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Bit of background is necessary for this.

Back in January of this year, I was gifted a plunny by Almond [same username here and on FA. I'd rather not ping because of how ugly things have gotten]. I was also given money by my at the time fiance [Alysthene on FA/MidnightQueen here] to buy a kindling spot - that money came from my account, not anyone else's, though it was gifted to me first. The first one was freely given to me. I have proof of original ownership in screencaps, which I've included below, as well as the updated records page for the designs.

In February Almond moved in with myself and Alysthene. My relationship with Alysthene ended on April 1. Things went sour very quickly and I moved out. I did not think it would be an issue that I was keeping a design that was gifted to me, as it's pretty common knowledge that you can't take back gifts as they are no longer yours. While things had been quite sour between Almond and myself, I had thought things were relatively civil between my ex and myself. When she asked me about giving Apollo back, I said no. You can see that here:
I have proof of them originally being mine here: and

I was on the forums the species has not too long ago to update the new info I had for Apollo. Earlier I noticed some new members I'd not seen before and decided to see which ones they were on the records page the adopt owner keeps. Imagine my surprise when not only Bound Spirit, but Noble Spirit were listed as having different owners. You can see that here: My ex was listed under Bound Spirit's owner and Almond was listed as Noble Spirit's. I then realized I'd been booted out of the discord server they have when I went to go ask what was going on.

While I don't know the exact details of what was said to HoneyKing [here and FA] and Starprince, the former is upholding Almond's claim to Apollo even though he was gifted to me, citing that legally she still owns him [I disagree with this - a gift once given is no longer the first person's property. I wish to point out that I gifted one to her and could therefore use that logic to revoke her rights to him, though I won't as I find it petty] and that Barrett would belong to MidnightQueen regardless of the fact that the money came from my own account. I do not agree with this. Whether or not my ex gave me money to buy a slot should not matter. The money was in my account and I was the one who paid him. I have since been given a refund for the slot, though this was only accepted as he refused to give me back the rights for the characters in question. You can see the initial communication here: And a note back from him here, in response to my protests: I did warn him at this point that I would be making a PSA. There is another note, but this was stressful enough and I have no wish to talk to them further so I've not opened it or been back to that account.

MidnightQueen later sent me an angry email over another situation and said she was unaware of the plunny issue and hadn't had anything to do with it, but if you note the screencap included above - HoneyKing directly contradicts this by stating they'd stated they'd not been able to contact me and had gone to him to gain control of designs they never had a right to - this was a clear lie, as proven by the screencaps of contact I provided earlier.

Due to both MidnightQueen and Almond taking designs that they had no rights to, I cannot recommend doing business with them either as buyer or seller.

I also cannot recommend doing business with HoneyKing as he has proven untrustworthy and I feel this is just bad business practices. Taking a design that was gifted to me and giving it to someone who is known to be a close friend of his [he's acknowledged as much in streams and so has Almond] simply because of a falling out is not right, nor do I think the majority of the adopt community would agree with it. Likewise, taking a design that I paid for from my own account, regardless of where the money originated from, and giving it to my ex is outright theft. Had I not approached and protested I might never have gotten the refund. At the point that it was paid for, we were a couple still and the money was given to me willingly.

I had hoped to avoid a PSA but as things became unpleasant and I could see I would not be able to sway HoneyKing with any sort of appeal regardless of the proof I provided, I felt that a PSA would at least save others from having to deal with this sort of situation with these individuals.

Edit: Since there's been some concern raised, here is an email thread with most of the conversation [it has nothing to do with the plunny situation until the end] and dates provided.

Thank you for this PSA. I will not buy from these users because I find this extremely fishy (and multiple times I have thought about buying characters from Almond's resells) - but this has helped me in the long run. I hope this can be settled, and I agree with you in this matter.

A gift is a gift. I can understand if Almond took back a character they bought with their own money (it was their money directly, which was used to gift you a design - therefore none of your direct money came into play with the character. Unless you drew / bought extra art of the character of course and they are using it, which is illegal since you are that copyright holder) 

However, taking a character away from you that you bought with money gifted to you is illegal. If someone gave me 5$ off the street, and I used that to buy myself food - if that person came to me trying to take that food, saying it belonged to them, that would be illegal. They gave up ownership and possession of that money as soon as it was sent to you via paypal, and in court, this would legally be in your favor and your ex would have to relinguish the rights of that character to you, since you are the legal copyright holder as records show - the money came from YOUR paypal. Not theirs.

It's extremely ignorant and bad business for HoneyKing to relinguish your rights of ownership to their friends, especially since they didn't make ANY attempt to contact you directly about the issue and try to resolve it. They just went "lol ok" and did it. That's ridiculous and I will not be buying from that seller. Shame on them for doing such a thing, and shame on these individuals involved that are illegally taking material that you hold copyright over as a means to get under your skin. 

This is so, so shit. What kind of business practice is this? I'm so sorry that this happened to you. You should post a link to this in the general PSA thread so theat they can add it. What horrible people.

Yeah okay that's awful. :\

I'll be adding them to my "Do not wave money at or around" list :Va

I'm glad you got a refund! But yeah that....completely sucks. What about if you had/have commissioned pieces of that character? You should be charging Almond / your Ex for compensation, if thats the case :\


Honestly I hope this gets spread outside of TH, this is pretty disgusting imo
I worry for anyone who befriends those users, and I'll sure as hell be showing this around for any of my friends who are still interested in plunnies 

Holy.........what the hell kind of a business practice IS that?? Honestly, all of this is disgusting. I'm so sorry you had to go through that..

Will make a note to avoid all of them


I know Almond and HoneyKing for a very long time already from FA and this is not the first time they are doing things like this.

All I can say is; stay away from these people. They are two faced and do illegal shit like this on a regular basis. You just need to piss them off is all.

And if you bother them they gonna toss their white knights at you and will try to give you a very bad time.

Bumping this up.

I'm The situation is speechless-inducing, I'm very sorry to hear you are going through this situation, and by people that seemed to be close to you at one point. I hope your future is much better.

Thank you greatly for this PSA though, this sort of behavior is very alarming, and especially concerning Almond, as they quite frequently sell and trade characters, and I considered purchasing some a few times. //pats you x.x

 Vespisia Definitely dont do it.

Deimos Yep, I definitely won't after reading this, no worries there. O_O at this situation forever

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