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Hello, first time doing this so bear with me.

This is a board concerning the user AVIIAN, also here and Avian

It was recently brought to my attention through a tumblr message that they've been stealing art and ocs from various people.

The post in question, from the person being stolen from is here, not only have they been stealing from this person, but they have been selling them (some people on here, have accidentally bought these designs, due to not being aware of this!)


Examples of art stolen, there's a LOT more, but these are the best examples right now!

AVIIAN | pinekid





There are also these, but the headshots are scattered all over pinekid's tumblr.

Now, when I sent AVIIAN a message, asking about this, having sent them 200 points for a commission (which i guess I can prove if thats important in anyway);


They deactivated their account straight after sending it, and they have also edited their profile here;

image.png Before

image.png After

Currently contacting the tumblr user and planning to make a post there to reply to the message I received, in order to let them know that at least they've stopped on that account. However, if anyone sees them raise their head again, or have anything to add PLEASE let me know. If you've bought a design from them, I apologise, sadly they only used points, so there's very little you can do besides contact dA and hopefully work to get your refunds.


Thank you, and if you have any issues, or questions, please let me know, I might not be able to reply to all of them (using this computer was a one off just to deal with this, and i'm currently only with access to a phone, so please be patient!)


Thank you for bumps and posting! I would like to reiterate for those coming on, that those who bought the designs had no idea what was happening, they could not have known. They are victims and were scammed as well, please don't harass or be cruel to them. I know a lot are now contacting pinekid and dealing with the issue.

Thank you ^^

^ reposting this so people see ^^





ah thank u guys for being so cool about this ρ(- ω -、)ヾ( ̄ω ̄; )      

it took me such a long time to talk to everyone who bough an OC and ask them not to use it, I'm still getting alot of messages from people asking for me to get their points back (which i obviosly can not do, i dont even use DA), people who've had me draw art of their character and had that art sold ALONG WITH THEIR OC have been getting very frustrated with me as well.  and it's taken a big toll on my mental health, setting me back almost a week on my commissions and other work. 

i hope the person who did all this sees this and know it effects the real artist quite a bit when your to lazy to make your own art to sell. (again, i get my art stolen from me all the time, but to have my oc's and other's SOLD as character is just to much for me)

also thank you so much wonderland for making this post, it's helped me and others who were scammed  quite a bit. sorry for bad english, im a bit sleepy and upset ( ̄u ̄*)ゞ

 edit: o also im the artist PINEKID talked about in this post hahah


<3 make sure you take care of yourself, it can't be easy to deal with and I'm glad that me and everyone who helped could do anything!

I wish I could offer more on those who lost points but I have very little to offer not knowing the process or if there even is one!


Hopefully the 2 week? Wait to exchange points back to their bank account was cut off