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first and foremost, i want to thank you for clicking on my thread. i'm deeply grateful, as i'm going through something really shitty... i hope you can all help to put my mind at ease just by knowing the details regarding what happened in this instance before you decide to continue giving a very unappreciative person your money. this is a person who already has an art alert about them on a livejournal artist beware group from some years ago. i will be providing all details i have surrounding this issue for transparency's sake:

on 07/07/17 i had purchased a custom slot from an artist for one of their very popular closed species, and the design involved a lot of things aesthetically that i wanted for my custom character. this made it feel really personal, and like something i could easily connect with. i have emails of me talking at length with this person about those details, business as usual, which you may find here:

when they sent me the finished, full resolution design and her hair wasn't really quite what i had asked for, i sent an email back asking for some possible changes to her hair (which i gladly would have either paid for/made myself later on without editing their artwork/just accepted as is) and was met with a very, very unexpected response... instead of giving me the ability to either pay for more edits or just keep it as is, the artist told me they were too busy and proceeded to force a chargeback on me, tip and all, and put my adopt up for resale on fA, dA, and twitter very very quickly after. those images can be found here, as well as the dA post made on our mutual friend's dA account (unbeknownst to them that they were reselling my design) so that they could assumedly sell my design quickly and probably under the radar.

finished design:

my email with her response below:

my confusion:

the receipt:

fA sale:

twitter sale:

our friend's dA post:

never once was i asked or given any chance to say it was okay and nevermind about the edits because i wanted to keep her anyway... i never even said once that i didn't like her design, in my email i said she was beautiful and i'm not quite sure how this translates into me not liking her design at all, i had just requested drill curls and a head bow. our mutual friend had no idea at the time that they were helping this person screw me over like this. the resale went down while i was trying to do my work, but a friend thankfully kept texting me wildly until i picked up to let me know that my custom which HAD been posted in an earlier customs batch that said "SOLD, THESE ARE TAKEN" was being reposted:

the fA thread i WAS able to comment in... i begged and pleaded for them to please not sell her off and that i was sorry i asked for the edit, it never meant i didn't like her, but they were so angry i had asked for that edit at all she spitefully refused to sell it back to me:

this sale page didn't stay up for long before it was deleted:

i have the design, full resolution. i feel i've been wronged... i still wanted her, what can i do? she deleted the fA thread to hide how nasty it got, but i have all the emails, screenshots, screenshots of threads, proof of me not agreeing to this and begging for her to change her mind because this was an adopt i waited a long time for.

it's now in the hands of an awful user who was basically using the design to mock me for wanting it and not having anything they want to get her back even though i never agreed to get rid of her. the artist is also being very smug still about the whole situation and is not at all remorseful or apologetic about what happened one bit.


here are some more testimonials from other people they have wronged, and links to art alerts others have written. thank you again so much for your time, and please let me know how i might be able to make this information more readable, somehow.

artist beware from 2014:


link posted by user: 

more about their issue:




another person:


and many, many others who have sadly experienced either directly or indirectly her unprofessional way of handling her clients..... it's a bit heartbreaking so many people came forward and told me what happened to them

edit: the people who owned my baphobabe led me on in a thread on toyhouse leaving me to think i was finally getting her back. they ended up telling me that they actually gave the design back to boo despite telling me this in front of several other posters on toyhouse.


they tried to offer me their art as a consolation, but i'm definitely not interested in their fetish work they like to draw. they already had lied.


i'd also love some potential help on crafting this post a bit better for the livejournal artist beware site because i am very nervous my inability to write well will put me at a disadvantage with how strict i've heard their rules are

Im still absolutely floored that an artist could act this way. Their behaviour is just disgusting and it actually makes me quite angry to see that you were treated this way. Im not sure if you've already found someone to make you a substitute for the kiddo that was pretty much stolen from you but I'd be happy to design something for you, free of charge.<3

This is so upsetting.. Her behavior was completely uncalled for and alarmingly distasteful. I had no idea that she even treated people like this , that was such a simple edit probably wouldn't even take 10 minutes. Its disgusting to think that selling out can actually do this to a artist. I have legitimately lost interest in her. I am willing to make you a design you would love if youd allow me too.

I'm glad you posted this. This whole situation made me so sick.. :| I feel so awful for you because you're such a sweetheart and your vision was just.. torn away from you. It isn't right and makes my heart ache. Money shouldn't be more important than a customer's happiness.

I hope all of this gets out there and her fanbase collapses. She deserves it. :^)

This is SUPER disgusting, wow?? She didn't even give the option of allowing you to keep the CUSTOM YOU ORDERED. That is super gross, eck. I'll be avoiding her and her species like the plague. I gope this gets around and destroys her customer base- because if this is how she treats them maybe she doesn't deserve a customer base.

Michael_Scott_ewww.gifi am so glad you posted this, love.  honestly, her behavior is so disgusting and pathetic that it legit makes me sick to my stomach.  i tend to stay out of closed species circles, but i do have one of my own - i'm more than happy to make one for you, free of charge.  c:  you can see a few examples of them here in my deviantart gallery~

I love you friend and I'm glad you made this.

it was a bizarre situation for real, i've never had anyone pull sneaky shit on my like that. let alone did i think boopeep would, but art style definitely does not dictate personality.

i also have a TON of information on the design's new owner who has been an absolute nightmare to me, and not simply because they won't sell me the design. they have been insulting myself and my friends both directly and indirectly via journals for trying to appeal to them and state my case, and now they are trying to corroborate with boopeep and potentially spread lies about the situation to back one-another up and feign some kind of innocence when they deeeefinitely saw the entire thing go down with boopeep and had even posted in the sale thread

and a big thank you to everyone who's replied so far, i read all of them though i may not answer individually right away 💖💖💖 it's been a really wild ride and i sincerely appreciate anyone who's been kind enough to offer me a custom, i'll be in touch with you and am touched by your generosity 💖💖💖💖

love you too, felix 😚💖💖💖

I'm so sorry you've had to go through this! I'm definitely gonna stay away from them D: If you'd like I can design something for you too, I hope this gets sorted out for you quickly!

will be updating soon as the design is now back in boopeep's custody

Congratulations, Lolita!! 

For getting this out, for talking about your experience and not just letting it happen!! I really do wish you the best in this situation!! I know it can't be easy ;; <33

I've been lurking in this thread and your other one in general since this started, and lemme just say that I can't believe there are people on this green earth who think it's okay to be this rude and disrespectful to their customers. There was NO reason to refund you and resell that custom, as that made it harder for the artist to earn the money they had already gotten for it, so I've no idea why they even did that aside from spite ;; 

Good luck with the AB entry, and let's hope that this contributes to no one ever being hurt by this artist again.