🌟🌟 Positive Service Reviews! 🌟🌟

Posted 4 months, 24 days ago (Edited 4 months, 23 days ago) by capsaicinoid

Have you commissioned someone here and gotten impeccable service back!?

Would you like to recommend a fellow toyhouse user's commission threads because they've just been so awesome to you!?

Here's a thread for you to do just that!! 🌟

Be sure to link up the user, their commission thread, and the image you got back from them!
Some extra information like what you like most about the commission, the time frame, and a general price would be pretty cool to mention too! Stroke that artist's ego!!

Small rules to prevent spamming:

  • This is for toyhouse members to promote fellow toyhouse members! 
  • This is not the place to promote giveaway threads! This is for art or design commissions. Currency of some sort must be traded. I may allow art trades or art paid for by designs later, but right now I'd love to focus on commissions. Art game thread reciepts are also not eligible. (Post giftart or offsite comms here!)
  • Please don't reccommend your friends just to reccommend them. If you want to boost a friend's sales, post up something recent you bought from them!
  • Time limit for the recieved commission is currently within the past two months. Not too old, but old enough to get some past reccommendations in.


YOOooo if you really like painterly-styled commissions, sketch commissions, or really cute stylized chibis please PLEASE commission birdsatans

we became pals after I saw her art and commissioned her and like, not only is she hilarious fun but she's really good about giving you commission updates (and her sketches get done RIDICULOUSLY fast). On top of that her prices are literally criminal you are robbing her by buying art so please do please rob my friend of her freedom

like LOOK AT THE QUALITY!!! This painted couple art was SO CHEAP like its ridiculous and look at how cool her coloring style is,,,I love it. I just...die. I love it so much. 

Her commissions thread is here!!! Her prices are slashed because she has a sale going on!

BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE GOOD ART \ o/ This time I'm promoing a very lovely artist, Annexe-47 !!

Let me start off by saying that this was totally a chance encounter that I've been dying for. See, I love Annexe's art with a passion. Growing up in Miami, their art style is very reminiscent of art I'd see on the streets and in my textbooks and it fills my heart with a beautiful rusted warmth, if that makes sense! It honest to goodness feels like home, but the thing is that I didn't know which of my characters would suit their style! Thus I hesitated before seeing that they had a Freebie thread, of which I posted in! They were elated to work on my OC Fatalis, and that was when I knew I had to take the next step and outright commission rather than leave it as a freebie!

Their Art Shop on here gives the layout of their prices in a clean and neat manner and it displays some good examples of their art! For $5 I got the beauty of which is my baby Fatalis in a marvelous and stunning headshot!


But prices isn't what I'd want to stress here, oddly enough. Working with Annexe was like working with a long-time friend. We back and forth'd with each other a lot, and they did a total of seven sketches because we were working together in order to nail Fatalis' gorgeous smirk as you see here. Their patience, kindness, and overall friendliness was so moving to me, and it felt great to be a client of theirs due to being able to convey what I felt was off while not feeling like a burden of sorts! The amount of quality and love that Annexe pours into their work is phenomenal, all you would need to do is look at Fatalis there! For $5, this was a steal and I personally do believe that their art is worth so much more.

If you're looking for a beautiful style that's every bit refined as it is quirky and detailed and if you're looking for an amazing experience while commissioning, please look no further than Annexe. They deserve so much recognition and so much business that I'm positive I'll be a returning customer in the future! The turnaround for this ranged between a few days to a week but honestly? Look at that head shot and tell me that's not worth it.

They're also saving up money in order to attend a concert of their favorite band, and as such they're offering a bundle deal!! It'd mean a lot if you'd go check that out, too!!!