PSA: Starfoxxe (9/11/17 stolen designs for sale)

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Starfoxxe is continuing to create and delete Furvilla threads for selling off stolen designs.
I am no longer linking individual threads for this reason. Please be on alert.
I noticed she is trying to claim I'm salty that I want her characters/designs.
I don't want anything from her except  her to stop using ones that don't belong to her anymore, including the one that is rightfully mine.
She has also been selling things that she has been in trouble for before -- please see the Sharkies section.

This thread is not to start a witch hunt and plenty of people have already reported the user in question.
Aywas and Furvilla staff have been alerted. Do not report it any further to either site.

I'm posting this here to Toyhouse because I know a few other users play petsites, but also this is a matter of design theft and that Starfoxxe is commissioning people for them.
9/11/17She has been confirmed to be selling off stolen designs. (edit to clarify: I meant she sold them in the past too.)

I've changed the layout of this PSA for a more clean reading of each section.
Please click the spoiler headers to see what is under each cut.

Live links are marked with a plus sign.
Only the Aywas live links require signing in, so I included screenshots alongside them.

Blue marks important updates, red marks important/urgent messages, pink marks unimportant updates.

Starfoxxe's Site Links:

Aywas || Furvilla || DeviantArt || Toyhouse || FurAffinity || Charahub
She is also found across the internet under the same name, but I felt these places were most relevant.

Original Findings September 6th, 2017:

I logged onto Furvilla after being gone for an extended period of time, just to kind of see what was up. I remembered Starfoxxe used to play, because we were friends for awhile, and looked her up. I wasn't expecting to find one of my custom Aywas pets had been stolen by her, to make a custom Furvilla villager, called a "paintie" onsite.
+Aywas custom versus +Furvilla paintie
comparison of both
Aywas screenshot vs Furvilla screenshot

The custom did belong to her previously, but she sold him to me on October 19th, 2015. The paintie was not around until about August 2016.
Proof of sent cash currency (GP) for +Nukpana and +Tarquinn (Tarquinn is not part of the issue, though.)
Zoomed and marked the transaction

These were the mails between us, Part 1 and Part 2 (it goes from newest to oldest as it goes down)
We eventually took it to Skype to confirm 15GP ($15 equivalent) per custom but I unfortunately do not have those logs
I did not trade her any designs alongside the sale.

I mailed Starfoxxe to see if there was something to be done, but she would not have any of it and blocked me from replying.

Confirmed Stolen Customs

+Aywas ; +Furvilla ; comparison ; Aywas screenshot ; Furvilla screenshot

+Aywas ; +Furvilla ; comparison ; Aywas screenshot ; Furvilla screenshot

+Aywas ; +Furvilla ; comparison ; Aywas screenshot ; Furvilla screenshot
9/11/17: Original Gossamer Design is on Starfoxxe's Charahub

+Aywas ; +Furvilla ; comparison ; Aywas screenshot ; Furvilla screenshot

She sold this paintie to Reshiramu at Furvilla for $10, who confirmed it in PM
Reshiramu said they're going to delete the paintie, so I snagged screenshots before they did
+Aywas ; comparison ; Aywas screenshot ; Furvilla screenshot

Starfoxxe's Replies So Far:

I also posted about this on Tumblr, to which Starfoxxe reblogged and replied:
"First of all, Bell/Jelly/etc., I blocked you because you repeatedly would bully/beg me into giving you my stuff, mainly my pets. As I recall, the pets that YOU now own were “gifts” from me that I sent you when I left the site. (Which, like I said, I can’t log into Aywas anymore, so I can’t retrieve those PMs.) All of those painties I created, were from designs I created, in 2010 or earlier. (I do have dated reference sheets for those.) I was the artist from conception to execution."
You can see it live here.
A long time ago, yes, I was shamefully annoying about getting things. But might I also mention -- I started growing up around 2013 because I came to realize just how awful I was and that people were actively avoiding me, which put me in massive depression episodes that I couldn't handle. I know it was 2013 because that's when I moved to a new Aywas account to start fresh and to right my wrongs.
Starfoxxe and I had not been talking much if at all for a long time until I mailed her about these two customs. After the transaction, we talked once more, in December 2016.
And, as already proven, the customs were not gifts.

