PSA/BEWARE:Waitress/Hensa UPDATE::5/16/19

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Don't harass or witch-hunt, it shouldn't take a comment telling you this but really do not.
Her friends will not comment on her status so try to avoid bugging them for updates, even if they knew they do not reply to questions about her.
Do not 'release' her bases for free, this undermines the people who've paid for them. Please report anyone stealing/using her work without permission.
Updates are at the very bottom.

FA: ( Personal ) - ( bases ) Twitter:

Tumblr: Patreon: 


Subject::  waitress
Include -
What you purchased
When you purchased ( If you know if not just say you can't remember.)
When it should have been done / Other problems you might have ( IE. you can't download the base. )  

Without submitting a TT there's a chance she will keep getting away with this. 

To start this off , if you don't know, Waitress is an artist best known for her bases. She started making them way back in 2014 and they quickly became a fan favorite due to the amount of layers, and effort she seemed to put into her bases. The bases are advertised as 'monthly' updates.  This is important to note since this will come into play a lot in this PSA.
July 2017:: She comes out with a journal apologizing for her delays but says she'll be working harder and be extending the time of the base as well and making a new base. It should be noted that in the journal she states she'll be making a new base to take the place of the chrysalis base. ( A fullbody front and back base. ) This isn't what she promised at all in her advertisements. 
August 2017:: There was a bit of an uproar about her site. Her site has a bad habit of just not working for people, not letting them download , deleting their accounts and more. She seems to just ignore this though and leaves the people having issues in the dark and the people wanting to buy her bases to sit and wonder if they'd even be able to download them at all. It should be noted that her website is still an issue for a lot of people (Including myself).

December 2017:: At this point its been five months with no updates. She's clearly ignoring people who are asking about her base updates on twitter and FA. People are quick to notice while her FA is dead ( with no activity ) she seems to be semi-active on twitter. She even a while back attended a convention while she was ignoring her paying customers (many of whom, mind you, couldn't even download the items they paid for).
After some time we got word, but not from her. From a 'friend' of hers. This ultimately lead no where as the person seemed to reply once to a few people's notes before ignoring them all together. It felt more like a friend trying to calm some of the fire down.  Late December it was to the point people were tweeting at her non stop and even asking her friends to no reply.

January 2018:: She tweets this. However ignores peoples questions about her bases.

March 2018:: We finally get a full fledged journal from her. However this journal was met with mixed response. While I sympathize with being over loaded and stressed, it's been stated more than once that most of us just wanted an update. Nothing detailed or too personal just a 'I'm alright , and slowly working.' sort of thing. Not to mention that she was clearly ignoring people for months. Now we have more issues though with this she re-states she has just discontinued the base. ( In the July journal she offhandedly mentions she was making a new base. She also mentions it in a 'read me', but this means people would have to download the base to know that is was no longer being worked on). turns out, to most people's dismay, this 'new' base isn't a front and back one like Chrysalis ( the one it's replacing.) but a 'chibi' styled base. 

Most people didn't even know that she went back on her word and just stopped working on the base they clearly wanted. When I commented this along with a refund issue she did happen to respond. She claimed she wasn't scamming and that she was still delivering on her promise. Despite going back on her word about updates every month for the rest of the year on the Chrysalis base, as well as only issuing refunds for people who haven't even downloaded the base. ( Even though they aren't getting what was promised and most people are wanting just a partial refund. People are buying and downloading the base with the thought it will be updated all through the year. And some are downloading just to find out the base they wanted isn't being worked on anymore).

Things however seemed to be at least moving now, she even posted a new journal , and listed a trello. (Note that she hasn't touched it since April 3rd as of writing this. [*NOTE:: She finally updated it as of 8/8/18] also should be noted that she started ignoring people again at this point).

May 2018:: A new journal was posted. This one was more to address 'issues' people were having. ( Refunds, the Chrysalis base etc..) She mentions how she figured people would know of the base change , and says that it was her bad for not detailing it and mentions she'll at least give us three more updates to it. She also details on how to get a refund from her. ( As previously mentioned, you can only get a refund if you'v never downloaded one of her bases).

