Beware //tw: n*zi

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I dont think i need to be the one to say that making fun of mass murder, torture, and human experimentation is not ok, please report or block

some screenshot proof (thanks to people who helped provide it) n*zi imagery ahead (as well as transphobia, racism against both black people and asians, the n word, ableism, fat-shaming, cursing, etc)








I also dont know to much about this subject, but one of their main ocs looks alot like and shares the name of dahvie vanity, a child pr*dator. I might be reading to much into this but thats what it looks like to me



uh dang this person is major cringe who in their right mind would say this so openly?? not that they should be doing any of this at all like seriously this is messed up


I caught this person when one of their ocs showed up on the Random section a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately.

I hate to break it to them but jokes need a punchline. And their general pattern of speaking tells me they've spent way too much time on 4chan. The level of tryhard edge in their humor and weird blatant racism is just.... a lot.

I already reported them a while back but let's hope if we report them enough Lulu actually does something about this.


oh fuck i thought this person was gone.... someone made a callout on them a few months ago, I'm surprised toyhouse still hasn't banned them :/. They're a horrible person.. they're literally in their 20s, there's no excuse for them to act like this. I feel like theyre just doing this for attention, but still... 

this is kind of old proof from when i reported them, but heres some stuff of theirs before they turned their account mature. I cant see what their account looks like or if they have the same characters up since im under 18, so if I'm just providing obvious and already existing evidence, my apologies.


this genuinely is disgusting. thanks for bringing attention to this, i’ve blocked and reported them. hopefully the staff bans them soon,,


I personally say as a german guy. it's not wrong to be interested in our history or that part of history. But seeing that this person literally romanticizes and glorifies the idea of n*zi's is just disgusting, not to mention that most of the information is slightly wrong- Not to mention that they made most germans with Blond/Blue eyes which is kinda a stereotype to die out as not all germans used to have blond hair and blue eyes back then, it is a stereotype mostly done by outsiders that never took a look at us at that times, but yeah thanks for warning us.


Their account just got closed.


Oh my god 



Their other twitter account