[warning!] this-adopt-account on dA

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edit as of 8/27/2017: please don't bother them anymore, theyve taken down the gaia adopts and will no longer be making them. i dont think theyve changed their ways or truly learned from this experience, but at least they won't be scamming any longer.

hi everyone, i wanted to first apologize because i've never made one of these.... I'm not even sure if this one is necessary q__q
i would like to second apologize for the fact that, in the screenshots i show here, i got a bit nasty in my replies. this person had me absolutely fuming.

this-adopt-account is a co owned adopt account, most known for selling gaia adopts. ive caught them previously selling pre existing characters and full sets from gaiaonline -- including Ram from Re:Zero, Selkie from Fire Emblem: Fates, and the protagonist from Gravity Rush.


I 100% admit that, as the conversation went on, I wasn't acting correctly. I should've composed myself more, and not gone off on them. I'm not going to attempt to hide how ugly I got though, this is how our conversation went down in it's entirety.

Here is their original response to the person attempting to trade art for Ram, after finding out the design couldn't be sold:
screenie_3_by_yawningyandere-dbl3675.pngAnd the edited one:

After this, they proceeded to hide all of our comments, but not their final replies:

They have since blocked me, and ammy-xx who tried to defend me. They are watching us both and I'm paranoid that they will attempt to steal or sell our art or characters.
screenie_8_by_yawningyandere-dbl38gv.pngMy actions were innapropriate, and I responded harshly and rudely when I shouldn't have -- But I believe their response was just as bad. I understand if no one is on my side here, but I thought I should put this somewhere. I don't think they should be getting art from these users, usually younger children, in exchange for a design that isn't really theirs.

If, by any chance, they do end up stealing anything from ammy-xx or I, I will update this thread.
Thank you for reading this far, sorry for the wall of text.

UPDATE/EDIT (as of 8/26/2017):
Despite people linking them to gaiaonline's TOS, they refuse to believe that you cannot get anything for gaia avis.
more_drama_screenies_lol_by_yawningyandescreeniesss_by_yawningyandere-dblbflt.pnit looks like we're ruining their business some which does make me feel bad;; i just want them to stop giving people designs that arent theirs

please dont harrass/spam/witch hunt them - they dont want to change, and i dont want anyone to get banned for harrassment.

what the actual fuck

i'm at a loss of words??? theft and murder is ok??? 

what kind of backwards world do they even live in omg

i was looking through their gallery and idk if it's just me but https://this-adopt-account.deviantart.com/art/Mysterious-Message-OTA-OPEN-700273422 looks a lot like a black-haired version of 707 from mystic messenger

even the title/'have you been getting mysterious messages?' is a quote from the game or something

oh dang... i left them a message like "hey you probably didnt know but trading gaia avi's for money/product(art/designs) is against their TOS" and linked them to gaia TOS and a highlighted pick if they didnt want to read the entire TOS https://orig12.deviantart.net/a3c2/f/2017/237/9/3/therules_by_lunar_leaf-dbl8uk0.png .

but they hid my comment. not even like 2 mins after i posted lkasdfjashdfjkhsjkadfhjkashdfjhaskdjfhsdafgsadfadfadfa (i tried)

@lunar-leaf do you mind if I use that next time I see someone selling Gaia avatars as adoptables?  It's been a problem in one of my DA groups.


tbh though those 2 different shades of red are bothering me, but if you want to use it you are free to do so xD

you can save and post it where ever you want (of course crediting gaia in description)  because i'll probably end up cleaning it out of my stash at the end of the week/month

but yeah there are so many people selling gaia avi adopts 3: all we can do is inform them and hope they learn

Reinhardt its probably because it actually is 707, the set they used to make that design is for a 707 recolor. i hadn't caught that one before, thank you for pointing it out! 

@Lunar-Leaf thank you for trying to confront them! ;v; sadly though they probably won't listen to anything anyone says, they think that stealing and going against TOSs is fun;; 

sorry about the double post but!
theyve done another 707, and i think this one is a character from bnha? please correct me if im wrong, i dont know much about bnha but it looks familiar;;

@yannyy npnp

i hope they don't lash out on you and mess with your adopts/charas. if you haven't already i'd block them on TH https://toyhou.se/Fukushu-chan  (idk if the other user has a th) so that they can't view your characters until you're sure they aren't coming after your ocs

@Lunar-Leaf ahh i hadnt blocked them yet, thank you so much! qAq id forgotten about it,,
ill make sure to warn my friend to block them here as well, im really glad people are being so nice and helpful;; qwq

I honestly don't know what is worse, the fact they're breaking gaia TOS to sell adopts using the avatar maker, or the fact that some people are actually taking them up on the offer and offering up actual art or such for said adopts. Like...why.

Here's the comment I just left them. Let's see how long it takes before they hide it.

you-are-butt thank you for trying to confront them as well! ;v;
honestly your comment is really well composed like you Came Prepared, but sadly they'll either hide it or defend themselves by saying "but once they buy it they can just change the design so it becomes original"

since others are confronting them, are they just blocking everyone else too? ;v; they blocked me immediately so i can't cause anymore trouble for them directly

That red one linked above is just the character Deku from BNHA but with an alternate palette, I believe, while this one is very similar to a Halloween version of a KH character just with different colors as well, the name is slipping me at the moment. I don't know a lot about Gaia, so I can't tell you if they're just avatar packs of the characters in questions or not. Good luck on getting things sorted out, OP! 

I dont think they've blocked me yet, but they did delete my comment / theirs / the other persons, from what i can tell. At least they took down the 707 recolor. I'm on gaia rn trying to match up the rest of the complete sets they're trying to trade off.