn claiming the false pricing of Shinkiro to others, such a conversation with Cionkeiasta months ago. Will be updated as needed.


Case 2:
In another recent occurrence, Lynn attempted to sell a design by Kraikrai for $20 to Kavaro. The adopt came with the adopt file, and an artwork that was discovered to actually be free. Lynn apologized and reduced the price to $15, at which point Kavaro pointed out that Lynn had told her before it was $6 only. Lynn claimed she had never told Kavaro the price of the adopt, but there is evidence that she has in the past, and that it was indeed stated to be for $6. Contact with the artist Kraikrai by Kavaro revealed that it was indeed $15, but Lynn’s behavior in this instance has rendered the situation suspicious. Attempting to claim it was $20 for something worth $15 is inaccurate and when in the past, she had told Kavaro it was $6, even if it turned out to truly be $15, is quite the jump. Paired with her behavior concerning Shinkiro, it would make most sensible people cautious in their transactions with her.

Associated Evidence:  (The discussion between Kavaro, the potential buyer, and Lynn, the seller.)
(Evidence of the adopt’s $6 price claim.)
(As you can see from the third link, she tried to profit from the fluffen *part of Case 3* which can only be gifted due to it being won in a free raffle.)


Case 3:
This is a case I discovered very recently. As can be seen in the, Mubean was discovered to be attempting to resell the Fluffen. That Fluffen was won in a raffle by Lynn (Steamed-Bun did not link the TOS in the raffle unfortunately, but her TOS can be found easily enough with the rule very clearly stated), and can only be gifted, not traded nor sold due its nature of being freely won. Discussion with Mubean revealed that they did a sort of character trade - Mubean would send money to Lynn to help her purchase an adopt by Ocono in exchange for the Fluffen. This is essentially a sale, because it basically boiled down to “Buy this adopt for me in exchange for this one [Fluffen], and profit was gained, when the Fluffen can actually only be gifted to people or back to Steamed-Bun. Mubean attempted to resolve the matter with Lynn peacefully, asking for a refund, but as can be seen in the notes, she was steadfast in her denial that she had profited, forcing Mubean’s hand in going through with a chargeback.  
Associated Evidence:  The adopt in question. As can be seen, Lynn won it in a free raffle. 

On top of these cases, Lynn has been known for expressing peculiar behavior in other matters, such as pricing of adopts, badgering people relentlessly for characters that are not up for sale, or for artists to lower their commission prices. This is not to say every character she sells has been overpriced nor every experience with her foul, but it certainly makes legitimate transactions with her hard to perform. Please take heed of the evidence compiled here and be cautious in interacting with her or avoid her entirely.


Thank you for your time, everyone, and have a good day.

 P.S. Also, thank you to everyone who helped me compile the evidence. Kudos to all of you, ahhh.



Oh thank goodness my friend didn't get scammed for the Shinkiro character. Gotta spread this around like wildfire. orz

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@Araneko does one go into the thought process of scamming and on such a huge level too? I hope no one else gets hurt.


Thank you Sty, I hope this post is informative and useful to the community and keeps people safe. 




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I heard she was going through money issues which is probably why she tried scamming. I was actually quite concerned by the adopt by piku-chan21. Because I went back to one point to find out his AB and his AB was probably around 300 USD at the time but if I recall, piku's rules said to resell them for half the price the adopt was paid for? I knew some of the artwork she got was free but I didn't know the prices of any commissioned art so I just sorta assumed the extra 300 USD came from the extras somewhere.


I def asked about a reselling price before and she told me 600 USD too :/

Now I see why she avoided answering the total lol


Yes, I too believe it might be because she was having money issues, but even if she is, that absolutely does not excuse her attempting to scam people, and at such large amounts as well. The piku's AB price is actually $255. In any case, hopefully no one else is hurt by her, which is why this PSA exists. 

Yes, she never gives an exact answer. Quite the red flag.