General Thread for PSAs

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8/9: New PSA added.

5/14: 2 new PSAs added.

4/8: New PSA posted and additional information on Squidribs added to relevant PSA.

It was suggested that there should perhaps be a general thread for PSAs which is a fine idea. A place that links to other PSAs and keep things organized.
You can link your threads/PSAs/etc, and I'll add them to the posts. :D
Please Note: I can only accept public PSAs. Anon PSAs are too much of a risk to accept, as they can be open to slander.

Things That Count for PSAs!
-Illegally chargebacked (you did a commission, but person claims you never did, for instance)
-Being shifty on doing owed things (taking months on an icon for example, lack of contact or updates, etc)
-Tracing and profiting off of it...

Things That Don't Count!
-Someone has better art than you
-Rude behavior
-Subjective issues
-Dog ate your homework

Obviously, this is just the basic frame work. Each case is different. For instance, someone could go around harassing artists for art and customs, or for people to give up their adopts and whatnot, and that could almost certainly be considered for a PSA...

Of course, it would be great if no more PSAs occur, but in the case they do, I support people posting them because they keep the community safe and will link to them in this general thread. owo/

There'll be two posts, one for PSAs and one for resolved cases! ^^


Need some help tracking down artist who's art may have been traced! 


Note: I did enlarge one image to match the general proportions but I did not distort it.


(This is offsite but this is my best bet honestly and a lot of people on here use sketchmob.) If I'm incorrect please tell me but I'm like... 90% sure this was not a base. I was on sketchmob and I came across Cahya_hedya's commission slots. Their main comm image stood out to me because the posing looked incredibly familiar.  So, I have a small list of artists I want to look up later with image samples for later and HO BOY. For some reason I don't have the name of this artist written down but the resemblance is uncanny... Does anyone know the artist's name so I can contact them?  Please let me know if anyone can recognize the artist or if there are any other traced works. My concern is this person has readily received over $60 for comms and I'm just worried fjweofi. Not PSA worthy but any help would be appreciated.

Please don't contact / harass the user involved. 

Cahya-Hedya's exmaple picture: (I'm concerned it was traced)

The artwork I'm familiar with:


Other Examples from their listing:

Thought I could be misunderstanding the situation please do let me know if any other art is recognizable. 

Screenshots in case anything gets deleted:

[EDIT] Sorry for the long post. I overlayed them and it doesn't match up 100%. It might just be referenced but I have a feeling there was some at least mild tracing going on.