PSA: Maimai / Maimai976

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A couple of disclaimers:
1. Before I start, I’d like to say that the screenshots attached were contributed by several different users who were all equally distressed over this matter, so please forgive me if they’re out of order. I’m merely trying to patch things together the best I can. 
2. From what I’ve heard from other users, Maimai has already had several reports filed against them, though we all know how slowly the mods check up on these things, so I thought it was necessary to make this public, as well.

3. Don’t harass Mai. Things have already gotten a little out of hand as it is, and I’d like to apologize for that. This really shouldn’t continue much longer than it needs to. If you have your own claim against Mai, feel free to send me your proof and I can add it here and / or report it to whoever you see neccesary (ex: game creators / site mods / etc.)
Anyway. Now that all of that’s out there, I’d like to let you all know what this mess is about. 
I’m sure a lot of you know what the ‘draw above’ and ‘create above’ games are, no? And if you don’t, don’t worry, you will by the time I’m done. Either way, they’re quite popular over in the character discussion forum, so if you frequent that area of the site, chances are that you’ve at least seen them before. 
Here’s how these things work:
One person will post. They’ll be like, “oh, I’d love it if someone drew me a sparkledog!”
The next person will post. They’ll ‘claim’ to draw the person above’s request, and then post their own request, which the next poster will then claim. And so on and so on. 
Now, most of these games have some sort of deadline that you have to have your ‘claim’ finished by. In most cases, this deadline is one month after you’ve posted. You are not allowed to post again until you’ve filled your claim. Most users have no problem following this rule, and those that do are essentially banned from ever playing in that particular game again. 
I’ve personally never had much of an issue with this before, and trust me, I run three ‘create above’ games here on TH. I’ve had to send people warnings before, sure, but I’ve never really had to deal with a situation quite like this up until now. 
User Nekokurisu (now ‘deadaccount’) / Maimai (now ‘inactive') / Maimai976 has at least 9 outstanding claims that I’m aware of across all three accounts and has failed to fill any of them, despite receiving warning messages from myself and others. 
These are all of the games (that I know of) where they are currently outstanding: (claimed twice here despite the rules stating only once until you finish your claim)
The response I personally got after sending a warning can be seen here: 
Oddly enough, though, they don’t seem too ill to fill SOME claims. As you can see here, only less than a week ago, Mai filled at least two claims that were put in, while several of their other outstanding claims remained untouched. 
Nor have they been unable to advertise their own commissions, as seen here:
I know this doesn’t involve actual money or points, so I’m sure some users won’t understand what the big deal is, but for those of us who play these sort of games on a daily basis, and play them fairly, it’s become a real problem.

Added June 17th '17
Another case involving this user has come to my attention. I've added the forum they claimed in to the links above, but the user who notified me of this was kind enough to include some screenshots, as well. 
Another issue that’s come to my attention is that it’s assumed that this user makes new accounts to avoid being blocked, which I… think is against the rules? If I’m wrong, please feel free to correct me: (posted right after lilac told me she had blocked them / right before the creation of the second account, maimai)
Please feel free to contribute in anyway you can, or just bump to get the word out.
I’m not here to pick fights. I’m just a frustrated user trying to voice the concerns of my fellow frustrated users in an attempt to keep anyone else from feeling used or ripped off. Thank you for taking your time to read this.
( All screenshots can be found here, plus some others that didn't seem to fit but still seem relevant, though again, they may be out of order: )

Update June 20th '17 
Wow, a lot of new information regarding this user has come to my attention, yikes ;; 

First of all, here are some screenshots of them confirming that they're only in 7th grade.
Considering that, the fact that they're still drawing 'sin' should be... alarming, to say the least. Also in that second group of screenshots, it shows that Mai still doesn't seem to understand that what they did was wrong. I think it's safe to say that they likely will never be completing their owed art.
Here is another screenshot from their tumblr showing them begging for dA points, and here is their tumblr. Please be wary of this user, everyone, even offsite.

For those of you who have been cheated out of art due to this incident, please go here

Okay since the matter of age keeps coming up, I'm gonna come clean

I messaged Mai to practice my Japanese, I'm very new to Japanese so I'm not great and some of the few questions I know are "how old are you" "how are you" and "what grade are you in" so I used them for practice

The chat log is here.  For those who don't care to look, Mai says they're in 7th grade, and as I said regarding Pixiv age it auto updates on your birthday.

I'm sorry for not just saying sooner.

Teddy-Bear have you tried reverse image searching the art? o: or posting it here?

marinehaddock thank you for that new information! i've linked your screenshots up above.

you-are-butt I tried the reverse image search and found the original creator/maker and such! everything seems in order and it seems the creator/artist credit was a slight mess-up, which I can fix by re-uploding her
I kinda forgot reverse image searching existed whoops Dx thanks for reminding me!

Teddy-Bear no problem! so glad it was an easy fix! 

Also I added this to the main post, but for anyone who feels ripped off by mai, please post here


I should point out that I gave 'deadaccount' a TH code. They made a thread that said they were searching for a TH code for a 'friend' and they even offered art in return.-- >>

Here is our short exchange >>

And here is who claimed the code >>


So that may or may not be maimai orz;;

 Lehmurix yikes D: guess we need to be keeping an eye on that user too, then ;;


I believe that Mai has said they are a minor on their profile before.,

WHAAAAT. Okay, I thought they forgot, but I did try to contact them about a doodle trade they were supposed to do for me several times (this was months ago) through tag and PM and I got totally ignored! The more you know, lol. I'm just glad it was a low effort trade I got scammed out of, not something bigger :/

I recognize the tumblr name as the name on toyhouse that scammed me if that makes sense? The Nekokurisu account (whether they changed the name or not) is the one that I had the problem with. I need to dig up that old thread I made for this if you want something else to add from me, though I don't know if it'd shed any new light on anything.

Sucks because the point of the thread was to make the art lower effort so I wouldn't get people who never did their part :/ Lesson unfortunately learned

EDIT: It wasn't a forum game, it was on the art marketplace, and the thread was only for cheap commissions/trades with me. Don't know if this is unique. Anyway, some 'shots: Here's the thread. "deadaccount" is her this is a private message sent to her while the account WAS active, and it wasn't deleted soon after because I kept track. She ignored it. Her claim was back in March

I had totally forgotten about this  but i realized while reading this thread,oml

back about 4 months ago on their account Nekokurisu they offered a headshot drawing to get one of my characters! I waited for about a month and all,asked them once if they have any progress etc, and they said they'll do it but never did. (can't find the PM's anymore since I tend to tidy up my Outbox and Inbox after a while) 

I went back to find that thread I made where they commented and all but it only shows my replies (maybe because the account is deleted now or so?) I actually didn't even notice and remember about this recently when i was locking my older threads,nor did i know about their other accounts and all.

Since the character they offered the art for wasn't really worth much,i just made the character off a online game site if i rememebr correctly (i think it was made on,) and i mainly just wanted to get the character away from me,since i didn't use them at all. I let Nekokurisu have the design for free,transferring it to them and all since i didn't really care that much about getting the art,didn't want to wait months and felt like being nice and letting them just have the character at the time ;v; 

i think they didn't even say thank you or anything after that,just recieving the character and never speaking to me again,but i brushed it off,mainly wanted the character gone since i didn't use the character anyway n would much rather see someone else use the character and have them as a gift.

not really like they scammed me or anything,i mean i let em have the character and all,just realized now that it's the same person and the story that came with it