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Posted 3 months, 8 days ago (Edited 2 months, 16 days ago) by nai

paypal closed the claim saying they couldn't decide who should get the money. even though i got a refund, that's a little disappointing to hear.

filed a dispute with paypal at the beginning of this month and later escalated it to a claim. i got a refund on the 17th (i think directly from the artist??). the claim is still open and it says it is being reviewed by paypal now
i'm not entirely sure what happened since i didn't check on it for a while, but today when i logged in i had my money back. all's good. haven't had any contact with the artist though.

a few months ago i commissioned namelessQAQ on dA for 2 customs and sent a tip with payment

custom info and their confirmation
payment sent

on july 23 they sent me another note saying there would be delays. it says at beginning of school year which is about this time

delay notice

checked back in today and they've deactivated, not sure for how long. they didn't send me any warning or send me a refund. i know there were ~10 other people on the custom list so idk if they got their customs or not

big bummer, out $20 and idk what to do since they are gone and i don't remember them having any other websites

i mean, they deactivated so it would be hard for anyone to commission them, but just wanted to share

yikes! i'm so sorry this happened to you. if you have their paypal address, it would be worth google searching to see if they can be found on any other site! you might be able to contact them there if something does pop up. otherwise, i'll see if i can poke around and find a side account, etc.!

also, it might still be within the window where you can chargeback them if you wanted. 

Hey! I was actually thinking about posting a journal on dA and tagging the people on the custom list today, because I have 5 orders from them.

They sent a WIP a few days ago, and then logged in and deactivated maybe two days ago.

Sent a chargeback/inquiry through PayPal, and they have an account on here but they don't post or haven't for ages. For other ways to contact I can't help.

I know they had some personal problems but whenever they've had issues completing customs they've offered me a refund (like twice before now) it's really strange that they just vanished this time. It's out of character...

But yeah, I think you should file to get your money back. I'm still waiting on a response to mine, and I'll try to remember to do that journal tonight so other people with custom orders can deal with the issue! (Can I link here btw?)


Wonderland feel free to link here!

and thank you for giving some more info!

Gonna copy/paste this from DA just to give my two cents;

They made an announcement that they were going overseas or something and wouldn't be able to draw again until November (which was a lie as they released adopts after that), but I didn't want to wait that long so I requested for a refund, and got one. So it's strange that they've just disappeared.

Here is our conversation (name & email censored):

I suggest for those who still have owed art to just make a claim on PayPal; a deactivated account is never a good sign, and the fact that they released adopts after saying they wouldn't be able to draw is fishy, so don't take any risks, especially with all the scams happening lately.

OT: Sorry this happened to you and hope you find a resolution soon!

Ah man i commissioned them too orz

It does seem odd they just deactivated w/o warning though, so I'm going to see if i can contact them through paypal or their email before filing a charge back ;;



Please let me know how that goes/if they respond! I'm in the same boat where I want to know what's up before I try and file any charge backs D:

Kingfauna they didn't reply no :( I've started the process for a chargeback but i somehow doubt they're gonna reply to that message either, so I'm giving them until the 28th before escalating it to PayPal //sighs

Aw man, this is really unfortunate : ( I guess I'll have to give in too