Starfoxxe has posted on this PSA forum with "proof" that she owns these characters.
Here is an archive in case anything gets deleted later on.
She still refuses to remove anything she's stolen. I've been alerting potential buyers as best I can.

Designs' Timelines:

Ashriel is the only one that was not a bred pet, a Generation One custom.
Meaning the other four are a mix and match of two pets (and possibly OCs) belonging to other people who are not Starfoxxe.
Gossamer's custom did not exist until 2014. (1145 days old at time of posting.)
Virus's custom did not exist until 2012. (1908 days old at time of posting.)
Wasabi's custom did not exist until 2015. (922 days old at time of posting.)
Nukpana's custom did not exist until 2011. (2307 days old at time of posting.)

This could mean she is either lying or she used the pets of other users to make her own characters.

I've chosen to include Starfoxxe's attempted "proof" even though these really don't match up to the Aywas pets, especially Nukpana.
Nukpana | Ashriel | Gossamer
& the one sold to Reshiramu


Thanks to mystarseed, there is now proof that Starfoxxe also sold an Aywas SCC species (essentially a closed species limited to the site) when she was not the rightful owner.
Here is proof of Aywas staff alerting users of the theft / copyright infringement.
Starfoxxe had gifted this species to her lair partner (note: lair partners are people who share accounts) and it seems her lair partner was a victim too.
It seems Pard (the ex-lair partner) is on hiatus but I will try to reach out to her. Pard has confirmed Starfoxxe handled the refunds, but that was the full extent of an answer I received.

Starfoxxe has sold off Sharkies for $16 in Furvilla currency since mystarseed posted proof, but she deleted her thread right after the sale.
The person affected is Alyc but there could be more. Alyc provided these screenshots and scratched out names, but apparently Starfoxxe also forwarded art from someone else. (The orange name.)
Mail between Starfoxxe and Alyc ; Proof of payment ; The Sharkie bases ; Starfoxxe forwarding a base from someone else
I would like to mention that the base that's top row, second from the left is the one that was confiscated on Aywas for copyright infringement.
+I was also sent this Gaia Online thread that features Sharkies but the images are broken. It was created 2009 and last posted on in 2011, though.

Here are the Sharkies I'd made way-back-when to show that the base is the same
(sorry for my horrid editing from back then. I know. it's awful.)
One ; Two ; Three
One is my personal character Julius
Two was sold to Muffin alongside a gijinka-esque design of it
Three I never got to submit because of the takedown

Other Potential Issues:

These are just things that aren't solid yet and are listed here in case they can be confirmed or denied with proof.

Years ago, Starfoxxe owned a SCC (essentially a closed species limited to Aywas) called "Sharkies" and I had a few I personally designed but hadn't submitted to the site, plus my friend owned one that was submitted.
One day, out of the blue, an admin had mailed to tell us that Starfoxxe did not have the rights to Sharkies, but rather they belonged to someone I think was from Gaia Online.
Our Sharkies were confiscated/deleted and we were to receive refunds for the PSD usages (5GP) but I don't remember if we ever got them.
I've asked my friend to look if they still have the mail but there are no guarantees.

9/12/17: Confirmed. Please see Sharkies section.

Some have told me that Starfoxxe is actually banned from Aywas, not locked out, but I personally found nothing on this.
9/11/17: Confirmed not true. Aywas has a forum for +Banned Members and her ID is not there. 

Some have also told me she's been in trouble at least three other times for design theft. Aside from Sharkies, I don't know the other cases.

Once again, do not take these for 100% unless they become confirmed, as I am unable to provide proof of them.

Can anyone point me towards the owner of Wasabi?

I'm not sure Macheeba has off-site contact information but I could ask if you'd like. They're on semi-hiatus according to their Aywas profile so I'm not sure how long it would be.