We also get the May suggestions journal.  As of writing this (July 9th) we have not gotten a new update on FA from her. Her last base update was in April. And even then there was a lot of disappointment from that base as some of the layer count was just tiny items ( like a hair clip or button.)
However while people are still having issues with her site, she's clearly behind on updates, she's semi active on twitter still. Posting about a Zine she will be in.

June 2018:: She's still ignoring people but posting on twitter. As well as her tumblr.

July 2018:: Still ignoring people, she's posting on her tumblr about the zine she's been working on.

August 2018:: She posts up a small journal apologizing again for a wait and shows off a new update. Never replies explaining why she did a Zine while being overwhelmed , or why she can't be bother to fix her website and stop scamming people. My guess is this is to cool off some anger from people like normal. This is something she's done several times now so I'm not surprised. Personally I like the base but I can't trust that come Sep she won't drop it and run. This also is still not monthly updates and the fact that she seems to be okay with scrapping monthly promised updates makes me feel a bit worried we won't get fuller updates. That could just be me though.

August 12th 2018::  She has time to update her profile on FA. As well as to watch other people on FA. She also has a private twitter where if you look at the replies it is clear she is avoiding us and still talking to friends. I'm not saying they aren't allowed too but the fact she she is clearly active in other places and still avoiding talking to people. I want to point out that while this new trello is active because of when it was made and how much progress was shown it is very clear that in those months she was gone she wasn't working. If she was I feel like a lot more would have been done if she was working on it all these months. The time doesn't add up with the work shown.

September 9th 2018::
Waitress posted a journal,  this journal included an update. Though it was not an update to any base she's done in the past, minus some small changes to the chibi base. ( Like most of us requested. ) Instead it was  mainly focused on a new manly/beef base and a spook base. This pleased some people and displeased others. The base was clearly rushed , from lines not connecting to eyes not matching other head types. A lot of the items are also just resized from her other bases. This is a disappointment again since she refuses to acknowledge her website is a mess and clearly broken.

September 27th 2018:: Her new base 404'ed with no warning or explanation.

October 1st 2018:: She posts another journal , to change accounts. She claims this is to 'streamline' everything. On this new account it has a new journal. This details now that she's happy that people brought her website ( That's been acting up since Aug. of last year. ) to her attention so she can address it. You can go there for new details. Hopefully it helps some of you get your bases despite the website not allowing you to. ( If anyone gets a response from her please let me know so I can update this!) Around Oct. 2nd an account on FA started handing out her bases for free. While it's been dealt with it seems to be a growing problem. I suggest anyone seeing these accounts to report them right away.

Nov 25th 2018:: Hensa posted a stream to her tumblr. I popped in and I admit I was peeved so I prob came off a lot more rude/upset than I should have but I got these responses.  (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6) -I was hoping at least this way instead of a PM she wouldn't be able to ignore me. This tells me that she's honestly still actively ignoring us, that it took me going to her stream to get her to make a journal. I'm honestly done, at this point I'm just done. I'm not sure what else there is to do, at this point. I can I guess just pray she does what she promises but I don't see that happening. I don't understand how hard that journal was to make and why she couldn't do that when she got back home to a computer.
It should be noted that on the bright side people are reporting that sending an email can sometimes result in being able to download the bases again. ( however there's no email back so I'm not sure if there's a correlation or not so if you've emailed here let me know if there is a response so I can let people know that's the best option ~!)

Dec 16 2018::  While not announced a new update did appear to happen! There's not a lot in the update but it's supposed to be part 2. There are a few new items and a few reused ones like normal but overall if you want a really good run down head to this comment! She started streaming featuring her new guest artist, I wanted to head into the stream this time to try and be a bit more supportive bc while I think the item count is way to low for what we thought we'd get it was still something , and I was glad to see more work being done and a new guest artist whose style I liked. Instead I was greeted by them talking about me/ Others who've spoken up in the past. ( 1  / 2 / 3 / 4 )  My comment on the journal they are talking about was me mentioning how I was disappointed in her only updating when I had to go into her stream to get a response , but I was hopeful. The thing that bothers me the most is the fact that I wasn't wanting to ask for updates in the stream ( I had no reason to since she just did one. ) I just wanted to praise her for getting back into gear. Seeing the new guest artist and her mods openly bash others like me wanting to speak out about her scamming and ripping people off I guess is nice to see when she mentions on the stream journal to be nice.

