General Thread for PSAs

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8/9: New PSA added.

5/14: 2 new PSAs added.

4/8: New PSA posted and additional information on Squidribs added to relevant PSA.

It was suggested that there should perhaps be a general thread for PSAs which is a fine idea. A place that links to other PSAs and keep things organized.
You can link your threads/PSAs/etc, and I'll add them to the posts. :D
Please Note: I can only accept public PSAs. Anon PSAs are too much of a risk to accept, as they can be open to slander.

Things That Count for PSAs!
-Illegally chargebacked (you did a commission, but person claims you never did, for instance)
-Being shifty on doing owed things (taking months on an icon for example, lack of contact or updates, etc)
-Tracing and profiting off of it...

Things That Don't Count!
-Someone has better art than you
-Rude behavior
-Subjective issues
-Dog ate your homework

Obviously, this is just the basic frame work. Each case is different. For instance, someone could go around harassing artists for art and customs, or for people to give up their adopts and whatnot, and that could almost certainly be considered for a PSA...

Of course, it would be great if no more PSAs occur, but in the case they do, I support people posting them because they keep the community safe and will link to them in this general thread. owo/

There'll be two posts, one for PSAs and one for resolved cases! ^^


Tearyia yeah I know most people don't make psa's to bash them, other people do the bashing, not the person making the psa. Honestly hearing a bit more about it, and how they mislead you etc warrants it. But since it's resolved it's something that I'm not sure would work out in the results you want. if it's a personal beef I wouldn't make it, but instead make a bulletin warning others, and if they do something like that again I would make it into a psa. A psa can harm/hurt the user in question even if your intentions are to help others it is straining and draining for both parties. PS I never said you would bash them, I'm merely stating that others will when you make the psa might bash them. If it happens again it would warrant it, but as far as I know, it got resolved, unless you got scammed out of money/the item than I don't see the need for the psa, more-so a bulletin can be in place so others can be wary of the user. 


Shanks - Sent a pm with more info on the case! ^^ thank you for helping me!


Posted a personal bulletin with a possible beware on artist MieuDo on Deviantart.


I'm currently in a bit of a predicament and would appreciate some advice from this who are willing to help. ;v;

On July 16, 2016, I commented on someone's deviantart wherein they were advertising gacha customs/adopts. At the time I asked them to put a bust slot on hold for me, which they did, and on July 26 I sent them the owed 500 points. [I have proof of communication and the transaction, if anyone would like to see] As I was last on the list of about 12 other people, I knew I had a bit of a wait until everyone else's was done, so I hunkered down and kept an eye on things. On January 8, 2017, I believe, I received what would be their last and only message - they asked the theme since I hadn't provided one, and I responded to their message with the theme that I wanted my design to be linked to. After then, I received no communication and no finished product. The guidelines on the gacha stated that they'd ideally be done within two to three days, but as you've seen, it's been a while since then. I've looked through my notes and through their deviations to make sure that I haven't missed anything, but there's no other mention of my name or of the gacha design they owe me. They've since been active on deviantart, with their last piece of art posted this February of 2019.

I know it's been a while, but should I contact this person? Should I ask for a refund or see if they're willing to actually finish the gacha? It's likely that they merely forgot, and I don't want to seem abrupt, but I've been sitting on this for a while and would like some closure.


Xhat - I would send them a polite message and explain who you are/what you ordered, and ask for any kind of update or information.

I had something similar happen, I bought two " grab bag commissions" from an artist but after a while they left DA. Eventually (close to 3 years) they returned and after I saw them posting consistently, I sent them a message asking if they would consider completing the work or not. They were very nice and immediately asked me for references and we adjusted for their new style. I am very happy with them and if I can catch an opening I will attempt to commission them again xD

The worst that can happen is they say no, right? Just say "Hi I dont know if you remember me but I purchased a gacha back in 2017. Can you let me know if you finished that commission/will finish it or if you'd prefer to discuss a refund? I know some things came up and you were inactive, but I still love your work. Welcome back!" or y'know something nice but to the point. 

OwO/ I wish you luck!


General question, because I've never been in this situation and I'm not sure what to do...

Short version: I have an adopt from a popular artist, although the art for this particular adopt isn't easily accessible in their gallery, and I've hidden the character so that people won't ask me to trade for him. Today, I roll onto dA, and I find that another popular artist has a design... that's almost identical. I tend to be pretty liberal and understand things like inspiration, but this design has a palette that could have been eyedropped, a similar hairstyle, a very similar outfit (especially noticable because my design has a unique jacket), and a similar visual motif in the details. It's beyond a level I'm personally comfortable with.

So, what do I do? Should I message the artist privately? Leave a comment on their piece? I don't really want to start shit, but at the most selfish, I don't want a copy of my character floating around, and at the least selfish I don't want someone to buy a character, then find out they bought something copied and feel ripped off...

If you want names/pictures you can PM me. I don't want to drag anyone's names through the mud just yet.



I suggest noting your artist and informing them of the matter. That is, the one you bought the adopt from. It may be a good idea to note both in fact, and have a discussion between the three of you. But first and foremost, alert the person who made the design and then discuss with them where to go from there and then contact the offending artist. At all times, remain polite and courteous of course. Sorry to hear this has happened to you, it's an uncomfortable and sucky thing to happen. :(

Also could you note me the images? I am curious.


Yako hi! I would love to see the images to see if i can help.