PSA: m0nstermutt / Beetlefox (updates)

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!!!!! NEW UPDATE: DO NOT HARASS THIS USER. I AM ONLY UPDATING OF THEIR NEW ACCOUNT SO YOU CAN BE WEARY AND AVOID TRADING / SELLING WITH THEM. Their new DA alias is pawrtist - Please do NOT harass. I want you all to just be weary since they're continuously running and they STILL haven't accepted that what they did was wrong.

update: Their other toyhouse is m0nstermutt !! So be aware of both beetlefox and m0nstermutt

UPDATE3: I found their side account on DA if you want to block that as well. This may also be an alias they go by somewhere else.

Update2: Coffee-yeen was unaware of this entire drama so they just found out. Like I am, they are a victim of this huge drama fest and I hope this helps clear their name.

Update: AnotherJackal has made an adopt for Coffee-Yeen almost identical to mine - its very blatant that its a ripoff. 




My design: 



I hate to have to do things like this. I really do. I promised myself I wasn't going to be writing any more PSA posts about anyone period - unless it was completely 100% out of my control. This is a situation similar to that where I think the general public needs to be aware of something happening so that people don't call me an art / character thief. This is me clearing my name.

If this isn't welcome here or if it violates the TOS here on toyhouse I am extremely sorry! That was not my intention. However I think this is very shady business practice and I want people to be aware of my personal experiences with this user.

Please NOTE: This is NOT a callout. Do not ridicule, harass, or do otherwise inappropriate things to this user. I am just posting my side of the story since the allegation against me was proven false.

This PSA is about the user @/anotherjackal on deviantart aka @/beetlefox on toyhouse. They have blacklisted me (and on their public blacklist journal they are stating that I am keeping a stolen design, which is not the truth whatsoever) - you can see this if you go to their profile and click on their "blacklist" link. I will also link it here.

- 1 by Tokiva

Yesterday evening, I received a comment on my Toyhouse which claimed that one of my characters was stolen. I do not have screencapped evidence of the comment since I removed it and instead decided to PM the person that was giving me such an allegation. It went something like "This design is stolen and I don't even know why it's uploaded to Toyhouse in the first place, please remove it." - or the basic gist of the comment.

However I did screencap our WHOLE conversation thereafter with timestamps. I am cropping it for convenience but I can provide the raws with my timestamps and the dates upon request.

Here is the original message I sent to the user:

1 by Tokiva

I made sure to show that I didn't just take the character and randomly upload it to Toyhouse. I'm not that type of person. Thus, that's why I provided the ownership log to prove that it was transferred to me. This is their response.

2 by Tokiva

I found this extremely fishy. There are several things wrong with this message. (a) you cannot revoke a gift legally unless it is a conditional gift (i.e. an engagement ring) this means that beetlefox / anotherjackal illegally revoked the design that they gave up ownership to (b) was there a notice of revokement when these two fell out? that was never stated

So I sent this in response.

3 by Tokiva

Correct me if I'm wrong in this screencap but by all means, I feel that I am perfectly within my rights since THEIR personal drama was none of my business. Snake was gifted the character - Beetle even admitted to this. So they admitted to relinquishing their copyright of that character over to another artist. That design became that person's intellectual property. So legally, the character rights and art for the character belonged to Snake.

5 by Tokiva

I would like to note here that this is also technically illegal - there is no law regarding closed species, what this person is claiming comes down to "good faith" in our community. A closed species cannot be copyrighted unless you get a patent for that species idea. Obviously, this person didn't do that. So the whole "if ur banned from the cs you cant use that design" is bullshit - if the oc design's copyright / art is relinquished, it cannot be taken back unless the recipient has read and accepted the TOS for the design and has agreed to abide by them - and that TOS must include that the design will be taken back if the TOS are not followed.

ALSO -- IMPORTANT. Simply putting your "TOS" down in the description of the design submission and saying "by buying you agree to this" is not a valid and will not be accepted in court. The only instances that your TOS would be legitimate is if the user accepted an electronic agreement, such as paying an invoice on paypal with the TOS vividly specified. This also applies for site TOS, and thats why you MUST accept DeviantART's TOS before making your account. By making the account, you agree to that and you cannot bypass that. It has to be solid. By paying an invoice, you are sending your electronic signature / agreement to abide by those TOS. Such a thing was NOT done here. 

Even if it was a good-faith TOS that was to be abided by, Snake was not notified of such a thing nor did Snake agree to follow it.

Furthermore, I don't think that this person even told Snake about revoking the characters. I believed they were lying, because I have seen good faith with Snake around the adoptable community and the Toyhouse community. That's why I asked when I went to message this person.

4 by Tokiva

This seems pretty straightforward. I don't think I need to explain this. Their response:

6 by Tokiva

So legally, this character's art and the design are my intellectual property. This proves this argument. However, we're not done here yet. Things start getting a bit more drastic as time went on with Snake. They became terrified of the thought of being found by beetle.

