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first and foremost, i want to thank you for clicking on my thread. i'm deeply grateful, as i'm going through something really shitty... i hope you can all help to put my mind at ease just by knowing the details regarding what happened in this instance before you decide to continue giving a very unappreciative person your money. this is a person who already has an art alert about them on a livejournal artist beware group from some years ago. i will be providing all details i have surrounding this issue for transparency's sake:

on 07/07/17 i had purchased a custom slot from an artist for one of their very popular closed species, and the design involved a lot of things aesthetically that i wanted for my custom character. this made it feel really personal, and like something i could easily connect with. i have emails of me talking at length with this person about those details, business as usual, which you may find here:

when they sent me the finished, full resolution design and her hair wasn't really quite what i had asked for, i sent an email back asking for some possible changes to her hair (which i gladly would have either paid for/made myself later on without editing their artwork/just accepted as is) and was met with a very, very unexpected response... instead of giving me the ability to either pay for more edits or just keep it as is, the artist told me they were too busy and proceeded to force a chargeback on me, tip and all, and put my adopt up for resale on fA, dA, and twitter very very quickly after. those images can be found here, as well as the dA post made on our mutual friend's dA account (unbeknownst to them that they were reselling my design) so that they could assumedly sell my design quickly and probably under the radar.

finished design:

my email with her response below:

my confusion:

the receipt:

fA sale:

twitter sale:

our friend's dA post:

never once was i asked or given any chance to say it was okay and nevermind about the edits because i wanted to keep her anyway... i never even said once that i didn't like her design, in my email i said she was beautiful and i'm not quite sure how this translates into me not liking her design at all, i had just requested drill curls and a head bow. our mutual friend had no idea at the time that they were helping this person screw me over like this. the resale went down while i was trying to do my work, but a friend thankfully kept texting me wildly until i picked up to let me know that my custom which HAD been posted in an earlier customs batch that said "SOLD, THESE ARE TAKEN" was being reposted:

the fA thread i WAS able to comment in... i begged and pleaded for them to please not sell her off and that i was sorry i asked for the edit, it never meant i didn't like her, but they were so angry i had asked for that edit at all she spitefully refused to sell it back to me:

this sale page didn't stay up for long before it was deleted:

i have the design, full resolution. i feel i've been wronged... i still wanted her, what can i do? she deleted the fA thread to hide how nasty it got, but i have all the emails, screenshots, screenshots of threads, proof of me not agreeing to this and begging for her to change her mind because this was an adopt i waited a long time for.

it's now in the hands of an awful user who was basically using the design to mock me for wanting it and not having anything they want to get her back even though i never agreed to get rid of her. the artist is also being very smug still about the whole situation and is not at all remorseful or apologetic about what happened one bit.


here are some more testimonials from other people they have wronged, and links to art alerts others have written. thank you again so much for your time, and please let me know how i might be able to make this information more readable, somehow.

artist beware from 2014:


link posted by user: 

more about their issue:




another person:


and many, many others who have sadly experienced either directly or indirectly her unprofessional way of handling her clients..... it's a bit heartbreaking so many people came forward and told me what happened to them

edit: the people who owned my baphobabe led me on in a thread on toyhouse leaving me to think i was finally getting her back. they ended up telling me that they actually gave the design back to boo despite telling me this in front of several other posters on toyhouse.


they tried to offer me their art as a consolation, but i'm definitely not interested in their fetish work they like to draw. they already had lied.


That's really unprofessional and I'm sorry that boo didn't give you the option of keeping her. 

That's so scummy and unprofessional ;; unfortunately a lot of artists online get away with much more since they have a more dedicated fanbase, especially with closed species ;; It all seems to go to their head and they believe they're worth a lot more and can act like this thinking they're in the right. And have people to defend them/behave like they do (i.e the two people who taunted you ;;A;; ) Outside that stuff won't fly I'd love to see them try that and get blackballed by companies/people looking for artists. You wanna force a refund on someone in a company or whatever lol say bye to that reputation and good luck finding work

I'm working in graphic design/advertising and thats what all my professors said who've worked for companies or private parties, try and be in someone's good graces cuz you never know who they know

I'm really sorry you went through all this ;;; especially for a custom you paid for and were really excited to get thats heartbreaking only to get it snatched away ;;A;; i really hope Boo doesn't get away with this and those other two realize what their wrongdoings (also lol at Alruic's comment "I'm selfish and in the real world people aren't nice." um??? That doesn't make it okay?? Like oh people in the real world aren't fair so that means I won't be fair like ok lets see this happen to you and how you'd react)

As for the AB post maybe ask someone to help! ;o; I never posted but I'm sure someone here would be willing!! I hope everything goes okay you really didn't deserve something like this ;;A;; <33

Such a bummer dude... I was inlove with her species and now to find out this... jeeez...

^ same, I liked their art before and I think I followed them on an old acc on FA but now I will stay clear of them because that's just horrible treatment to you;; I'm sorry, I can't believe they did that to you. They should've let you keep her like tf and everyone going around getting your hopes up you may get it back?

she sounds very unstable, because the photo you provided of her saying to let her know if u want it then just changed her mind that you can't anymore?? That's just terrible and unprofessional. I'm glad you posted this beware though bc now I know not to do buisess with them, it's such a shame though bc their art is rlly beautiful xD

it's much like what mufifins said though,some artists who have bigfan bases think they can get away with how they act or popular species but it's not true bc the more you act like that, the more people report you and you loose the big fanbase you think you have.

Honestly, next time you do buisness with someone on FA I'd ask for WIPS or anyone you ask for commissions to avoid anything like that again so you can ask for changes before the design was already made because it's a lot harder to edit smth if it's already final, which is probably why she acted like that but she still should've let you keep her and not been so finnicky especially since you waited a long time, I'm not sure but it almost sounds like she uses peoples ideas ? just so she can resell them as adopts? Idk it's just a thought that came across after seeing it's not only happened to you but the others in your proof, because it's weird how she gives the same excuses to the rest.  She didn't even credit that adopt for your design idea, she said she didn't have time to edit it again but obviously had time to make those other two adopts to sell with it? like that's just so unprofessional, It's all really fucked up.

I hope you can get it resorted soon;u; //hugs

It’s so awful that this happened to you and I’m so sorry, but I have to say you are VERY brave for posting this (with so many screencaps and proof), especially with how harsh these people have been to you! I hope you’re alright and that this issue can be handled!