Edit for a General Update:
Included information of Starfoxxe selling off Sharkies after the thread already pointed out they weren't hers.

Yes, please! I kinda took Wasabi from her, simply because I wanted to return it to its original owner. I'm not sure if they have a FV or not, or just want the art, but as soon as I contact them I planned on getting rid of the paintie.

I've sent them a message about you wanting to return Wasabi and I'll PM you their response when it comes. c: bless you and everyone else who is working to return these designs.
if you'd like, I can do art for you as thanks, but I do have to warn that it might take some time. ; v ; I'm very hit/miss with my drive to do art but I want to show my appreciation either way!

Aww thank you! I appreciate it! I do love your art, it's very beautiful and I would enjoy something for Abaddon (my character haha) but it's alright if you can't, after all I just really wanted the owners to maintain their designs no matter what!

This really sucks, really it does. I just wanted to let you know that my sister is studying law and I questioned her about this, especially since the word 'sue' has been thrown around a lot. It's unfortunate to inform you, but when it comes to stuff like this, most lawyers wouldn't be interested in such a case. The amount of money she's selling these designs for isn't worth the time and money spent in small claims courts either. The absolute best thing to do is contact the site staff of whatever website the transaction took place on about getting your in-game currency back, or if you used paypal, to file a dispute through them.

What she's doing is, in fact, illegal, and I never want to cheapen that by saying it's not worth the effort suing over, but this is the best thing that can be done right now. So please, continue to warn people and don't give up hope that Starfoxxe will either stop scamming people or change her ways entirely.

Yeah, I'm trying. Unfortunately this has been impacting my health though and I honestly dread coming online sometimes because there's so much going on. I don't like coming back online just to hear she's pulled something new... and it's even more frustrating because people begin arguing with me because they want what she has. Like, I'm sorry, but I've posted my proof and I'm not okay with anything she does because even if certain designs aren't confirmed stolen, that doesn't mean they aren't.
If someone wants to buy something potentially stolen, then that's on them. I'm not going to sit here and fight about something someone wants because I am already fighting with her to get my own back.


Sorry if this isn't a super contribution, but I recently bought this paintie/character from her on Furvilla, and was provided with no other artwork. 

I did a bit of searching and did not see him on her as a character, so I had thought I was buying one of Wicked-pup's designs (I own a few others of theirs). I suppose I should have listened to my gut. 

I contacted wicked-pup on dA to notify them about the design changing hands when told me that they did not design him, but followed a ref provided by Starfoxxe. A bit of google-fu made me come across this. His name was Ace when I bought him, for reference.

Edit:here is a screencap of the Charahub page in case it's taken down for any reason. 

If anyone knows the original owner of the design on Aywas and somewhere I could contact them, I'd be happy to give him back if they'd like, otherwise I plan on changing his design a bit anyway (possibly getting rid of the stripes and doing a gradient instead, flipping the red on the mouth to the chin as a goatee and changing the clothing/perhaps mane style a little), but if the original owner (if he is stolen at all) wants him returned and for me to not touch him at all, I'd be glad to do so and remove him from my toyhouse and the paintie on Furvilla as well entirely. 

Just kind of at a loss on what to do + a bit of anxiety because the last thing I wish to do is have someone's stolen character + being too anxious to confront about it as well. 


the thing is, Ace is the ONLY custom she owns on Aywas. and now that she's sold him to you, I feel she should send you the custom or delete him as a courtesy, but of course she says she's been "locked out."

You didn't buy a stolen one but if she ever returns to Aywas and keeps the custom herself or sells the custom to someone else, then it's a danger zone.


Oh, thank you so much for letting me know, I don't have an Aywas account, so I wasn't sure. ^^; I appreciate it though. 

I guess I will just keep an eye on it and see. I suppose even if she returns and decides to keep him, by the time she does I'll have it changed so heavily anyway. I also got screencaps of every bit of the transaction and sale over on Furvilla, so there's that to help back me up.