Seller Beware >>> Pvff [updated]

Posted 1 year, 5 months ago (Edited 1 year, 5 months ago) by Cloverleaf

I'm going to make this as short and sweet as possible, this is not because I have any kind of personal vendetta against this person, but because of the fact that they have repeatedly knowingly taken advantage of many people to turn a profit.

The user Pvff (same on da and chicken smoothie) blatantly ignores the TOS of any/every artist that they purchase characters from claiming that their own TOS overrides the TOS of the actual creator/s

Here is a screen shot of their current TOS as proof

Besides this entirely inappropriate behavior they have also

- Misled an artist about the value of offsite currency in order to buy 13 characters for about $45 dollars worth (They claimed it was worth around $90) and proceeded to immediately sell these characters for $5 a piece

- Openly admitted to flipping characters without the artist's permission to resell the designs AT ALL and claiming they had permission from others to do so

- Openly reprimanded people for selling characters when they were not allowed to be sold despite claiming they're allowed to because of their TOS and doing it repeatedly

- Mass buys any and all characters offered to them offsite and proceeds to immediately put them uft/s on devientart

- Upon being told they were not allowed to sell characters they'd obtained against the TOS of the designer deleted the characters

Basically among other shady dealings this person continually exploits people using their own "TOS" as an excuse to violate artist's/designer's and make a quick profit and when confronted attempts to delete any and all evidence that could you used to warn others.

I really hope this helps spread the word so more people don't have to have their TOS violated and their rights as an artist ignored.


I think safe to say.. ALL of their account in TH now have been closed! I don't know if they ask their account to be closed or someone reported them about their recent activity and now all account are now closed.


As good as that is, sadly MoonLotus-Hime pax, since Booh claimed to have gotten a new account, it's likely they asked to be closed, and since all accounts are definitely connected, the rest could have just followed suit. It's hard to tell, since both dAs are still up, but Milky-Buns follows the same suit of Character-House and deleted the journal, though it appears they changed it to free characters at some point, likely because they were being called out.

Right now we just have to watch out for suspicious accounts and keep an eye on the dAs.


MiniMilkshake1001 Oh yikes. If it true they pm Admin, them I'm VERY concern if they may do this again once more. Hoarding/buying/stole character and scamming once more.:/ Seeing they just pretend, lie and run and hide until this die down. Just to do it all again. IDK what the point of this, beside scamming other for money and point, when almost all given out freely.

Which I'm glad you found out and update us on. Thank you so much on that. And yeah, gotta keep eye and be wary on DA's AND, if true too, here on TH as well if they did make new account.:/


I've just been contacted by someone who is being traded a character that I gave this pishposh/pvff for free. If anyone knows the whereabouts of them now, I'd like to contact them now that I know what they were really doing with my childhood character!


nautcious as it was said above, all of the THs that have been associated with Pvff have been closed. You can try to contact the deviantarts that were linked with the THs, but I'm sorry to say that it's unlikely they would even listen to you, as they're there to act like Pvff no longer exists. She's in hiding I guess you could say.


It seems that they've started over here again.  The characters I've checked so far have all come from Booh.


I thought it was established Krisgoat isnt pvff? I may be wrong, though.


Every one of the characters I've looked at came from Booh?  And I've not read anything to that effect.


Jebus I'm not Pvff. I was one of the idiots who got a batch of adopts from them w/o realizing what they did. I've been slowly updating the credits on the ones with missing info, revamping some, and trading them off for practically nothing. I didn't want to just trash them. 


this is late but i just found this and they have a pfq account. they quit last year but i know several people who rejoined the website after a year of leaving so who knows, they might pop up again