7 by Tokiva

8 by Tokiva

I don't know WHAT went down between Snake and Beetle.. however, I absolutely do NOT condone any sort of manipulative, abusive, or stalkerish behavior. Especially do NOT condone harassment. Whatsoever. This made me furious to see how someone was cowering in fear over this person's antics, and how they tried dragging me into drama - especially since I have a feeling that this may have been a tactic to find out Snake's account location, like they stated. So I responded.

9 by Tokiva

I kept it short, sweet, and respectful. I believe it was fully within my rights as the copyright holder of the design. It is NOT my problem that this person falsely revoked a character and gifted it away again. That is Beetle's fault, and it was in the wrong to do so. I do not condone that type of behavior, which is why I am NOT giving in to their demands and letting them have their childish ways.

I know a lot of people are going to comment saying "Why didn't you just trade it back" or "Why didn't you just give it back for the art?" And accuse me of being an asshole. But it is the principal of the matter. Beetle needs to understand that this immature behavior is UNACCEPTABLE. It is unlawful to do what they did and there is nothing that can be done about it. I have even discussed this with an attorney and I was proven to be in the right.

10 by Tokiva

I don't see why the "psychotic" comment was necessary. Nor do I understand these sudden demands of me changing the character's name, the species, and furthermore BLACKLISTING me when I was completely within the right. It's like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum when they can't get the toy they think they deserve.

This is what I said in response.

11 by Tokiva

12 by Tokiva

What I meant in this message was simple. The art reference to that character, which was relinquished along with design rights to Snake, cannot be revoked - as Beetle had willingly gave up rights to the design AND the artwork when gifting it away. Since it was retraded to me, I legally own copyright over said design and the artwork reference displayed for that design. I encouraged Beetle to even correct me if I was wrong, and I also encourage other users to correct me if I am wrong - just please provide sources so I can be sure!

The childish thing that happened here was that Beetle decided to try using the DMCA route when they could not gain the character back. What they planned to do: Allow me to change the design slightly so its not their species, but then turn around and use that original artwork of Mono for their friend. Aka skirting past the whole "you own the design" and ignoring the fact that I owned copyright to the character. That's not acceptable. I do not condone these actions and I will not abide by them. That's why I sent this message.

Mono is no longer a sugar shark. He's just a cool character, and I fully plan to continue using that EXACT design because thats what I like. I cannot be stopped from doing that because the artwork and the design rights are legally mine. Nothing Beetle can say will change that, and the design is NOT stolen.

In fact: any continued use of the design of Mono not by myself, whether it be used by Beetle or their friend, is illegal - and the theft here would be on that party's side.

Anyways, lets continue with what happened next. I told Snake that Beetle now knows of their location on Toyhouse because of the accusation against me, and warned them to block them ahead of time to avoid any drama. This is what was told to me:

13 by Tokiva

This proves that Beetle did not issue any sort of notice of revokement, DMCA, or anything of the likes to Snake. This was done COMPLETELY under their nose. So if Beetle tries going off about it saying that Snake stole the designs, that is FALSE.

Let's get back on topic though, with Beetle's reply. I sent that whole lengthy paragraph of how it was wrong and unlawful for them to try and give me a DMCA notice. Wanna know what I was met with?

14 by Tokiva

:^) Real mature.

So obviously by the proof here, both me and Snake are clear of any character theft. No character theft occurred here except on Beetlefox's end - which has escalated into harassment. I want people to be aware of this users actions, and I want to make it clear to everyone: Tread lightly around their designs. I have been told by Snake that they have a habit of revoking designs if people "don't use them" without any sort of refund for the art / money put into the character(s) and I have also been told that she has a habit of commissioning artists to rip off characters - and if / when caught, she would blame it on the artist she commissioned. However I am awaiting proof of this from another user whom plans to message me and help me out with this PSA.

So, until that proof is shown, please only take those allegations as just that: Baseless allegations with no proof. I only ask that you tread lightly since this is what I am being told that she is also accused of.

These are other PSA posts geared towards this same user, whom as also been known as M0NSTERMUTT / D3ADMUTT.  They have publicly doxxed someone and revealed their personal information (which is illegal).

In this separate PSA, there is a buyer beware over this user scamming someone out of a fursuit.

For everyone that is the TL;DR crowd: I was accused of being in ownership of a stolen character, but that is false. Beetle tried revoking the character illegally and is now publicly blacklisting me trying to say it was stolen.. and I fear that she will still attempt to use it. Since it was publicly claimed that I was in ownership of a "stolen design" and refused to remove it, I am clearing my name! 

But not just my name - iegna aka Snake's name and reputation is on the line here as well and I would like to clear them of any wrong-doing.

Thank you for looking. Also, ONCE AGAIN I MUST STATE THIS: This is NOT a callout. Do not ridicule, harass, or do otherwise inappropriate things to this user. I am just posting my side of the story since the allegation against me was proven false.