In the stream the guest artist mentions wanting to do PR but, let talk like this happen. I know I'm not the only one critical of Waitress who wanted to slip into the stream and felt discouraged.
However I'll end this with, while I don't like the direction the stream took I'm glad to see work being done , and am glad she looks like she's getting on track again, however she still needs to reply to people who have emailed her so I hope she's able to work on that backlog.  

Dec 17 2018:: Small edit but she took down her streaming journal and all the comments. I was asleep so if there was more than 3 I don't have screenshots of them. I don't think she will directly address the badmouthing her team, guest artist and fans did in the stream. While I don't think I need an apology or anything like that , but next stream if she really wants people to 'please be kind.' that has to be for all people and not just a select few. However I don't see this happening and I guess will keep an eye out next time she streams.  - For details on the stream they were working on a jackalope on the COM base. It looks like a new dress , and new antlers~ For those wanting antlers  I hope this means the COM base is finally getting some more deer parts. I can only hope the same for the others as well.

That leads me into the end of this update. It's clear to me that waitress really likes slapping bandaids over her problems. I don't think we'll ever get 100% what we paid for and because of that I STRESS that if you have an FA to please report her. So at least others won't be able to buy her bases and be scammed out of getting what they paid for. My TT handler told me ( screenshot above ) that it needed to be a mass scamming. So please report if you've bought the base. Doing so will at least help others. Complaining about this will not be enough. 

Jan 25 2019:: So a few days ago I got a message from someone else who filed a TT on FA, and quickly messaged/re-opened my TT as a result. ( Click for bigger image.)
This is the message::
Like clockwork a little bit after this I was contacted by the CCS's( Cozy Cat Studio ) FA asking me for some information on missing files. ( Though they are late as I can now download files so at the time I first opened this TT I couldn't so a little too late there. )
I haven't been able to respond to the note since I've been busy ( thus why this is coming so late. ) They also posted up a journal . This is and looks to be damage control. FA Finally did get involved and now they've decided to do something about the scamming she's been doing. While I'm glad this change for me is a little too late. They have released an update a while back ago that I did not cover but most of the items were def made by the new mod and not by waitress. It is clear to me that Waitress cannot own up to her mistakes and fully make an apology. Apparently this next update for the base will be the last one. I will keep this open and marked as open until more people come forward who couldn't get their files gets them . She's known for months and even about a year now that her website is and has been broken. She's just now addressing it and it's only due to what seems to be FA taking action and more blacklash from people who still don't have their files.  I'm trying to work out my issues with her bases and start using them again since at one point I really did like them , but I cannot and will not suggest anyone to buy or download any base she makes or does. Even if she finally gets a new website/ anything. She's proven to easily lie, and scam her fanbase and I do not think people should forget and move on from this. At least not until she shows utter improvement. I hope the last update is good, and I hope everyone soon is able to download the bases again/use them again.

Feb 10 2019:: Please if you are missing  any of your files please contact They should be able to get you all set up with any lost files.

Feb 17 2019:: Hey everyone this is a bit of an odd update however Hensa has replied to this situation. You can read the comment here. Please be kind in your replies since I know a lot of you are angry about everything but please be sure if you reply to word it clearly and do not attack Hensa. It's awesome that they are stepping up and trying to fix and help the situation.  I'd like to remind everyone in the above update to this post that you can contact heartstitched to hopefully get a lot of your files back.


Feb 18th 2019:: I was contacted yesterday by heartstitched (Casey) if I wanted to talk to Hensa in a discord call. This was to hopefully be able to talk out a good course of action, and not deal with the limits of text and not knowing one's tone. While I was frustrated at the start of the conversation I feel like there was a lot to go through and Hensa did listen to my feedback. I was asked for suggestions, feedback and a more solid idea of what game plan they could do to make everyone come out happy by the end of it. I'll give a basic idea of what we talked about. ( It was a long call so I might have missed something along the way and Hensa is free to add on anything else I might have missed for the sake of transparency on both ends. )

- We talked about addressing the massive amounts of issues people had/have. ( The long silence, the website, refunds, adverts and a lot more. ) : She confirmed she will be addressing them after the last update to her base pack. I won't go into to much detail about what we discussed since like I said it was a very long call and it would be a lot to mention but I made sure to cover anything and everything I could and I feel like she will do the same.

- I offered a solution to the issue of not getting the updates we paid for concerning the chrysalis base. While I'm sure she'll mention it in her own post I'd like to say what she told me. When posting her bases she assumed people knew that half way through there would be a base change. She did mention it in July of 2017 to her credit. I explained that the adverts didn't make it feel like we were buying a pack like she thought they did but instead that we were buying updates to (1) base. She agreed and said that she'd be removing and editing up the adverts to reflect the 'pack' part. Which, I think was a lot of the issue. I can also confirm that the last update to her pack of bases will include parts for the chrysalis base that will hopefully ease a lot of the want/need for that base to be updated.

- We talked about the issue of refunds and people getting files. Like I mentioned before they have been working to get everyone their files in my Feb 10 update Casey came to me and was very adamant they will be working harder than ever to make sure that they can hand out files. It seems a lot of the problem is people can't provide enough proof for them both to feel comfortable with it so if you are needing files please at least try to remember the paypal email you used to pay, that would make it a lot easier on them. Since the files have been handed out for free it's hard for them to make a judgement call on if the person is lying or not and I fully understand that. They went as far as to send me a mailing list some of the people who have contacted them needing the files. With emails blacked out for privacy. For the sake of transparency here is what I got. They also mentioned that some of the problem is people are not contacting them back. So if you mailed them please be sure to check your email ( Spam folder and all. ) to see if they have replied too you. If not than try contacting HeartStitched asap for your files.

- I'd also like to clear up a rumor that went around about Hensa changing her email to avoid refunds/chargeback. While she'll mention this I assume later I wanted to talk about it some to clear the air. There was never proof given of this happening and if you feel like you need a refund please contact the Cozy Cat Studio page to ask for one. If you have proof that something like this happened please link it. Without proof this is a baseless claim and I don't want misinformation spreading. So once again if you feel like you need a refund please contact them politely and explain why. If you couldn't do a chargeback and have proof of this please link it and @banana-milk ( My side) so I can properly update this.

- There was a lot of talk about the updates that I don't want to spoil but it is clear they are actively working on them. I asked about the bad wording of saying it was a 'Jan' update and they agreed that the wording was bad on their part and that yes they were hoping it would be out then but weren't sure, and apologized for being late.

- I didn't ask for an ETA on how long it would take mostly because with my suggestions I know it will take longer than they might have thought. So as bad as it might feel a lot of this is just a wait and see game. To see if this was helpful in the grand scheme of things.

- As a small note Hensa and Casey apologized to me several times for what happened in the stream and agreed it could have been handled a lot better. They agreed that taking the journal down than not saying anything looked odd but they took it down in hopes people wouldn't be fighting in the comments and they were done steaming so keeping it up didn't make much sense.

Like I said we talked for a long time and she actively took notes on what I had to say. I came out of the call hopeful that with the game plan that we discussed that people would be happy with the outcome. While I know I can't speak for everyone here as everyone has their own complaints. However if you will message me them or post your suggestions ( lets try not to be echoing the same ones over and over again though. ) I think that would be helpful overall. I will make sure to talk to Casey and Hensa on anything more that I personally can think of to help both sides of the situation. It should of course be noted that like I've mentioned before I still don't suggest buying any of the bases at least not until everything is done and said with. I won't be marking this PSA as resolved until things are as good as they can get for everyone involved, I do however have hope that with a clear brave step forward on Hensa's part that soon I'll be able to edit this just one final time.
May 16th 2019:: There isn't any update but I can tell you things are being worked on. Casey is actively working on the update but is also busy. We do have to keep in mind that the new update that Hensa is doing might take a bit of time and she moved recently. She's been busy from what I've seen but I'll keep an eye on things. Like always, I will update as soon as I hear anything more. But I can confirm Casey is actively working on the update.


HeartStitched Thank you for letting me know but, 'anything else' is vague. While I understand your taking credit, If Hensa read my post she'd know I never wanted a refund. Coming in and saying that first out of the gate to me was upsetting. When she could have addressed a number of other things. Saying that first made it seem like I was the one who was the problem. I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

Editing here sorry for the tag Casey! But editing to say I've updated the PSA. I hope the replies explain the real problem but please tell me asap or report anyone who is attacking or harassing you or @Hensa!