Update2: Beetlefox has claimed that it is in their TOS to take back designs and rehome them if people "fight" over a character. Meaning take it from both people and just regift it randomly to friends. This is SHADY AS FUCK. Please do not do business with this person. Please. I have a feeling that they are the type of person to rehome designs randomly if their friends want them. 


But question.. where is this TOS? :) Because I looked through all their journals and adopts and nothing is publicly listed stating their TOS. Nothing is publicly there for the buyer to read and agree to in an electronic signature of some sort. They just say "OH GUESS WHAT, THIS IS IN MY TOS SORRY!!" but they actually can't legally inforce this without their buyers having read the TOS and agreeing to it. It's shady beyond belief. Please don't purchase or trade with any of their designs in the future because they can easily pull this "TOS" card to revoke designs and they have done this in the past, and as you can see by that screenshot they have regifted a design to another user because "hmmm I'm thinking this design should belong to a friend :)))))" 

Link to comment - do not respond or approach. This is just for reference. 

update3: journal has since then been updated.

Here you see Beetle calling the character an offbrand.. since I removed it from being a Sugar Shark like I was asked. The Blacklist has now been updated to say that I offbranded the design as well.  This tactic is used every single time that Beetle has a PSA written about them. They pull this "my parents hate me, my family is shit thats why I act like this" card and try to make their watches / the PSA writer feel sorry for them. Don't fall for it, it's a tactic to try and gain sympathy. It's a tactic to make themselves seem innocent / devoid of blame. 

Also, Coffee-Yeen was the person that was gifted the design of Mono.. which now belongs to me. So they had to let it go. I'm sorry for that - and while I will not blame them for anything because they have done nothing wrong, I do want to take note of something that they posted just for reference. 

The issue here isn't that Beetlefox / AnotherJackal makes mistakes. We all do. What the issue here is? She is continuously trying to LIE to the public on her blacklist saying that I stole the design / offbranded it. Also, the issue is that her history repeats itself and this is proven.. SO this is why its important to mention the past. Because she has NOT changed whatsoever and people need to be aware of all of these actions because a lot of these were recent within the last year or so!

Also.. maybe if she didn't keep using the same excuse from past incidents..

the past wouldn't be brought up as often!

Also, as I have done more digging, I have found a few things that are extremely fishy regarding M0NSTERMUTT that you should be aware of. 

They ripped off cinnadogs blatantly, calling them cinnazz, and made an adopt batch for profit. >>


They stole the Kangoo species, as told by the owner of the species themself >> 


A PSA of her revoking / stealing characters:


A PSA regarding her ripping off other character designs blatantly:

Follow-up on the ripping PSA, along with proof of her being rude to her commissioners: (if you cant click the displayed images, right click them and "open in new tab" to see them. stash links were deleted but the PSA still stands)

Here is a comment thread where she went off on someone for doing exactly what I have done, where she falsely tried to revoke designs.

A highlight from the thread! I've seen this exact same accusation made against beetlefox / D3ADMUTT by multiple users.. at least a handful. It's everywhere. 

I'm still digging, and this is very disorganized. If you notice that your PSA / comment was put up here as proof against this user, and you would like it removed or blot the names out, please let me know and I will gladly do so.

I hope this proves that Beetlefox / D3ADMUTT / M0NSTERMUTT is overall a toxic user with poor business practices. She commissions rip-offs of characters (or rips them off herself), I've seen comments claiming that she has referenced off of closed species (you can find those in the PSA links, they're all through the comments) - and overall she is very aggressive and rude. Please beware of this user and try not to come into contact with their designs.


One's shady past should only be forgotten/ignored once the person's gained community trust and actually proved that they have bettered themselves! Promises are only words, it takes action and follow through and a lot of time to really gain trust after a pile of rude shenanigans.

Signed-with-a-star - I'm sorry, but I HAVE updated their new username on this thread. The reason why I did that was because despite how they're trying to change, they're still running away from what they did.. and they have done enough shady and illegal activity to warrant people deserving the right to know about their new locations. I for one would want to instantly know of their new usernames just so that I could block them because they are extremely toxic and I do not want to interact with them or leave them a new opening to do so. Many other users feel the same.

Part of the steps in working towards becoming a better person is accepting your past for what it is and not running from your actions. Someone that wants to work on themselves and better themselves for the people around them are the people that stand tall and accept what they have done rather than pretending that it doesn't matter, or that it never happened. added some info recently to my first journal about them. things got,,,,out of hand lol

main point being that they faked being nice and tried to get on everyones good side to get characters. specifically being nice to gutjuice so he would give them the character Showtime and even asked him to co-own, so YES, their new usernames should be here, and these PSA's should follow them around until theyve actually gotten better. not fake better like all the other times (like theyve even faked being ok after going to a therapist just so they wouldnt have to go anymore)

Edit: they also recently started revoking everones designs with no compensation for either no reason, or a stupid reason and then blocking them before they could fight it

Just want you to know that the new account already got deactivated. Seems like things got heated once more.