Thank you all for the responses thus far and for the private messages I have received.

I want to encourage those thinking about replying to my question to do so with suggestions for actions I can take from where I stand at this moment in the project with the knowledge of what I have already done. (Thats a hell of a sentence but I gotta fit it all in). Please know, I've read through this entire thread and I've had my share of due vitriol. I think we can all agree that the most helpful comments are the most straight forward ones, and I want to thank those of you that contribute helpfully. I think I need to emphasize that my intent on coming here is not necessarily to address the issue in its entirety, but to ask for suggestions what other actions I can take for those that are unsatisfied. 

That said, I do read everything and I have an open mind and I dearly value what you have to say about the way I ran my business. I have learned a lot over the last year about myself and about what you guys need and I am still hugely remorseful for the way things went.  I am actively making steps to improve both myself and the way I currently do business. 

My team and I are pushing our best to make this last update something we can all celebrate. 

If anyone decides that this isn't enough, again, I'm more than happy and willing to issue refunds for anyone that bought a base within the Cozy Package 2017 at any time. Its not too much trouble, and I encourage you to do what you feel is right. Just shoot us an email at  [email protected] with both the email you entered at checkout and the Paypal address used at purchase.

PS. Kitpaii, I apologize for the miscommunication on the refund offer . When speaking with my team I understood the offer for refund was extended to you explicitly and then wasn't responded to.
It was worded somewhat vaguely, but within the context I think that it would have easily been inferred. But, either way, I'm not really here to split hairs. The offer more explicitly stands now and if at any time you change your mind and would like one, please let us know. 


Hensa : I'd like to be more clear then in this reply.
I've over the last year suggested more than a few things that have gone ignored. You don't want to address the problems but you want to know actions to fix them. It's going to make things worse if you don't see what the problems are. It's like spilling milk and instead of saying ' Ah crap sorry I did that, can you hand me a rag so I can clean this myself. ' instead you are loudly saying, ' I don't care that I spilled the milk, give me something to clean it up with.' It feels passive aggressive if not flat out aggressive. People came here not to slam you or make you feel bad, but it is not our fault that this happened. I made this PSA because I was at the end of my ropes, I supported you year, after year happily and never was upset with any of my products. But when your fans come to you and say there's a problem replying to them and saying 'no I don't want to know what I've done wrong I only want to know how I can fix it' means that you just don't see what's truly wrong, and I'm sorry you can't. I really wish you did, that I could come to you and have a heart to heart and just talk to you. But, at the end of the day you are a business, and I understand that. Even so, you need to grasp what is wrong to fix it.

However if you want suggestions here you go.

- Don't put a sale on your bases, it feels like a slap to the face to people who still cannot download them. Your action first and foremost is to maybe hire or contact someone who does know how to code and works/knows word press to explain why accounts have suddenly went missing/people can't gain or download their files anymore. The new website only makes it where new customers can download files , instead of using it to help people who cannot access their files. Think of it like you bought something from amazon, only got part of it and suddenly they took down your account for no reason. Then you find out they are selling what you had already paid for, and it's on sale. Not only that but it's not like you can just log in to this new site and it fixes your problems, your account is still gone, and you still can't get what you bought.

- Keep pushing the fact you will personally hand out files, if people message you. Try to be prompt in replies.

- Stop giving out due dates. You need to stop making promises you cannot keep.

- Take down your ads, it's still false advertising. ( Honestly you can make new ad's that's fine but the current ones are incorrect. )

- Post an apology again , offer refunds to people again who might have never gotten their download or downloaded it once, and realized you stopped working on the base. The last I checked until now, you only offered refunds to those who didn't download the base. However tons of people felt lied to when they downloaded the base only to find in the read me files that the base they paid for doesn't have all its updates and won't be getting them. ( Referring to the full front and back base.)

- If your going to stream work on the base don't allow shit talking from either sides and reply to polite questions.

- Do not add small items like stars/buttons and put them in the item count. ( Though this trend I didn't see last update I want to say again, to not count copy/pasted items as new items. )

- Stop pretending that adding more bases makes up for the fact that no one wanted them , no matter if people liked them you are ignoring and avoiding the fact that the stack bases are nowhere near the same as Lucid. If you were going to replace your FB base you did so poorly and try to understand there might not be a way to fix that but my suggestion is work more on the base people actively wanted. It sucks , you might be bored on it , you might hate it but work on it. It's what most people want.

I know this is still coming off mean because I know how my tone sounds. When no one knew what to do or how to get their files , me and others stepped up and did it for you. We helped people out , we replied to questions and did our best to support people. Instead of just acknowledging that, you're simply telling us that you've done all you can and that we should be satisfied. I'm sorry we aren't. I'm sorry that you are under a lot of stress, I know that reading some of these comments cannot make things easy. There's nothing I can say to make any pain or feeling you have right now go away. You might be feeling like you are trying your best but from where we stand it's hard to see that. I've been vocal for a while now on how happy I was that you've seemed to change even if slowly. If you wanted advice to start out with you should have said that outright.  ' But I offered a refund ' as a way to void anything that might be said in this PSA or any of the valid criticisms, really feels rude and unneeded.

Also, while maybe one could have 'figured it out' there's no reason at that moment to be vague. Listen, I'm sure you're really tired I know I am but I'm not going to remove this PSA/mark it as resolved until, like I mentioned in it. that things really change. I hope they do. I'm honestly wishing you the best. I might be ruder than I mean to be but I'm honestly hoping it will get through to you because your art is lovely, your bases are nice.

Once again small edits for grammar. 


Hensa I feel like I was fairly clear, but alright here's my suggestion: Make clear your intentions for your content going forward, no more false advertising, deliver exactly what you're promising in a timely manner, and if the unforeseeable occurs and you have to take a break, communicate that to your customers in a timely manner as well. There is no quick fix for your rep going forward, but it can be fixed if you're honest about addressing these issues. I'm sorry if I'm coming across as rude, but being passive aggressive with those who are already disgruntled isn't going to help anyone.


i'm an outsider to this whole issue as well, but i've been following it, and i just want to throw in some thoughts.

you're continuing to side-step a lot of the issues.. just saying. you can't fix anything if you continue handling things like you are now. you have to own up to everything, apologize, and then try to take the actions that have already been suggested. everything that you need to do has already been addressed, whether you like it or not, so stop looking for more quick solutions that make you feel better about yourself. you have to redeem yourself and that won't magically happen with some "slapped on band-aid" solution. it won't happen just like that. it will take time & work.. you have to earn back your fanbase's trust!

you'll feel better if you handle the situation right and take the time to rebuild trust & better yourself. trust me!


- updated for Feb 18th:: Longest update but I tried to cover a lot of what we talked about. I want to give Hensa the benefit of the doubt since she went out of her way to contact me not only on here where people have been very outspoken but also on discord to talk over what she could do to help. 


I have not been notified of any update release from cozycat themselves or the their new site like they claimed. seeing as the psa was only a month ago and she mentioned moving homes i assume she is still settling in. Her twitter also seems to be of banter lately rather than art and personal stuff so I assume she is still occupied with from the move and such.
This is all i know tho and im mostly just assuming as well so take it as you may.


RedRarebit I haven't if she's still uploading the updates to her old website (I didn't even get notified that she moved sites so idk how to get the "new" files now)


RedRarebit Hey Kitpaii here - I can confirm that she moved and would be pretty AFK till fully moved in. She's moving alone so it might take a bit. I'm not sure how long the next update will be but from what I've seen it might take a bit longer than she might have first thought. If this slides into two months with no updates I'll ask her personally how things are going, and make an extra update here. I'm sorry for the confusion I should have covered her move but didn't I'll add that as soon as I have freetime to do so. 


i checked her pages but maybe i missed something, has anyone seen any recent updates on the final update? O:


HeartStitched - Hey is there any news?


Not that I've seen no, which I suppose is to be expected.


LilDarkVixen I've added an update at the bottom , Casey/Heartstitched is still actively working on the update. Hensa is busy with work and recently having moved so we can expect some more delays than normal. Also the new update is a rather big task and might take some time. For now I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt that things will come together, but I will do my best to keep everyone in the loop since I can contact at least one of the cozycat team.